Kristen Bell Reads Donald Trump’s Tweets as Gossip Girl

-People might not
know this about you,
that you were the voice
on “Gossip Girl.”
You were the narrator.
-Oh. Yes, I was. Yeah.
-And we asked —
You were very kind to say yes
to this, because we have —
We feel as though
a lot of Donald Trump tweets
feel very gossipy.
-[ Laughs ]
-And so we have asked
if you wouldn’t mind
reading a few of them with the
classic “Gossip Girl” send-off.
So, if you just want to go
over here. And thank you again.
-Seth, I am honored.
[ Laughter ]
[ Clears throat ]
[ As Gossip Girl ] “Ex-NSA
contractor to spend 63 months
in jail over
‘classified’ information.
Gee, this is ‘small potatoes’
compared to what
Hillary Clinton did!
So unfair, Jeff.
Double standard.
XOXO, Gossip Girl.”
[ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Just a couple more.
Just ’cause —
-All right.
-“Who can figure out
the true meaning of ‘covfefe’?
Enjoy! XOXO, Gossip Girl.”
These do sound like…
-…the things that were
written on the show.
-And, then, this is just, like,
a personal thing for me,
as a “Gossip Girl” fan,
just to hear my voice
in your voice
will be an honor.
-[ Clears throat ]
“Congratulations to Seth Meyers
on ‘Emmy’s Rating Tumble.’
Just as I predicted,
Seth bombed!
XOXO, Gossip Girl.”
-Thank you.
Kristen bell, everybody!


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