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live from the USA helping you get paid
every day this stuff boasts a Bitcoin
the creased o of crypto is your boy BK
and if you don’t like me you must not
like money
shout out everybody rockin out with me
live on the air
my name is BK also known as the crypto
traitor and I am the boats these charts
as you will soon find out every day I
grace that’s my phone my voice another
day you get to profit as a result today
is no exception
so if the date is lagging I apologize
I’m doing a livestream with OBS nobody
else on YouTube been able to figure out
how to do it I’m doing it right now
hopefully the data is coming through for
you pretty good what’s going on
I see you in the chat we got it going we
got it going but what I’m gonna do is
pull up a little sad screen here real
quick as you can see we are um talking
about litecoin
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and so with that being said let’s go
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I see the chat box going crazy that’s
what I like to see man that’s pretty
cool right there
litecoin to the moon right biggest thing
I want to talk about is LTC to the USD
on a 343 the method we will be using to
forecast this is called the boss method
this is patented intellectual property
owned exclusively but it rights and
replications of yours truly profit
seeking entities will never have my
permission to use it but
well people I give it to the people for
free disease of the people by the people
for the people it works quite well if
you’re just now getting set up going
over to boss of Bitcoin dot-com and
click on free crypto guide watch the
first couple videos in this playlist and
it will help you make some money chart
like a boss type it in on YouTube type
it in on Google you know and it’s very
very very very very easy three simple
moving averages what we’re gonna do is a
look at a couple key points here this is
gonna be one of them let’s do this this
is a yellow box and then also real quick
I wanna before we jump into this want to
let you all know again the newcomers you
know make sure you follow me on trading
view just click the link in the
description right that will take you to
trading view BTW kelly 1203 is my name
when you make money as my game right
getting my weight up one hundred one
hundred thousand views on trading view
you know that’s pretty cool so it’s very
easy like i’ll be posting a lot more
free information to the trading view
community so make sure you follow me on
there if you don’t already right
so here we go a couple things I’m gonna
be doing on this chart again this is
litecoin to the USD keep in mind I’m one
of the only people that say it bitcoin
will be breaking out it will have
positive energy come in September it
will be breaking out in October so I’m
charting – USD knowing that Bitcoin will
be going up in dollars right so
essentially USD and Bitcoin are both
going up and to the right during this
next little micro cycle and the only
reason I’m charting at the USD is
because you know it makes it a lot
easier to say today like point is $60.00
a month from now it will be $100 and
that’s what I put in the title so you
know it’s just for a correlation to
value and growth normally our chart to
BTC but for today’s video I’m gonna be
charting – USD just for the
visualisation of the growth capability
that it has right this is a sideways
Fibonacci this is our starting point
this is what I’m looking at right now
for our maximum output right boom boom
but what I’m gonna do is I’m a tightness
down to that intersection right there
right where that 77 go under 231 BAM
guess what happened as soon as that
moment happened as soon as we came into
this four – if I was to zoom out zoom in
on this thing tighten it down right yeah
tighten it up right no positive energy –
positive energy as soon as all that
happened look at that
just like cork is such such a beautiful
thing like coin is showing positive
energy as it completes this huge huge
huge macro cycle right this goes all the
way back to November of 2017 again ain’t
nobody else on YouTube
drawing no charts only one cycle that
went from November 2017 the January 2018
what’s that like three four months right
and telling you that now we are
completing that cycle and it’s good
because we’re hitting positive energy
right that’s very very very very very
good sign
so again sideways Fibonacci intersection
to intersection
Bombo when will this cycle terminate
right there
October 11th I’ve said on a few videos
now October 12th was gonna be a big big
day for Bitcoin it looks like litecoin
is cued up to that same frequency that’s
good how do we know where we’ll go well
a couple ways we can do it right if this
is the area of the chart that we want to
learn about on this town painted yellow
right if that’s the area of the chart
that we want to learn about you write a
man my man uh KRT say a freestyle on
Fibonacci right we’ll do it back-to-back
you know I’m saying just like this right
yeah what do we want
negative negative look at that look at
that look at that we just framed it up
real nice right what I did right here
was I went from macro to macro on the
top see right where that 77 went down at
right where that 77 went down at BAM
take a Fibonacci from those two points
maxximum 77 intersection again 77 to 231
what do we get we come back down and you
can see we probably hit this thing
pretty close look at that you can’t make
it up the Energy’s already set that was
the bottom officially for it is
microcycle 47 dollars if you didn’t get
it at that this is gonna be your next
best chance because when this positive
energy feels out now that we know where
we cookin let’s do another Fibonacci
from there to dare limbo land right here
alright look at this look at this we’re
in limbo land right now you see that see
that little swing zone right there BAM
that’s where we yet that’s where we at
right now right right in between them
two yellow bars but guess where we don’t
guess where it is energy wants to take
us to that magic Green Cross as where we
sit in it that’s what we look and that’s
where litecoin wants to go where is it
gonna what is it gonna get there looks
like December November 8 Inc that’s the
first point that’s the earliest it can
get there let’s put this right here
boom boom market with green what’s the
latest we can get there
probably right there that’s our band
between the 27th and a 19th LTC should
be able to break $100 that band is
parked at 96 when we move it up to the
intersection we cap out at 120
that’s our landing zone if this is
target practice that’s my target between
96 and 120 before the end of the year
that’s not bad
97 percent 79 days like a boss right
that’s pretty good
the biggest thing to note for litecoin
biggest thing to note people don’t even
know what’s about to happen but it’s
already in that intersection right there
77 just went above 231 seven came down
in to it that is a bullish divergence
BAM about the breakout that’s gonna be a
spark right
when will we break out by this date
right there
October 20th a couple days you want to
look out for October 20th
Thanksgiving Day weekend the 28th of
November and then about a week before
December once we get above 81 and we’re
gonna run up to 1 105 110 120 we can get
above 81 as early as right here
that’s what we’re looking at right buy
it at 60 swing it between you know 80
and sell it above 120
and this I will be completing in January
there you go
everybody like one is very very very
very very very strong coin for this part
of the cycle this thing has been beat
down right take a screenshot it is it’s
been beat down pretty bad but the way to
energy is forming mm-hmm
even if we do something like this all
the way back
it is little inception point right there
like we’re literally right where you
want to buy it this is the 786 on a long
long term scale right that blue line is
a 7 a 6 right there and you can see once
we get above the 7 8 6 right it’s only
one place to go that’s gonna be north of
80 90 hitting our head on 120 that’s
gonna be pretty cool right there
it’s healing okay and so I just showed
you a few different ways on how you
could swing the macro and micro energy
back this is a long long long term cycle
right here this goes all the way back
pretty far right and we’re coming up on
this green point right now that’s where
you want to buy right and again early
next year January February March will
complete it complete a big cycle and
we’ll head into another one but this is
a very very very strong chart for
litecoin right I do think we can get to
a hundred before the end of the year and
so hopefully you buy it at sixty and
you’re able to ride the money train
right so there you go everybody I
appreciate you rocking out with me live
on air like this let me see something if
you are in the chat right now shout your
country out so I could show you guys
some love too um I don’t know why it’s
kind of cutting the chat off a little
bit let me see if I can fix them let’s
see here
are those
yeah we’ll do that that’s cool
very nice very nice good good right and
then also everybody else we do have
products available for people to you
know get set up and make it easy to make
some money and the market scroll down
boss method products the profit package
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it today so it is up to date for October
I think the chat thing just disappeared
it refreshed so again shout your country
out and the chat right now let people
know where you rocking out from
there we go Utah in the building right
and also leave me a comment on this
somebody’s in love in the comments soon
as we break a hundred I will jump over
and pick a winner and then just to get
you guys a freebie you know
litecoin is on the list for october
right so again i’m in the business of
helping my friends make money so get you
some light coin by the profit package if
you want to know what else is on that
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hashtag one Bitcoin where twenty
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together seven days a week keep each
other empowered and in profit in the
marketplace it’s an amazing community
shout out to the mods and there’s not
any crypto JJ no money you know and
everybody else shot pedia
you know it’s an amazing and amazing
community and I look forward to growing
it by the tens of thousands and that’s
it that’s all we got so we got
Pennsylvania Montana you know New York
is in the building Colorado getting
degreed in this mug I can’t be mad at
that you know I’m saying got a couple of
my name myself thank you for everything
you do god bless you thank you for the
kind of wishes I receive that and
wholeness to the money team from died no
saw that being said everybody is that
time of date
signing out boats boy BK no matter where
you stay Brazil to be a Califonia all
the way back out dude jerk money good
night good morning and good day thank
you for joining me thank you for your
if you’re just tuning in type in chart
like a boss on YouTube you know watch
the playlist get set up make yourself
some money you know and then come on
over to the website itself couple
products you know it make some more
money keep it in the family do that for
me if you appreciate my till we
again stay cryptic y’all please


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