“Like a million dollars” – Rebecca picks a flawless wedding dress | Curvy Brides’ Boutique | TLC

That looks really really good I feel
pretty in this dress I’m not letting her go down the aisle
with it and it’s as simple as that now close your eyes no peeping I’m not gonna
provide oh my god you’re such a pretty bride, Oh My God
go for it you look so pretty so Rebecca 23 dress size 18 yeah you
know Rebecca Emily Rebecca ,McDonald?
Rebecca McDonald oh my god about 15 years she’s to babysit for me I never really thought of
myself as plus size it wasn’t until halftime in my children that I kind of
realized but yeah I am plus-sized you know swallow your pride a bit and ask
for help so devious I only spoke to the other week and you never said a word oh this is Amy, are you the Brides Maid?
Maid of Honor yeah just a little bit cuz you are at a
classic scale well I like my bum Kymco you ain’t got nothing on me I have
thunder thighs you know a mum-tum I have got a c-section scar got
you know a little pout So Rebecca is really lacking in body
confidence since having her last child so it’s really really important for me
that I find there’s something really special that she feels amazing in to
give her that boost that she needs so you’re still losing baby right so
this is what you don’t like I’ll take it though obviously it’s not emphasized in
this dress but it’s not hidden like in the meringue so dresses but you’re not a
fat girl you don’t mean you’re not a fat girl and I think that you need to
believe that you know it makes a whole load of difference you know what you’re
a man and you know that you’ve been causing you stretch marks nothing back
that I’ve got for me they’re not wrinkles and straights watch their the
roadmap of my life so I think we should go and have a look at you actually in a
dress that’s totally done up yep totally done that of completely done got your
eyes closed down Oh close your eyes all these these is all new for me, this is all
bit weird right ready I don’t want to look open come on Becky
oh my god you like so and it’s nice even though it was Wow
it wasn’t like I still see the tummy I wasn’t able to imagine myself about the lump so the first dress just really didn’t
work so I’m determined to make her feel confident ready, go on then It looks nice, like a Princess! that’s bad I love the top I do at the
bottom I think because I could just see the tummy over to my belly Rebecca isn’t
really too self-conscious about her shape so I need to find out something
that makes her feel a million dollars this next dress is ultra sexy it’s a
little bit special it will make her feel amazing and I hope she loves it as much
as I do I’m so excited I could pay me fat girl pants right I thought would
come forward for one ready I feel so thin I felt like I was in a
never gonna find a way to dress look at that booty you want to try it with the veil? all that stuff
as soon as the veil went on that was it that was the cherry on the cake I’ve known Joe for a long time and it’s
kind of nice to have to share that feeling for them and to share that
experience it felt more special to share with them
there’s nothing but I wanted but it’s everything that I want
oh my god I felt tall without skinny ever glamorous I felt like a million
dollars I felt like I have never felt before I thought I was going to the
baptism center so is the one ?
everything to is yeah Oh Michael this is my wedding dress you


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