Last to Stop Swinging Wins $1,000,000 – Challenge

– We are doing four last to leave videos, and the winners of each are
competing in a fifth one for one million dollars.
(cash register chimes) You are currently watching
video number two of this series. So the first one was last to fall. Last to fall went for over 30 hours! A million dollars! It’s a lot! This is Nick, and his coach is Chris. They have matching shirts.
– Yeah! – We gonna win it!
– We gonna win! – This is Omar and his coach is Jake. This is Troy and his coach is
coming off a couple losses. – [Man] Bruh! – And this is Payton
and his coach is Marcus. One of their body parts
must cross this line for it to count as a swing. If they don’t, we have a ref. (squealing) If they don’t cross it, they’re not out, but what’ll determine if
they’re making an effort. – I’m very distressed. (smooth hip-hop music) – Give you a dollar to get out. You guys could split it, 50 cents. – Yoink! – Good thing I have another dollar. – I’ll give you two if you stay. (energetic funky music) – We’re gonna prank our cameraman. Hit three! (air horn) (laughing) – That was scary. I can’t hear now. – We’re doing the first challenge! Stay behind that bag of chips. Here’s a marshmallow. If you land it in his mouth, you get to push him for a minute. – [Chandler] What is that? (buzzer)
– Oh! (groaning)
– What is what? What is what? Yeah, yeah, come on! – [Angry Man] Boy, if you don’t get– (buzzer)
– Wait– – Wow! This is where everyone else was. Since you’re Chandler, you can go up here. – Ooh! (groans) – [Jimmy] And you’re not Chandler, so you’re back here.
– What? (laughing) – Here you go!
– All right. – Kobe! (ding)
(shouting) Let’s go! – Now that he’s pushing you, is it easier? – Tons easier. – I wanna make sure I’m very clear, you guys cannot touch the contestants or the red lights will
be forced to come on. – Oh, oh!
– Look at this, I’m not touching him! Ooh, look at me! – Oh hey, look at that, Troy, Marcus, can’t touch him. – [Uneasy Man] No, no, no– – Did he get you? Did he get you? – Yeah, he got me. – Troy touched Chris. Let me show you what happens if a contestant touches one of you. (ripping) – Oh my–
– Oh my God! – [Chris] There is no way! – See how Nick is suffering? This is why you guys shouldn’t touch them. I don’t know if you’re out there, if they swing and just touch
you with their toenail. – Like that? – But did you? – Yes! – Jake just got touched! Hey, I won’t move yours as far. We’ll put his right here. And I think it’s time to move his back. There we go, now he’s back to normal. – Troy, we don’t wanna
just pick on you, so– (air horn) ♪ Oh my God ♪ (air horn) (laughing) – Yo!
(claps) (smooth hip-hop music) – You can’t go too deep,
I’m telling you now, bro, it’s going on two days. – [Cameraman] You know you’re saying that you have to win now. – No one’s gonna last more
than a day after, like– – [Cameraman] Interesting. – I’m gonna win in a day. – You have to run through
them without getting touched. We’re gonna use the smoke to
make it harder for them to see. Hut, hut, hike, go! (aggressive rock music) – [Blunt Man] Nope! (shouting)
– Was it? Jake, you got touched! – Yeah, Frankie! (growling) – Hut, hut, hike! Give him more! Give him– He got him! Chandler, are you ready? – Hey, no! – Hike! – Ow, fumble! (beep) – To hike 2.0. – Ooh! – He hurt to himself. So, the punishment is you have to lay under your contestant for five minutes. – I feel like my ding dong’s
gonna get kicked any second. – Oh, this kinda nice, actually. – You know what? – I’m a great motivator. – So now that you guys are
all laying on the ground, this leads perfectly
into our next segment. Chris, I need you hold this
and let your guy punt it. – All right. – Distance.
(thunks) (ding) – Whoa!
– It’s good! (ding)
(shouting) – Shut up, I need your help, dude. (ding) – It’s good! (shouting)
(buzzer) – Marcus, just stay under him. – It’s not fair. He pushed it up closer for Chandler, but not for me! – [Jimmy] You should just get
good, have you tried that? – [Loud Man] Got him! (laughs) (squealing) – Ad on the field, we have an ad on the field! – Thank you, referee. Now let me tell you about the
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(cash register chimes) And that, in a nutshell,
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(cash register chimes) We saved $85 by literally clicking twice and installing a free browser add-on. Here’s how you install Honey. You hit add to Chrome,
you hit add extension, now you have Honey. Even Chandler can do it! – Here and here! – Nice!
(claps) And here’s a list of all
the websites Honey works on. You should really install it ’cause you’ll save thousands
of dollars of your live time. Go to That’s, you’ll save a lot of money. And let’s go back to swinging. (smooth hip-hop music) So this challenge has
been goin’ on for a while. – Quite some time.
– Yeah. – I think it’s time we bring
out the Unicorn of Wealth. Plop the Unicorn of Wealth right here. We have some Beats, rip off of AirPods, AirPods, we have an iPad, a speaker, and an Alienware laptop here for the next person that gets up. The laptop’s worth two grand. I know you wanna get out
now, go ahead and grab it. – No, I am stayin’. – [Jimmy] Okay. – Not that there.
– Not that? – Not that. – [Jimmy] Oh, not, Marcus! He just said not that, but he said something bigger. You might wanna have to
go have a talk with him. You wanna be the first one
out two times in a row? – It’s not happening. – There’s a lot of good stuff in there. – Oh no, not interested at all. – [Jimmy] Mr. Nick, I can tell. – Guy ain’t even a PC gamer. He don’t want that– – [Jimmy] Nick, go grab it. – It’s nice, but can’t take it. (smooth hip-hop music) – [Jimmy] What’d you just say? I know, Aardman, who’s
gonna get out first. Is that what this is right now? – I’m doing a business
deal, and we’re gone. – [Jimmy] A business deal and you’re gone? – A business deal and we’re gone. – [Jimmy] You, what? Now, here’s my question. Are you gonna beat him to
the punch and get off first? – I’m already on the ground. – [Jimmy] You’re already– (laughing) So you’re sayin’ you’re ready to go. – The way these legs hurting right now– – [Cameraman] So, Nick, you openly said you’re struggling, right? – I’m struggling right now. – [Jimmy] So here’s the thing. Before I make an offer,
I wanna remind you. One million dollars. You could work the next
15 years of your life and make a million dollars. Or you could push through
and win it in a few weeks, when we have the next challenge. Having said that, $5,000
to the first person. (record scratch) (shouting)
Oh! Okay! Chris, that’s two challenges you lost. – I gave him linguini! I couldn’t have been a better coach! – [Cameraman] You got offered $5,000. – My legs hurt so bad. – [Cameraman] How do you feel now? – I feel like my legs are
in bad shape right now. – [Cameraman] Was it the right decision? – Yes, for my legs! – All right, come here, Nick, come on. Come over here to the couch. Let’s escort him. Oh, hey Chandler. Did you wake up from your nap? (grunts) Here you go, this should
ease your pain, $5,000. – Cool. – [Jimmy] You didn’t
win a million dollars, but you got five grand. – [Chris] How do they feel? – Dude, they hurt so bad.
– Do they? – The way you sit on it, it’s like, it’s like digging into right here. Think I have a bruise
right here, actually. – Geez. – [Jimmy] Payton, you already sound like you’re on the edge, so– – That wasn’t the business
deal I was looking for, I’d just stick up the gum. – [Jimmy] So we already
know, Payton’s struggling. Tony, it’s really you against Omar. Are you gonna be the one
that stands up to him and wins a million dollars? – Yes. – [Jimmy] ‘Cause if Omar wins, that means Jake’s contestant would’ve won the first
challenge and the second. – I feel like I don’t
really have much pain. – [Jimmy] If you win the million dollars, what would you buy with it? – Firstly, I’d give back to
my whole family, my parents. $200K I’m gonna keep to spend. – Oh, only 200 grand?
– Only 200. – Now we’re gonna call all
the contestants’ parents. We’re gonna start off
with Payton’s father. – [Automated Message] I’m
sorry, the person you are try– (somber piano music) – Now we’re gonna call Troy’s mom. Hey, are you Troy’s mother? – [Troy’s Mom] Yes. – He’s been swinging on
a swing for 10 hours, and if he wins, he gets to
compete for a million dollars. – [Troy’s Mom] Just hold on, boo. Just don’t think about it, just keep swinging. – Aw. – [Troy’s Mom] Just go with the flow. – How’s dad doin’? Is he getting any better? – [Troy’s Mom] Yes, they
shocked his heart to restart it, and then that makes him
feel back to normal. So, I’m gonna go and
tell him what’s going on. Just concentrate and then
don’t think about, like, oh, I’m tired, or something. Just don’t think about it. – No. – [Troy’s Mom] Just hang in there, baby. – Oh, now I want you to win. Omar, get out!
– No! – Okay. We’re gonna hit the phone
with the next contestant, we’ll update you on how he does. – [Troy’s Mom] Okay, thank you. – All right, all right, later, mom. – [Troy’s Mom] I love you, son. – All right, all right. – [Troy’s Mom] Okay, go hard. – Oh.
– I will. – All right, wow. Omar’s about to call his sister. We’re just gonna fill her in. – Hey!
– Hi, homey! – Hey, hey. So I’m currently swinging. I’m doing good, slightly sore, but I’m mostly good. – If he wins today, he competes for a million dollars in a challenge in a few weeks. So, if he plays his cards right, he could become a millionaire. So I want you to just encourage him and give him some motivation. I’m gonna hand him back. – Keep swinging, keep going, it’s just, uh, however long it is. – [Omar] Don’t worry about it. Talk to you soon. – Call me after. – Yes, I will. – Everyone just got a
little bit of motivation except for Payton. – You know what? We’re swingin’!
– Yeah! – So just keep swingin’! – Yeah! – [Coach] Whoo! (smooth hip-hop music) – Chris, my brother, can you
cart Steve onto the court? – Uh-oh. – If you get out now, you
can have all the presents. (shouting) Marcus! Marcus is asleep.
– Sound asleep. – Hey buddy. You know how we’re recording these? See how do y’all rate? – You did the best you could do. Appreciate you comin’ out
here, you know what I’m sayin’? – Me and Marcus had a
little bit of up and downs during our challenge today. – Yeah, we did, we did, we did. – But I think we overcame
’em when Marcus fell asleep. – I think you’re right.
(laughing) – They’ve been swinging for 12 hours. – 12 hours, 12 hours! (bursts) – Ooh, that was nice. I have a feeling you’re
both gonna go a while. Would you say so? I guess we’ll just do a time lapse! (smooth hip-hop music) So the last to fall challenge came down to Jake’s contestant and Chandler’s. So this is the exact same thing. On top of that, Jake was still here at nighttime, Chandler wasn’t. Change history, though, Troy. I believe. – I will change it. – I don’t know you guys do this. I’m tired.
(chuckles) (smooth hip-hop music) It is six AM. I now you guys have to be tired. – I’m feeling great, Jimmy. – I don’t get how he feels like that. – I feel great.
– At six AM in the morning. – I feel great, dude, I feel great. – You could’ve gone a day.
– Yeah! – Troy, you still gonna go on? A little off, guard the table, but that’s where you are, or are you just dragging? – I’m going off beat. – Lemme consult the team. I wanted to consult with the team, but the team’s asleep. I might offer some money, you know, to see who takes it. Okay, let’s try Chandler. We’re offering them money to see if anyone wants to get out. Do you wanna come talk
your guy into staying? He’s like, asleep. Okay. So we woke up Jake, and
we woke up Chandler. Now let’s go offer them some money. (squealing) – Congratulations, you’re awake. – You know how we do things. Sometimes people just need a little bit of a nudge to get out,
would you agree, Chandler? – Yes. – For the next 30 seconds, if someone gets out, $10,000. – 10,000.
– That’s a lot of money. – Omar, I know you want this $10,000. – Nah, I don’t. – What could you buy with it?
(laughing) – I don’t want it.
– No, I don’t. – [Omar] I’m going for the million, and I decided that from the start. – What’s going through your mind, Troy? – [Troy] I wanna get that one mil, man. – You wanna get the million? But even if you win here, you still have to win
another challenge after this. You could not win that and be in the same scenario, but with way less suffering. – [Cameraman] Yeah, Omar,
you’ve had a smile on your face this whole time. – Yeah, why not do it with
a smile when you’re winning? – [Cameraman] Would you
have taken that deal now? – C’mon Omar, just let me win, man. (laughs) – Bruh, I’m not leaving ’til tomorrow, you can stay if you want to. Trust me when I say this,
you’re wasting your time, I’m not leaving. – [Jimmy] The energy you have,
I want that, I need that! (laughing) – [Chandler] Are you givin’ up? – Dude, I’m breaking right now. – [Chandler] Do not, dude, don’t break. – I am physically, like, hurting so bad. – Troy. How are you feeling? – I’m hurting. – Okay. I can tell you’re hurting. So if someone gets out
in the next 30 seconds, I will give them $10,000 in cash. – I’m gonna give him one
percent of my winnings if I win the million. – Oh, I didn’t hear that!
– I told him that. – If Omar wins, he’s gonna
face up against Akira and the winners of the
next two challenges– – And win off this thing.
– For a million dollars. You get 10 grand, and you can potentially
get another 10 grand. – Dude, I could go for
at least one more day. (laughing) – Troy, all right, give
him another 30 seconds. – A million, you heard it, I need it. – [Jimmy] This is
determination right there. – [Chandler] Keep fightin’, keep fightin’. Omar is–
– I’m surviving. – All right, Troy. Stick it out and go, or you could walk away
today with 20 grand. I know that would help
your family greatly. So Omar has now offered two percent on top of the $10,000. – And since some of you
aren’t that good with math, if he wins a million dollars, two percent might not seem like a lot, but that’s still 20 grand. – I’m not feeling so good. – If he gets up, okay, 100% up to you if you wanna keep going or not. (applauding) Omar is the winner! Let’s have a draw! – You didn’t– – I don’t even know what to say, man. You killed it. You got guaranteed 10 grand. If Omar wins, you get another 20. And I know that’ll help for sure. So, I’m proud of you. Everyone’s proud of you. Your mom, your family’s gonna
be proud of you for sure. – Yeah, I feel better up here. I really wanted to win
it to break, you know, the losing streak.
(laughs) – That’s why? That’s why? Well, I appreciate you trying for me, man, but that was awesome. And you’re gonna get that $10,000 now. – Gotta give thanks to
my fans, and my family. – I’mma give you that $20K, for sure, bro, 100%, you’ll gain that $20K. (murmuring) – Jake, Akira won.
– Yes. – Omar won, you’re two for two. – Two and oh. – Which means two of the
four people competing for a million dollars will be your guys. – Honestly, one million means a lot to me. And like, my family has
taken care of me all my life. And all I want to do is
like give back to them, and this seems like
the perfect opportunity through, like, getting a million. – Based on the comments
section up in the last video, people really like Akira. Well, we’ll see how they
respond to you, Omar. And we’ll see you in a few weeks. (explosion) ♪ Oh MrBeast 6000 ♪ ♪ Oh ♪
(Explosion) ♪ MrBeast 600, yeah, you know his name ♪ ♪ He changed it once or twice ♪ ♪ But I think it’s here to stay ♪ (explosion)

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