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Is South Korea’s crypto craze making a comeback? Groundbreaking partnerships and watch as Decentralized TV returns to talk on ICON’s past, present, and future. Coming up on iconTV. Hi, this is David from P-Rep team “Mineable”. Make sure you subscribe and click on the bell, so you don’t miss any new videos. When it comes to ICON adoption is the name of the game. ICON Has just signed with the largest human resources company in Korea who hopes to run all their employee records on ICON’s blockchain. Saramin is the number one player in the job recruitment market. This is significant news for ICON’s public blockchain. These kinds of partnerships will create a lot more transaction fees and real-life adoption for ICX. It’s one small step closer to global adoption and one giant leap forward for digital identity. While several news outlets were struggling to piece together the cause for ICON’s sudden rise ICX kept breaking walls and exploded over 500% in just three weeks during the last bull market South Korean investors had a huge influence in dictating the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market. So could ICON’s recent rise mean that Korean investors are itching to get back in the markets once again? Back in Korea the picture becomes more clear. Local news outlets are reporting that ICONLOOP’s latest nationwide television push is the main cause of the price increase. That paired with Upbit one of the largest Korean exchanges being cleared from charges may have reminded Koreans about cryptocurrencies and ICX being the largest crypto project in South Korea it makes sense that it would be leading the way for a crypto market comeback. If you’re a long time ICONist the name Decentralized TV might ring a bell. In an interview with Corey from Ubik Capital, Decentralized TV returns to talk on ICON’s past present and future. So is Peter still bullish on icon? Let’s find out. It’s been great to watch that As they’ve grown because some you guys might remember out there I was one of the first people, I was the first person to go out and seek out Min Kim and Get in contact with them because I was so passionate about this idea and I did my own diligence I wrote I wrote it wrote it up in a blog talked about all everything that I did in research I had Videos on it and I interviewed him and I met him in person multiple times I think Min Kim has matured a lot has not only matured in terms of his marketing prowess and his marketing expansion He’s built communities, right? He’s built P reps He’s built them in different localizations different geographies different different different countries and what he’s done is the more sustainable thing not only for his company not only for the idea but for the sustainability of them of it in the market, and so Building community was the right way to do it. I think like many leaders do he wrestles with making good decisions for the greater good and sometimes the cost of the short-term and that I think that is one of those things that only a great visionary And a great leader can really have. ICON as an organization, you know It is following a very similar trajectory in terms of the trueness of what decentralization means and and and and how it actually works well and and it’s Bitcoin proved the decentralized model is a model that works for governance for decision making Representation, right it it’s shown that it works at scale mostly because of the voluntaryism and participation Individuals who believe that this technology is valuable. And so what ICON is done is very similar in that trajectory. They have found people pockets of individuals which will continue to grow via the community mechnism of outreach and in those and those will keep This you keep icon and the foundation and and the the growth trajectory the long-term trajectory It will continue them growing because it’s not a single entity trying to push the train uphill. It is a community Decentralized community and it’s and icon is proving that decentralization works There’s a lot of value in being a network provider. And so Icon is choosing strategically. What I believe is the longer and harder route But it’s the more sustainable and expansive route to be a hub. Where as a hub you become as Linchpin in a system that can never be removed. So Amazon has now firmly established itself in the Western Hemisphere its Network its network effect and being a hub you can’t you can’t Get around Amazon anymore if you’re in the Far East its Alibaba or you know one of those other systems, right? it’s just it’s if ICON continues to be a networker and an integrator of networks and integrator of Multiple systems then they will they will survive the long winters, right? they will survive those long winters and they will succeed in the long run. Digital identity is should be I believe I A front running issue for consumers of any of any type if it actually is valid and it actually is Useful, which is a really really key metric if it’s actually useful then Toolkits and tools will be built for consumers to leverage that technology And so that’s what I’m excited about in the next phases in the next days of icon There’s more happening behind the scenes there there So I was over I was up nearly spilling the beans, but I was over in Korea and I’m back in October And so I spent some time out there reconnecting with my little birds and I’ve heard things But none of this is valid and none of this could ever be true. It’s just hearsay. But let’s let’s just say that if a system a blockchain a cryptocurrency a Foundation like icon were to integrate with a browser or an integrate with search Our search system or search company That would be really a really powerful. Let’s just say tool that the public could use and leverage Identity to make sure that when they go and experience the web that they control what is seen from them they control what is taken from them and it’s on a blockchain so I’m not saying if for anything, you know but let’s just let’s just say I might have heard from a bird a little bird that That would be a really cool idea of it happened It’s great to see that there’s there’s a lot of potential for expansion here and I’m really excited for the future of icon for sure icon is officially disrupting paper diplomas and demonstrating that not even a virus can stop blockchain given the threat of the corona virus post tech University has given students the option to get their diplomas online over 800 new graduates will receive an email with a QR code linked to their blockchain stored diploma. The diplomas are created by iconloops blockchain-based certification service broof. The service allows users to issue manage and view online certificates via icons blockchain. This is just the beginning. There are billions of paper-based educational credentials in the world today just imagine the amount of ICX transaction fees generated every time colleges issue a certificate on icons blockchain. We all know that ICON has been killing it But did you know that one of ICO dapps has been gaining major traction in South Korea? It’s a well-known fact that karaoke is one of South Korea’s favorite pastimes Somesing is a blockchain based mobile Karaoke Dapp It runs on icons blockchain and it allows people to earn rewards for contributing karaoke content to the ecosystem The dapp is seeing impressive user growth and is now being promoted by a popular k-pop group GFRIEND With over 1 million Twitter followers. It’s great to see an icon-based dapp gaining mainstream use. Thank you for watching this episode of iconTV. 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