Litecoin (LTC) Trading Coming to Gemini Exchange

and today we’re gonna talk about litecoins meter while since I talked about it I know like as good a massive community and there’s also a lot of people who completely lost faith into litecoin so hopefully with our video I can bring back memories of how good like it is everyone she doesn’t mean there we said needs for it especially after news hit the headlines that like on is headed for a gym in inclusion in mid-october like in hotels have all the reasons too small to be fair and however the deal has come at a time when the like on ecosystem is facing quiet firm out of criticism that is affected alike comprise quick recovery especially from the September 5th market slim the space for everyday crip to spend ability appears to be shrinking with shiny coins registering increased use cases and like on and I don’t want to compare it to Bitcoin cash but they seem to be fighting for the same piece of cake and as recent news indicates bit my miners are actually sitting on over 1 million LTC while fronting for Bitcoin cash up to take so now it’s actually move on a bit of those general things and talk about the like on in Germany implications in the market so the jiminy is obviously one of the most prestigious platforms in the crypto sphere and listing of icon means a lot for the coin the exchange outfit is fully compliant with market regulations and has passed the sec vetting most of the coins trading on the platform has seen increased confidence from investors both individual and institutions and the like on community seems to be holding their breath since there was hinted that the listing will be forthcoming before close of 2018 the revelation was done during the recently concluded san francisco like couldn’t summon which if you guys have been to definitely leave a comment letting me how it was over there and this will be a big boost for like on price which has been struggling under the $60 mark the jhemini news has seen the coin price break they’re oscillating norm to climbing from the previous level 47 JQ and $58 threshold and the snyder is however said to change once the support takes effect in less than a month’s time like on will join other kinds of repute that recently got the not to be added on in germany and the new pairing in a sir fire launching for LTC which is one of the highest-rated crypto assets in the market today echoing ethereum and Zika are some of the coins that have attracted the Germany trust and Lycan will be the first group to on the platform so the jhemini marketplace will see you like when I interact with bullshit movers and shakers which will also boost the kind interaction levels with the via economy and the anticipating pairing with the dollar will see a spiking like liquidity and a diversification of investment for its holder since this is an ideal getaway to fiat and with a more cautious global investor community delisting my not sell like went back to its previous glory but will bliss its visibility and position itself from market breakout in the future and recent markets reported indicate that most of the Lycan volumes have declined from its be disappearing but on the rise with this table Kanu is DT and moved I could indicate LTC traders finding tether as a clear escape route to fear or a safe haven waiting for a TC to gain traction for them to get back and 2018 has been one of them busiest years in blocked in history that has seen many college strengthen their infrastructure while introducing new products in the market sending digital cash via SMS is a new frontier in the market and like coin and Bitcoin cash appears to have introduced the future making them the arc rivals so what I’m talking about here is the light I am service which is set to ride on increased smartphone optic to increase LTC users globally and is a big threat to Bitcoin cash using messages to send cash appears to be popular which bacon cash things LTC has copied from them leading to war of words that sir LTC co-founder charlie come to his defense however the market politics have not dumped an LTC price which at the time of reporting stood at $58 with a marginal losses of around 4 percent to the dollar in the last 24 hour trading session so guys obviously I don’t tell you where you can get light coming from as I just said possibly you can get it from jiminy in mid-october as well as you can obviously get it from the good old coin base so guys let me know have you actually lost faith in to light but have a conversation the other day with one of the crypto friends and this completely lost their faith into lichen and it’s not the same as always used to be so let me know your thoughts about like on and whether you’re still invested and believe into it I’ll definitely want to hear your opinions about it remember if you like me follow me on Twitter I post loads of different tweets and updates and share all the videos I make and remember to subscribe to let me know what you think of like hunt and I’ll catch you later bye bye

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