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here on litecoin so I want to talk about
kind of what I did here with litecoin
and then kind of talk about why I’m
bullish on like one hand today like
Koide up there – I mean this camera
right here this is a five minute candle
we got up there to 144 dollars at one
point I was up huge it’s pulled back a
little bit it’s down there to the 130
area I was expecting that I was
expecting you know obviously that crazy
FOMO kick it in there that’s normally
what happens with these cryptocurrencies
you get these crazy moves you’d only get
like a ten twenty dollar jump higher
than where it’s gonna kind of level off
that people kind of you know jump it in
there the shorts getting squeezed all
that fun stuff but I’m really really
bullish on litecoin in the long long
term so when I say long long-term I’m
talking two three five ten years and
maybe you’re thinking I’m not trying to
hold this for 10 years Patrick that’s
fine but I still think there’s
opportunity to be made here the next
couple of months I’m talking about kind
of where I’ve been playing and so for
the last month or so kind of going down
here where I was buying like Kona buys
there on like corner at the 5490 area so
about a month ago I started talking
about like COI start talking about
Bitcoin on the channel talking a little
bit about like coin but I haven’t really
talked about why I like it so much so I
want to give you guys an idea about that
so you can see I’ve been in like corners
about a month now I’ve been buying it up
there at the 5490 area $60 area and I’ve
also been trading I traded Bitcoin cash
for like coin so you can go back and see
that video where I made 73 light coins
I’m trading Bitcoin cash I was moving
that around doing all kinds of crazy
things you can actually see my orders
from yesterday trying to get filled on
some more like coin at the 93 area 94
area so right now I’m over 100% all my
light coin holdings so I’m pretty happy
with that
if this thing goes a 200 I’ll be up you
know close to 200 percent but I am kind
of cautious because obviously this could
pull back here we can get back down 100
our area who knows it’s really volatile
you know obviously these coins go all
over the place so there’s a couple main
reasons why I like light coin over the
other coins and a couple reasons why I
like light coin in general talking about
in general why I like light coin first
off there is a capped out market supply
in the terms that there’s only gonna be
84 million litecoins total in the world
so they’re not gonna be like etherium or
other coins where they can keep selling
more coins or doing weird things that
won’t happen with Bitcoin like when
there’s a capped out maximum so Bitcoin
you got the 21 million cap and litecoin
is four times s so it’s four times
Bitcoin in terms of market supply so I
really like that idea for the sense that
there is gonna be that supply in the man
there’s not gonna be a unlimited supply
of light points that way if I own a
thousand like there’s never gonna be
more to dilute my initial investment you
know getting a thousand light coin
that’s always gonna be a thousand like
coin so I really like that idea there’s
no inflation or something like that
going on here
another thing that I really like about
light coin is that it’s four times the
speed it’s fast
I can send light going across the world
in a matter of seconds there’s no delays
the network is fast the fees are low
which is really cool the fees are low
and there’s a lot of action on like
width and I think there’s going to be a
lot of transactions in the future using
light coin and when I say transactions
I’m not talking about people sending
money back and forth because it’s so
fast and the fees are low so let’s say I
have Bitcoin let’s say I own Bitcoin and
I want to send my buddy some money I can
use an atomic swap and you probably
what’s an atomic swap in the future I’ll
be able to actually trade litecoin or
Bitcoin etc I’ll be able to do cross
chain exchanges without using in
exchange I can actually change my
Bitcoin into like coin with an atomic
swap and it’s like wow my mind exploding
they’re not gonna get a super deep into
the whole atomic swap idea but you get
it that it’s coming it’s coming the
technology is there it’s being
implemented in the future but atomic
swaps are a big big thing for litecoin
and how this is gonna affect the overall
the future that I can now do cross
change exchanges without using in
exchange that’s truly a decentralized
system so if somebody has Bitcoin they
want to trade for light coin I can do
that and I can trade without having to
use a third party exchange I’m gonna put
my money in that exchange cuz really
right now if I put money into G Dax and
G Dax gets hacked or somebody breaks
into GD X and steals all my life on it’s
gone there’s no guarantee by G Dax
there’s no safety net if something like
that happens we had issues in the past
where exchanges were hacked stuff like
that happened so it’s very important to
always keep your coins always keep your
private keys on you don’t go and put it
all in exchange don’t use coin base to
hold all your coins look into using
hardware wallet stuff like that another
reason that I really like litecoin is
the fact that it’s cheap and I mean
you’re like well was it matter of his
cheap it’s the idea so there’s a
psychological idea something that I’ve
already realized by talking to people in
the cryptocurrency world or or talking
to people who are new to cryptocurrency
when they see the price of Bitcoin they
see the price of Bitcoin as $15,000
they’re thinking wow I had to spend
fifteen thousand dollars to buy one
Bitcoin that’s too expensive I can’t get
into it it’s too late but then the price
of litecoin is only $100 I can buy you
know two three four or five of these
things and I can actually own a light
coin you’re thinking that is what
America is all fractional who cares how
many coins you have because it really
comes down to just how much money you
have invested sure that’s a great way to
look at it but when it comes down to it
there’s that psychological thing that
humans have where they want to own
something people were like they want to
be proud they have ten like ones or they
want to be proud they have a hundred
like but people are looking at like I
don’t want to own a fractional amount I
don’t want to own only half of a Bitcoin
I don’t want to own you know point zero
zero amount of Bitcoin but I do want to
own two or three like coins so I think
that mental philosophy this kind of that
people wanting to own something I think
that’s why light coin has a big future
right here in this price point obviously
as a price of light coin goes up it’s
gonna be harder for people to buy more
light coin in terms of buying the actual
coins but at this price point right now
I think people are able to buy one coin
when they get into the cryptocurrency
one of my friends hey I bought one like
one for 90 bucks and he’s like excited
cuz he has one light cord because he’s
thinking hey this thing might go to
twenty thousand dollars like Bitcoin did
so he sees it as a you know big future
thing and it’s kind of a an
accomplishment to own one likely so I
think that’s another reason that light
coin has a really kind of good future in
terms of words at right now price point
wise in the future that won’t matter as
much but right now I think for the first
time investors for the first time crypto
buyers like coin is that a very
attractive price they get on the coin
base they see that aetherium 500 bucks
they see that bitcoins $15,000 and then
they see light coin it’s only a hundred
bucks now I go okay I could buy a couple
of those and I could be a crypto
investor and that’s kind of like that
mental philosophy if they want to own
that one little coin so I think it’s a
really cool thing I also really like
that Charlie Lee is a part of the whole
like coin community still so Bitcoin you
got Chateau XI who knows where he is who
knows who he is he’s not there there’s
no figurehead where litecoin Charlie Lee
is there he’s present he talks about
like coin every day he’s working to make
litecoin better he’s working with
organizations he’s out there in the
public eye he goes on the news he goes
on the talk shows and he talks about
litecoin so that’s going to help like
coin going into the future that there’s
really somebody out there there’s a
figurehead somebody who invents it like
one who can talk about why like one is
better where bitcoin there’s nobody
there there’s just a bunch of people who
bought Bitcoin cuz thought it was good
and they made a bunch of money and
that’s what they did now they’re
promoting it to make more money but when
it comes down to it Charlie Lee has
really been there since the beginning
for like coin he was big at coinbase
he’s big in the community he has
notoriety he’s got a real you know
resume behind him in terms of
cryptocurrency and what he’s done for
the world in terms of cryptocurrency
with light so I think that’s a really
good benefit for like coin is to have
that figurehead to have somebody who can
be in the public who could answer
questions who can you know help grow
like coin in that sense so it really
comes down to doing your own research
figuring out what coin best fits your
kind of overall game plan in terms of
investing you know what you’re looking
for in the long run I can see like coin
easily surpassing $1000 in the future
I don’t mark my words for that don’t go
and buy or
now because you’re thinking oh he said a
thousand oars in the future I’ll buy it
right now sounds like the easy bit
because this thing could easily crash
and you know who knows if you go back
down it could go back down so that’s
always the way to play it I got in at a
really good price obviously buying there
you know in the low 50s and then buying
on the way up buying every dip I feel
really good about it but overall I think
the best thing to do right now is to do
your research to learn more about
cryptocurrencies to learn about you know
what the overall technology is and kind
of see this really does have a future
maybe cryptocurrencies don’t work maybe
going in the future this is all look
back on like hey that was a fun
experiment doesn’t work but I think the
underlying technology the blockchain
technology is going to revolutionize the
world we’ll see what happens I think
we’re at a very important time where
people around the world are starting to
learn about cryptocurrencies my dad
asked me about it there’s people out
there who want to learn more about it
the world is waking up and it’s a very
exciting time to be alive I think the
blockchain cryptocurrency world has a
lot to offer and we’re gonna see what
happens here I’m not a light coin fan
but maybe I’m a little bit of like one
because I think it’s gonna have huge
upside I’ve got a bunch of it and I feel
pretty good about it but I think overall
the big big thing right here is the idea
of what this technology offers and where
we’re gonna be ten years from now
looking back and be like wow like coin
was a hundred dollars at the gettin of
the year that’s crazy you know like when
was four dollars in January of 2017
four dollars in 2017 that’s hard to
believe but you can see here like coin
over $140 today beautiful day I’m happy
to be up I’m happy to be in the green
after this morning’s kind of you know
lackluster day trading day but I feel
pretty good about this cryptocurrency
world right now and I’m learning more
every single day so I’ll report back and
I learned some more if I learn anything
I think you guys want to hear about I’ll
let you know so hit that subscribe
button help me help you I’ll talk to you
guys later on


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