Latest News On Why Bitconnect Is Down! Bitcoin Stolen?

hey everyone this is Cameron from Crypto
Cam hope everybody’s having a fabulous
Friday today we all found out last night
some of us you know real early hours of
the morning that it Connect is down and
we thought it might come back up but
apparently there is a more severe
problem than we originally had
anticipated so what what actually
happened is some customers of bit
connect were able to actually withdraw
more money than they actually had it
never accounts sometimes double or
triple the amount of money so it has
caused some major major disruptions
obviously we don’t know the dollar
amounts of how much money has been
withdrawn but you know there was a lot
of Bitcoin exiting the platform and BCC
tokens being sold to be into Bitcoin of
rapid rapid rate so one of our members
has spoken to city she is the kind of
the head honcho guy as far as we know
for asia and vic connect and as a direct
line to the owners and they have shut
down and cancelled all the accounts of
all the people that have withdrawn the
money suspended them basically and they
are requesting the funds back so we
don’t know you know how much it is it
could be you know hundreds of thousands
it could be millions we just don’t know
so they seem to be pretty confident that
they can get the site back up and
running by about 3:00 p.m. Greenwich
Mean Time on August 27th so you know
let’s just keep our fingers crossed and
definitely see you know what what is
gonna transpire the trouble is you know
these people that we’ve drew to money
they could just disappear and say you
know screw you bit connect so we’re just
gonna take that money and steal them run
and I think you know that’s absolutely
wrong they should you know definitely
return the money
to us but right
this is what we know bit connect there
was a glitch in the system people were
able to draw double triple the amount of
money there was a map rush to get that
money out and the people that found a
glitch have got the money and as far as
we know where all their accounts have
been suspended and they’ve been asked to
return the money in these kind of
situations the chances are they probably
may not maybe some more return the money
but probably a bunch of them or not but
well see what happens that’s the that’s
the situation right now if more news
develops we will get back to you with
that but anyway please be patient don’t
I think the company is working in our
best interests and they will you know
definitely should reopen on 3 p.m.
August the 27th all right that’s all I
have for you for now take care have a
wonderful weekend relax enjoy and don’t
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