what’s going on guys Patrick here bring
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big news came out for both of those were
gonna make price predictions at the end
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let’s talk about what happened to light
coin litecoin price surged today we had
a moon shot and but is it over a good or
bad thing so there’s two big news that
came out from light coin or not from
like when about light coin one is light
paint right light paint is coming out
we’re gonna talk about that in a bit but
the other big issue was there were
rumors about a fork into light coin cash
or something like that thing is that has
been debunked that is a complete rumor
and any coin saying that is saying that
because they want to be affiliated to
light coin tried pretend to be
affiliated to light coin in order to
make more sales of their token and make
more legit now any coin that’s willing
to do that it’s probably not a good coin
to get into because they’re trying you
already see they’re trying to manipulate
their way into becoming a bigger coin
fast and becoming talked about you know
trying to become relevant fast so it is
probably going to be a pump and dump I’m
assuming if a coin even comes out but
I’m talking about the bright side you
know like when this article sought about
litecoin price surge is over new LTC
fiat payment service and scam hard fork
so there are two things so I’m gonna let
you guys decide why which one you think
brought the price up more for you guys
can see light pay us out they started
this because people asked bitpay to
accept like coin and they would it so
they took the challenge and they made a
light coin was going to be launched on
the 26th of February I believe and so I
says right here infrastructure for 26th
of February now here’s the comment about
the light coin fork um Charlie Lee so
the owner of light coin verified account
so this is his real account if you guys
wanna check it out you just gonna just
open up a tab and you’ll see six hundred
and eighty seven thousand followers you
don’t get that if you’re a scam unless
you bought them I guess but that’s
expensive it’s expensive scam
anyways verified so you know what’s in
the light Quantium and I are not forking
litecoin any Forks that you hear about
as a scam trying to confuse you um it
confuse you to think it’s related to
light coin don’t fall for it and
definitely don’t enter your private keys
or seed into their website or a client
be careful out there so another thing
we’ve talked about so much in this
cryptocurrency space is a lot of scam so
a lot of people pretend to be Charlie
Lee and I’ll tell you first 200 people
to send 0.2 light coin over to this wall
and address I’m gonna send you back 500
light coin and a lot a lot of people
fall for it it’s unfortunately it’s
unfortunate but people are trying to you
know get rich quick that’s what a lot of
people think cryptocurrency is it’s not
though so don’t fall for these scams it
is uh that no one would just give away
that much free money it doesn’t happen I
have seen the same thing with Tron I’ve
seen the same thing you know Tron and
Justin’s son his know their accounts
I’ve seen it with Charlie Lee’s account
a lot I’ve seen it with John McAfee Zak
to a lot of people a lot of a lot of big
cryptocurrency influences or people in
the space have get there get fake
accounts made of them in order to try
and scam people it’s a shame but it did
it does happen now another article about
Ripple big news for ripples of Ripple
partnered with Saudi Arabian Monetary
Authority so the s am a to offer pilot
program for banks so a lot of you guys
know already
I don’t invest into ripple personally
just from an ethnic standpoint I don’t
believe its stands for what
cryptocurrency wants to stand for but
I’m not going to not to deny that it is
a good investment because it’s a great
introductory coin for banks and
everything to get into an easy what I
think about it is you know it’s a big
leap to go from where we are now into
cryptocurrency you know completely
decentralized ripple kinda borders that
so they have announced on February 14th
which is today that there’s going to be
that they partnered with partnered with
an SMAS AMA to provide support for
ripples cross-border payments technology
to banks in the United in the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia so just quick overview
basically they’re going to be launching
you know it’s a platform where they can
or they’re gonna integrate in
partnership they’re gonna be launching
something to try and use ripple as a
payment or a transfer of money basically
right big news you know no I don’t know
if is the best because it is ripple but
I’m gonna leave that for you guys to
decide now taking a look at the overall
markets a 450 billion dollar market cap
awesome you guys are where we were at
like 410 in yesterday’s video 450 today
so we’re up a good amount you guys can
see every coins in the green could this
possibly be the start of the
cryptocurrency bull run that we have
been waiting for it’s very possible and
coins that we talked about just the
other day you guys can see two of the
big movers are the ones we were talking
about today because of you know what
have the the news that came out but you
also see – and Manero moving up ioanna
moved up a lot so that’s great but you
know these two had news
that is propelling especially litecoin
has had big news that is propelling them
forward now like I was saying the whole
markets up that’s great to see not a lot
of read very few populous is barely in
the red nanos in the red it is taking
quite a few hints especially after the
hacking incident but you know dudes have
to make sure to keep your bed your
cryptocurrency in a good exchange and
not all in the exchange you want to keep
it in a hardware wallet but if you guys
are interested in nano this is a great
time to scoop some up anyways one point
I wanted to point out do you guys have
you talked about in previous videos as a
joke you cash remember you cash the one
that was up a thousand percent we even
had someone comment on the group saying
what’s going on this random coin called
you cash is up forty nine one thousand
percent now fell down to rank 49 but it
was ranked high at one point right it’s
market cap was a two billion like that’s
crazy where does that rank it two
billion ranks it you know in the top
twenty coins
that’s ridiculous there’s no way you can
should be there and surely enough like
all pumps do as they came crashing down
so I hope none of you guys bought in you
cash while it was up here aspetta less
you genuinely believed in the project
and you think it’s gonna go back up
later great but if you don’t and you
just bought in because affo Mon you were
you had the fear of missing out that was
a pretty bad visit just letting you know
I would probably cash out and just move
on take the El it looks like a pumpkin
dump coin I don’t know much about it
though so I can’t comment too much I’m
just saying from just looking at the
charts that’s what it kind of looks like
now ripple ripples up again 11%
it’s a good amount every coins up today
though so it’s not you know tremendous
amount of it’s not anything compared to
like coin butts at one point fourteen
dollars now long-term I think when we
enter the cryptocurrency age I don’t
believe in ripple I think however as
immoral as it is to me to invest in it
that I’m not like you know I don’t want
to invest in it because of what it
stands for and I like to invest into
projects that I back you know and I
don’t mind missing out because I know
ripple might be a good opportunity to
invest it and I think it will be going
up by um in 2018 I have no doubt that
ripple will probably be
going up now guys don’t forget none of
what I say is financial advice though
this is all purely my opinion
information that I make and I’m giving
it to you guys so make sure do your own
research before you invest your money
into absolutely anything now
ripple let’s go back when we’re saying
ripple I think we can definitely see it
passed to two dollars especially if the
market cap hits one trillion dollars I
have no doubt ripple will be in the $2
plus range by the end of the year and I
do think you know I do think the market
cap is going to pass upon trillion and I
do think ripple will pass two maybe even
two and a half as a conservative
estimate now then that’s where I see a
heading in the future right now you know
more partnerships with banks will
probably come there’s a good chance
banks will partner with ripple before
they partner with you know litecoin or
Bitcoin even it’s a good chance they’re
going to be using ripple because like I
said it’s not fully decentralized now I
can make a whole other video explaining
the difference between ripple and XRP
there you know if you want to get
technical there’s a but to keep this
video simple I’m just saying
ripple XRP the token I believe can reach
over $2 by the end of 2018 especially
because I see more partnerships coming
in for them and I do you know I do
understand why and that’s why I’m
backing it in saying that I will think
the price will rise now I’m not going to
invest in it not not going to invest in
it but I do think the price were right
now now a coin that I have invested it
and I told you guys about not too long
ago a few days ago when it was at 150
dollars right but it was like doing this
sideways movie right here Leo I told you
guys we talked about it yesterday
probably the day before yesterday I’ve
mentioned a lot litecoin has a ton of
potential it’s very under priced at 150
dollars so the fact that you know one
little piece of news came out which is a
little it’s a little light pay that’s
huge it moon shot at the price now could
this mean you know like coin moon this
does look pretty good it looks you know
very vertical now zooming in a little
more do I think whatever I did like here
you guys see we had the initial pump we
had a little bit of support mate and we
had the second pump and now again we’re
moving side
in picking up some more support building
some more support for when you know
crypto price does moon or the market
does moon again but yeah again litecoin
long – long term I think we’re going to
see like coin kill it $200 is still
undervalued I believe now it comes to in
the short term what you guys think on if
litecoin is going to dip a little bit
first maybe test this support line
before it goes up again maybe it will
you know head down because it has gone
up so much it will head down to 180
again before you know the whole market
picks up and like corn will just go
along with it but I did say previously
in the video again in one of my previous
videos I don’t know if OU’s yesterday
probably the day before yesterday
litecoin is a top 5 coin it was at
number 6 I said it was a top 5 point and
guess what happened like Quinn is now in
the top 5 it’s a top 5 coin so funny how
bad happened anyways one last thing I
wanted to say guys this is the end of
the video but I wanted to say something
I got a lot of comments on yesterday’s
video when I talked about hash Flair
saying oh it’s not profitable right now
guys you’re you’re you’re not right
because it is still profitable it’s just
not as profitable as you would want it
to be or what it has previously been I
get that I I agree with you but the fact
that there’s 10% off right now which I
believe a code for down below if you
guys are interested the fact that
there’s 10% off right now to buy your
contract you have to think of it as an
investment in the long term it’s a
one-year contract right if you
accumulate you will accumulate the same
amount of Bitcoin in that time period
right you get point like if you have 10
to air hash like I do in Jenin hash
Blair I have more in Genesis mining in
hash Blair if you have if you have 10
Terra house you’re getting 0.001 Bitcoin
every single day now that is going to be
the same the whole year is gonna be the
same pretty much you know fluctuates a
little bit here and there but it’s
surround about the same right now I’ve
been having it pretty consistent it’s
down a little bit but not too much
however if you take that through over
through 365 days and you come out and
right now at this Bitcoin price you
calculated now the price went up you
know almost 10% rates at 900
9300 25 so now it’s even more profitable
than it was yesterday but if you think
Bitcoin will reach 40,000 you know
$40,000 per Bitcoin at the end of 2018
for example not saying it will for
example then the amount you accumulated
over the year will be worth so much more
than it is at the price right now so you
have to think of it as a down the road
investment that’s why I’m investing in
mining that’s why I still call mining
100 percent profitable because people
are thinking 1 only in the US dollar
value which is not what cryptocurrency
is all about but if you do want to think
of in the dollar value think about it in
the dog value when your contract end so
your dollar value February 14th
2019 that is the dollar value that
should matter to you know what it’s at
right now because guess what you’re not
getting all the Bitcoin right now you’re
getting it later so keep that in mind
guys other than that that’s gonna be it
for this video smash the thumbs up
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