Kremlin Reveals Putin’s Archive Footages: When Russian Leader Met With His Ex KGB Boss From Dresden

The site “Putin. 20 years” posted the final part of their photo and video materials. These are photos and videos dedicated to the work of the Russian president in 2015 – 2019. Thus, more than three and a half thousand pictures and 300 videos were published in the album. The first anniversary of the reunification of Crimea with Russia was celebrated not only on the peninsula but also in the very heart of the country, on Vasilievsky Descent. New regions are increasingly being integrated into the life of the country. At the end of November 15th, Ukraine interrupted the supply of electricity to Crimea, and two weeks later the president launched the first phase of the energy bridge to the peninsula. Ways to overcome the Ukrainian crisis, Vladimir Putin and his colleagues discussed in the “Normandy format.” The meeting in Minsk lasted for recording 16 hours. Did you sleep? – No. – So what did you do? Vladimir Putin noted that this was not the best night of his life, but he considers it good morning, because he managed to agree on the main thing – a ceasefire and the withdrawal of heavy weapons. Another fundamentally important document has been signed in 2015 – a nuclear agreement with Iran. As the president emphasized, “that the world has sighed with great relief.” May 2015. The 70th anniversary of the Great Victory in Moscow was celebrated as one of the largest parades in the history of Russia. And the action “Immortal Regiment” on May 9, 2015, in the capital alone gathered half a million people. The president also joined the procession, in his hands was a portrait of his father, Vladimir Spiridonovich. The United Nations celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2015. Vladimir Putin dedicated his speech to the fight against terrorism. Nobody teaches on other person’s mistakes; it only repeats them. And export of revolution so-called democratic ones continues. 22nd April 2016. Vladimir Putin attended the first launch ceremony at the new Russian space center Vostochny. A big step forward has been made in the development of domestic space exploration, the president said.

May 2016. There was hope for a return to Syria to the world. In the Palmyra, liberated from terrorists, the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra performed. May 2016. There was hope for a return to Syria to the world. In the Palmyra, liberated from terrorists, the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra performed. Save the Arctic as a zone of creation and equal interaction. In March 2017, Vladimir Putin visited the Franz Josef Land archipelago. The president spoke with members of the government about the “general cleaning” of the Arctic, and also got acquainted with the technology of studying permafrost and launched a meteorological balloon. May 2017. As always, in a busy schedule, Vladimir Putin finds time for personal meetings. On the eve of the day, the president visited Lazar Lazarevich Matveev. Vladimir Putin served with him in Dresden. July 2017. On the day of the 90th birthday of Lyudmila Alekseeva, the head of state also came to visit her. The president and human rights activist talked holding hands. They go back home victorious in December 2017. The efforts of our VKS in Syria allowed us to begin to withdraw a significant part of the Russian group. Such an order, Vladimir Putin announced at the Khmeimim airbase. March 2018 The latest examples of Russian ultra-precise and hypersonic weapons became the central topic of the message of the President of Russia to the Federal Assembly in the spring of 2018. At the same time, Vladimir Putin emphasized: Russia’s growing military power does not threaten anyone. This is a reliable guarantee of peace on the planet. May 2018 The president himself got behind the wheel of a truck that opened up automobile traffic on the Crimean bridge. I sincerely congratulate you on this festive, bright, in the full sense of the historical day. June 2018 Russia hosted the World Cup. With the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Vladimir Putin attended the opening match, and with colleagues from France and Croatia, the President followed the tournament finals. And on the day when Russia sensationally reached the quarter finals, the president received congratulations from the king of Spain over the phone. With his American counterpart, Donald Trump, the President of Russia met more than once. In 2018, a Russia-US summit was held in Helsinki, but numerous negotiations at various levels could not save the INF treaty. Due to the U.S. exit, the strategic document expired in early 2019. September 2019. After the first contacts with the new leadership of Ukraine, an exchange of held persons took place. June 2019. Relations with a strategic partner, China, are steadily developing. In the summer of 2019, Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Russia. The Chinese President arrived in the Russian capital with a generous gift – the pandas Zhui and Dindin. Hi, Andrusha. How did ice-skating go? December 2019. The Kremlin archive ends with a story about a telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Andrei Kochetov. A 10-year-old boy from the Stavropol Territory had long wanted to go skiing in Krasnaya polyana, and his dream came true thanks to the “Christmas Tree of Wishes” project.


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