Litecoin Price Prediction 2019 Litecoin Halving LTC Technical Analysis 2019

you’re litecoin traders hot lers and
everyone else who’s interested in this macro litecoin analysis we’re going to
be looking at the crucial weekly support and resistance zone
light cleaners currently at almost breaking it and we are also going to be
looking at the major long-term cycle the potential for light going to go you know
in the next coming years and yeah it’s gonna be a very very interesting very
very important analysis especially due to the whole halving process so that’s
the main reason why we are currently searching and yeah
stay tuned so welcome back guys and as we can see we are at the crucial zone
here now with LTC on the weekly chart and let’s have a look at how we could
have determined this important zone but before we start off please consider to
hit the subscribe button right next to it there is above I can hit that too so
you get always notified when I release new content so there we go guys as we
can see we have been in this region prior to that okay so we had been here
in April 2000 18 and also again here afterwards like in June and we can see
the beautiful Morningstar reversal that we have major
like bouncing off from the zone with the red candle as you can see I was with
that with a gravestone doji here and then breaking higher so perfectly like
going above higher and defending the zone coming yet again to the downside
building a spinning top as you can see then in June here and basically you know
not managing to hold the region and then from here the fall into the abyss starts
and and I mean we could be seeing this with LTC even much much earlier
before BTC broke the importance 6k in November as you can see like we have
made quite a few legs down already in this case okay so one leg down second
leg down and then finally with the third leg down which didn’t you know go that
much lower than in that case compared to the previous next on so LDC gave back a
huge amount of the big bull run but now as we can also see so we have managed to
come back up here okay breaking through with beautiful place by the way on the
way if you’re watching my channel you know so we had on 30 our winner okay a
beautiful play here where we made sixty percent out of this perfect daily
equilibrium break and building higher lows beautifully as you can see at the
$60 range ur going up higher and now the importance of the zone can be seen with
this spinning top doji candles here so the spinning top here with the doji so
it shows that the market is respecting the zone okay the market is saying okay
I am aware of this so and from here now we are literally trying to break above
if we zoom into the current price action we could have seen the inverse
head-and-shoulders happening so usually we will see this on a downtrend but it
can also happen like during an uptrend the most important part is the
psychology so that’s why it makes no sense to be dogmatic about it you know I
know many many trader colleagues who would not say okay but you cannot put
this in here it is a reversal sure usually it’s a reversal pattern but in
this case we have still the psychology of the inverse head and shoulders and
trading is all about psychology so as we can see we have the lower lows coming
from this price action so we are actually in a micro downtrend here okay
so that’s the micro downtrend actually happening so clearly we have the heights
okay so which by the way is then later on the neckline so we have those eyes we
are making lower lows breaking from those lows coming yet again to the
neckline here okay making lower highs going over so lower lows building the
head okay coming up here again higher making
higher dose and then yet again like to the same highs as you can see so this is
basically the neckline range and from here seeing the break above fire so it
was the magic hundred and twenty dollars which was important in this case
and which is very important I didn’t see this okay so or I I wasn’t looking at it
I was having a free time just want to show this to you so this was actually in
this case my minty more to show that saw this so as we can see here okay
I mean how oh look at this so he saw this happening the the breakout and yeah
that’s just an example also wanna shortly show you this for example which
my mentee Richard had posted and this was like a homework Viet on about seller
okay so seller also very very nice play that I have been posting in the past but
I just want to show this to you so it is like literally amazing okay so I’ve also
gone into the mentorship without any expectations or like like I had no idea
how it’s eventually gonna be like and it has now if you ask my mentees it has
turned into sort of a you know to our boot camp where we are going through
everything you know and it’s literally I would look at this so I’m literally
amazed by the huge you know leaps they have made forward in those like
basically just couple of weeks you know it’s been like two or three weeks right
now and already like like recognizing almost like perfectly important as
wording resistance zones here you know and that’s what it’s all about you know
you have to recognize the trend like all this other stuff which which beginners
get bombarded with like their you know the the indicators and everything this
is complete nonsense like you don’t need this at all the most important thing
that you have to understand is the anatomy the anatomy is the highs and the
lows and those shape the patterns which then shows us the real psychology the
price I called you that is currently going on in the market so we as traders
and investors can make you know informed decisions
that’s what it’s all about so coming back to the chart what does it mean
okay it is very very important this this break that we are seeing and when we
look on the weekly chart we can definitely see important you know SNR
zone so why is it an SNR zone have a look at this it has been support here
okay now on the way up it has become resistance but still we are trying to
push through okay so very very important also by the way I haven’t put this into
this chart so 150 also what Richard in the chat room on site mentioned
definitely also on the ways though like from this you know Morningstar reversal
I mean it’s very ugly since we had hugely corrected with the weeks as you
can see but still if you just take the camel closes now you will have the nice
Morningstar reversal at 150 opening but other than that
so 150 stolen away 180 is huge as you can see and definitely $220 before the
way to alter my so should we break higher up until those points we
definitely have beautiful 35 percent profit stolen away and 70 percent profit
on the way so this is the weekly chart or they should we get a follow through
this would be on our way which we could be reaching this year stone now coming
to the reason for all of this as we had in the intro mentioned it is like very
very high chance due to the housing process so the last
one as we can see we had here in August 2015 as far as I’m concerned and since
then have a look at this what we have been consolidating in this range before
the obviously the huge run-up started and we made 10,000 percent out of this
run and we can perfectly see we have corrected up to the $25 range which was
by the way almost that we have even little bit like dip below the 2014 eyes
okay so before the Montauk’s collapse so this is the important as in arizona i
would look at this so this the those were the highs and we are perfectly
almost perfectly upheld as range okay since then guys i mean you can look at
it yourself okay $25 here we have 5x you know almost like going towards you know
6 you know and so it is due to the housing
the housing is coming up yet again in August this year and so obviously the
market cap was you know much much lower back then and this gave us this amazing
percentage obviously now it’s much higher so we will probably not be seen
like that much of an effect but so we are already on the way up you know like
coming up to the previous highs yet again so what would be a nice you know
case scenario for example we could be going you know to psychological I’m just
just from a psychological level to two thousand dollars for example on the next
run up you know making thousand five hundred percent as compared to those
ones ok so just for example take one one tenth of it and then we would still have
the chance you know later on so this could be as you can see it could be 2021
it could be a until 2022 and from there you know from there just as we had seen
in this case see a huge correction yet again to the previous highs okay to the
previous eyes which we had in the range of 370 or let’s say four hundred
psychological here so this would then be the potential but I said just thought
about so it’s always one step after the other the first step is obviously the
huge and important weekly you know previous resistances that we had on the
way once those are cleared as we can see
then we can definitely make our way to look at towards the 317 to $400 on the
way there the Bears are always gonna show some reaction so as you can see
this you see that going up $200 not managing to break above because
important you know psychological range correcting up to 70 as we can see here
and then trying to get the break so it’s always gonna be like this
so this is how the chart I’m not only focuses how the chart you know thinks
they breathe in and breathe out so going up making higher lows okay like coming
down higher lows higher highs higher lows higher highs and so forth this is
how it works so what is in
this big game the important very very important correlation to Bitcoin because
as we know everything you know false and happens according to Grandpa BT sees
direction as he is still the sector leader so bitcoin is the champ is the
grandpa and we can see in the direct relation that we have beautifully so we
have gone like dipping away as you can see a 600 Soto here you know and like
from this region we have managed to make a very very nice u-turn we have come
back up here to the you know so point zero one eight region here beautifully
making the handle at the point zero one two and beautifully now coming like we
are on the way coming to yet again to the neckline I’ll break about this but
definitely you know open the way up to the twenty three region here as we can
see but all in all so this is definitely due to the housing process so as we can
see we had this huge runner okay that happens here the ones have been
there longer they could might remember this so LDC had shot up quite some
percentage so even in the correlation to BTC so even though BTC was going up in
US dollars LTC was even going up higher and that is
the importance of the correlation so we don’t just wanna for example in this
case know what LTC BTC is doing but also but you know grandpa bitcoin is doing so
that we know what we have eventually has a value in US dollars because this is
what is important for us as individuals I need at least hope so I mean what are
you gonna do with the BTC chart at least for now we’re still doing our groceries
you’re not going to buy stuff with US Dollars and we always want to know what
the direct correlation air is so there we go as we can see we have our
beautiful bullish up move okay since the three K region not even making
higher lows for once this is still the same boom move up and then eventually
known weekly be coming to the top here almost at the you know tank a range over
we made halt at the mine key region here building this nice evening star reversal
as you can see with this hanging man with this doji okay and then with the
red camel shooting down which signals have very nice reversal in this case and
now we are still going for the higher low potential with an inside bar right
now okay and if we zoom this in here to the daily chart we will be seeing a very
very nice pattern here ongoing so we had eventually in the end on the price
section going up an ascending triangle we had broken out of that the Bulls
couldn’t manage to break higher basically like in this giant sense
building this nice you know left shoulder head now we have my right
shoulder potential we have made a double bottom yesterday so as you can see in
the range here of the seven point 450 here but the Bulls are struggling so
they couldn’t manage to get break above and yeah now we have this basically this
price action going on a break underneath but definitely you know signal further
downside potential so on the weekly chart you could definitely goal over
test the 7k region if that doesn’t hold even the 6 K region in that case of
scenario it would be very very normal that LTC doesn’t basically you know
still keep going higher so it’s gonna be crucial okay it’s going to be very very
crucial for LTC to hold 120 even if bitcoin is now going down and we are
gonna see if the boats manage to do so or if not can be for example come down
over again was still consolidated in this range before giving it up
completely should we give this region up we would still obviously have the
important $100.00 psychological coming in as important support other than that
should BTC keep the range currently and break our fire this would definitely
also signal our follow through with like so grandpa bitch going going higher
always the best-case scenario but even as we have seen even if Graham
BDC just holds or corrects just because of the hopping process as we had seen
yesterday LTC was able to drag the whole market
higher just by itself so that’s it from today guys I hope you had some video if
it was so smash the like button also make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss
out on the important updates that I give to all the biggest names in crypto space
and as you have seen it is crucial to understand what SNR levels are you know
like support and resistance levels what the trend is doing if you are having
trouble understanding this ok so I mean I love that you’re watching me but
eventually like if you really mean this seriously if you are a serious hablar if
you’re a serious trader you know like literally I wanna become successful here
you have to be able to understand like read yourself what is happening ok like
I have nothing against it love it if you watch my stuff but wouldn’t it be better
for you you know to understand all of this stuff and this is exactly what I’m
providing so either you can take my flagship course or as you’ve seen so the
mentorship you know is I guess like amazing better there because you can at
any time you know ask me questions and then like reiterate it and yeah so like
in most cases it’s just like you know it’s small nuances or minor stuff like
misunderstandings which you like can quickly ask me and then quickly
reiterate and move on this is I guess very very big at least from what I can
be seen from my mentees currently so 100% sure that it’s gonna be great value
for you there and yeah so feel free to let me know otherwise I
hope you had somebody as I said I wish you beautiful rest of the week and we
will definitely see each other on the next litecoin the Bitcoin it might be
ripple XRP whatever analysis I see other sorry goes wherever you are and see you


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