Ledger Nano S Wallet Unboxing and Setup for Bitcoin

shaking I don’t know that’s a good sign
enough you know what hurts is that I may
have to get rid of this pillow right
here I’m a cry about that what’s going
on guys welcome back today we’re gonna
be unboxing this the legend NOS
cryptocurrency hardware wallet so if you
don’t know what cryptocurrency is this
video is probably not gonna be enough to
explain what it is but it’s basically
digital money a digital decentralized
assets tokens complicated topic so this
particular one is the Ledger Nano S
Hardware wallet ledger is one of the
more established Hardware wallet
providers along with Trezor you don’t
know what hardware wallet is it’s
basically a physical device that helps
keep your cryptocurrency safe by storing
the keys offline and within your own
personal control you know that sounds
like a very fancy explanation it
basically kind of looks like a USB Drive
did you can tell by the picture
basically gives you a way to hold your
cryptocurrency in a way that people can
access them without this physical device
anyway enough talking let’s get to the
fun part
that was fun
one critical step that you should always
do take this little booklet read the
instructions so let’s take a look at
what’s in this case you’re wondering why
my box didn’t have a tamper-proof seal
ledger actually did away with the tamper
proof seal because it really is not that
effective it’s easy to spoof and it
gives people a false sense of confidence
basically when you plug your ledger in
can they validate it online you’re gonna
be able to tell if it’s valid or not
let’s see what else is in there getting
started paper we’ll deal with that in a
three recovery sheets very important so
now that we know what’s in there and
what to do let’s initiate our ledger
wallet alright so start by going to
start ledger wallet com that’s gonna
open the ledger website navigate down to
the one that says Ledger Nano S and
configure my device it has a nice
picture of the device to tell you what
the buttons are and what they’re used
for and then if you scroll down it gives
you instructions on what to do next
which are Ledger Nano S so the first thing
we have to do is update the firmware in
the installation guide it tells you how
to update the firmware on your device
the very first thing you have to do is
make sure you have ledger manager the
legend manager is a chrome app that you
use to help manage your legend nos
so go through the steps to install the
ledger manager on your Chrome browser
once it’s installed you need to check
the current firmware version on your
device hold down the right button and
plug it into your computer you should
see the words recovery pop up after the
initial screen so on a Ledger Nano S you
use the left and right buttons to
navigate and press both buttons to
actually confirm or enter into a menu so
head into settings and then device and
then firmware so you can see the secure
element on this device is version 1.3
one and the MCU is 1.1 so they need to
be updated so we need to uninstall some
apps to leave room for the firmware to
be updated so head back to your ledger
manager and begin to uninstall a couple
of the apps that are on your device once
you click the uninstall or the trashcan
button it’s gonna prompt you on your
device if that’s what you want to do and
then it’ll start removing the
application next click firmware and then
install what’s legend manager begins to
install the update it’ll start
processing on your device it’ll ask you
to confirm that you want to update the
firmware to version 1.4 2 or whatever
version you’re using and give you an
identifier to check that it matches
what’s on the screen once you confirm
it’ll start the update so when I did
mine I got this message that said MCU
firmware is outdated which confused me
for a little bit but in the instructions
it tells you what to do if you hit this
problem it basically just means that you
have an extra step that you have to do
in order to update the MCU firmware
first and then the regular update can
continue and so we’ll go through this
process as well so
gives you a little bit of input on the
screen and says that it must be updated
and the press and hold the left button
for five seconds and then plug in the
USB so that’s what we’re gonna do
so after holding down the left button
for five seconds plug the USB into your
computer and it’ll start up with the
bootloader so the MCU update
automatically happens and starts
processing so once that’s done it
finishes the firmware update and then
restarts the device so once you see the
welcome screen you know that your device
is ready to be initialized and it says
press both buttons to begin so gives you
a little quick training on how to use
the buttons then you’re ready to start
the initialization process and so the
first thing it does is ask you if you
want to configure it as a new device
once you confirm then you’re gonna get
started in the setup flow so first we
have to choose a pin code a pin code is
an eight digit code that you’ll used to
unlock your device each time you use it
next you have to confirm your PIN code
where you basically just enter it in
again to make sure that you remember the
right one next you need to write down
your recovery phrase this is an
extremely important step in the process
because your recovery phrase is
basically your backup keys if you ever
lose your device and the cards that I
showed you earlier should be used to
write down each of the 24 words of your
recovery phrase you need to keep that in
a very safe place and never share with
anyone so after you write down your
recovery phrase the next step is to
confirm it so what you’ll have to do is
go through each of the 24 words until
you enter every single one of them in to
confirm that you know what your backup
phrase is it’s very tedious but it’s
extremely important so after you confirm
your recovery phrase your device is
ready to go the next step is you want to
make sure that you install the apps that
you want to use onto your device if you
remember we ended up removing them to
update the firmware so now we’ve got to
add back the ones that we actually want
to use head back to ledger manager and
start to install the apps that you want
so once you hit the download and install
button and ledger manager it’ll ask you
to confirm on the device
once you confirm it adds it on the
device and it’s ready to use after you
have all the apps downloaded onto your
device make sure that you get off
applications that you need to use to
manage your wallets right now ledger has
three one for Bitcoin and other alt
coins one specific to ethereum and one
specific to Ripple
so make sure you download whichever one
of those you’re gonna use and then
basically once it’s installed you open
it up you unlock your ledger device and
you can manage your wallet from there
that’s about it these Ledger Nano S is
ready to go ready to store your Bitcoin
haven’t had a chance to use it yet so as
I get some practice with it
I’ll come back maybe with another review
video but at least it’s set up and it’s
a great way to store your bitcoins so
that you don’t have to keep it online
it gives you that little extra security
of being able to hold your private keys
yourself in a way that’s pretty easy to
use so that’s all I have for you guys
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