LOC token review !!! 2018 Coin with Low Circulating Supply – price prediction for 2018

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Today we are going to speak about a coin review
Generally it is a sponsored video,
I am not giving any kind of financial recommendation.
This is my opinion about the coin and its technology.
Basically its technology is unique and I do
focus on unique technologies which do real time projects
Similarly what happens in stocks and commodity trading same in crypto as well.
So today we are going to discuss about a coin
whose supply is very low and I like coins with low supply
because its demand and price will be increased in a short span of time.
So In this video I will discuss everything
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Technical analysis have done fully keeping in mind where
basic, intermediate ,and advanced level using which you can become a professional trader.
Ok I am going to speak about Lockchain coin.
This coin ICO has ended in the month of November
Basically Lockchain is that kind of invention
where it is going to bring the technology using which
you can book Hotels or stay in the hotel.
When you buy or sell a property the commission which incur in
Here you can see “the First Hotel Booking & Vacation Rental Marketplace with 0% Commissions”.
The main reason was to remove the middle person from the picture.
For example Banks—when we do financial payment to anyone
you get charged with a transaction fee. Bitcoin was invented
Similarly Lockchain is invented to remove the middle
Guys this is that kind of technology where middlemen role is removed entirely
The middlemen alone take 15%-30% commission from each sale
So if the middle person is removed then customers are going to get property at 15%-30% less price
to book hotels and restaurants. These websites are acting as a middle person.
Any Hotel ..if you take for example in India they are so many websites to book hotels and restaurants.
And they cover charges around 15%-30%. Now let us understand
if that middle person is removed then we can able to get that property at 30% lesser amount
Lockchain has a motto to remove middlemen so Lockchain has come up with a technology which removes middlemen
Basically this is a listed coin in coin market capital and various exchanges,
here you can able to see the price as 1.66 USD
The most unique thing I like about this coin is the circulation supply and the total supply.
If you see the coin has limited supply
And compare with TRX or XVG whose circulation capacity is huge
This coin has launched recently and also hit the price mark of 1.66USD.
But XVG is in the market for a quite a long time but never reached Lockchain price mark
People simply cook up and create videos ..creating
hype for the coin –saying that the coin is going to reach 10USD, 20USD.
But they don’t understand that circulation supply and total supply plays a major role in cryptocurrency
Not this crypto currency alone for example –if you take any traditional businesses
like gold, oil or silver—here also circulation and demand plays a major role
So here if we see the circulation is less and total supply is also less
Going forward I will explain why the demand is going to be huge for this coin
Here you can check where the coin is being traded in the market
It is currently trading in HitBtc,EtherDelta, GateCoin and some other exchanges
In HitBtc is the coin has good trading volume .
recently coin got launched and price also went high in a short span of time, this is a good sign for the coin.
main reason for the price going high for the coin is its lower circulation supply plus
of increase in price of the coin in the coming future.
Here I am not speaking about pumping or dumping scams, I am talking about the real technology
Neo is paying their users money for holding the Neo coin, indirectly it is asking its users to store
the Neo coins in their wallets against which Neo is distributing gas coins
When in market the circulation supply is less then price will also increase drastically.
So in Lockchain a similar kind of formulae is used here, going further I will explain
Here you can check the coin got released on 18th of December 2017
at price of 70 cents and itsall time high is 3 USD. Now it got settled at 1.66 USD
I have seen less supply coins like ZCL,Monero, or any other coin
you take within short time their price gets increased ..reason—is their supply
They have built a platform using which people can book Hotels
and can buy properties using LOC Tokens. Using token people can buy and sell also
Here when ever a hotel got booked using LOC tokens then that much of LOC tokens will be used
deducted from the circulation supply, so ultimately the circulation supply is getting reduced further.
In the coming days some one lakh hotels are going to get booked through Lockchain platform.
They are also doing tie ups with the hotel companies.
So people who are going to book hotels can book easily any where from the world.
If we go through the white paper they have they have explained everything very clearly
But here I am going to show you some important thing
i.e token sale which has successfully completed earlier
Now here we speak about the team….If you look at the white paper
here the main important things available are..1 –Team 2—Token sale.
First we look into the team .Hristov Tenchev is the main important person, he is the co-founder and COO
He is also the co-founder of first bitcoin exchanges in 2011.
He has more knowledge and understanding of Block chain technology
Recently financial expert Harold Kim joins the team, earlier he used to be the member of INS and Naga coin
Last time when I was explaining about the INS token in that also
INS token get listed on Binance and Naga coin also got listed.
Generally he has got so much of knowledge in these thing, he knows how to handle these things well
The main thing about the project is development of one lakh hotels
planned for 2018 as part of hotels market place.
In their marketplace they are going to list one lakh hotels
So that people who want to book hotel can book hotel of their choice. One lakh hotel is a very big number
The retailers are very high .I already spoke about the supply.Their advertising is very high
Properties and hotels are big – big industries
and Lockchain is concentrating to apply this business at multinational scale
Lockchain is helping all those people by removing the middle person.
Obviously big hotels and property dealers are going to get connected through Lockchain, in
in future this is going to be high
In ICO they almost raised 10,500 Eth from 4000+ backers
Here it is saying that before end of 2017 token is going to get listed on at least 2 exchanges.
ICO has ended for now , you can see it is listed
in coin market capital and more than two exchanges.
If you want you can buy from the listed exchanges
Here they explained about the strong team. Look guys having strong team is a very good thing.
But here the team is not only strong more over it is experienced team and knowledgeable also
Team is technologically well equipped and knows how to safeguard the interests of investors.
you can visit their white paper and study fully about the team
Every person from the team has great experience in their own fields
You can completely trust on the team , they are not new here and have knowledge in their field mainly
And I believe that the way team possesses knowledge and experience in
their field –there is no room for taking wrong decisions by any chance
here they explained one more thing i.e. instant purchase from smart contract through your personal wallet
They used smart contract for booking hotels and all details
are stored under smart contract, through smart buying and selling happens.
Fast growing organic community of crypto travel lovers –crypto lovers who likes travelling
already got associated with Lockchain, because crypto is the future of financial market
Here I find main important thing is one year vesting on the team reserves
Almost 50% coins got sold during public sale
I forget to say one thing, in their token sale almost 50% coins got sold
See here under the token distribution -50% sold to public during token sale
25% is retained for the team , advisors and community supporters.(1 year vesting)
25% of coins from the circulation supply is reserved.
So keep a note of this thing –how much low the supply will be the demand will be more and price will also grow in a good way.
25% is reserved so that the team members can work for success of the project.
I will show you in coin market capital
all the low circulation supply coins which are listed in very small- small exchanges
I will show you how much fast they grow without even knowing to us
Now you are seeing “Maker” coin ,its price is almost 1000USD because circulation supply is very low.
This Maker coin got launched in the month of August 2017 at 287USD and current price is 1000USD.
Gbyte is also one other coin with low supply when it launched its price is 17USD now trading at 594 USD
.Supply and demand are inverse proportion to each other.
When demand gets increased price automatically gets increased
.So here in Lockchain it is keeping its circulation supply low so its demand will increase obliviously price also gets increased.
Remember one thing —– I will explain in the common layman terms—take for example – normal street market
when it get started first the price of all items are very high due to demand.
They don’t have enough supply to meet the requirement , so price of the items gets increased
So guys the same principle gets applied here also
The retailers here are in very huge quantity.
Almost on an average per person basis retailer holds 2 Eth value of LOC tokens.
From every angle this project is very good thing.
They are trying to keep their circulation supply as minimum as possible
They are not doing anything illegal,
they are providing the technology where people can buy LOC tokens,
book hotels and deals in buying and selling of properties
So obliviously the circulation supply will reduce and the trading price gets increased.
Here we can see their media partners it is not that much important since ICO has already completed.
Here they are showing their application and also given a short review and explained how it looks initially
Every detail is updated here—token allocation also you can see
Token sale target was 20,000 eth, but a value of 10,000 eth of tokens were sold,
it is almost 50% sale which is a good thing.
Technology is very important here you can see their roadmap
Almost LOC token main sale completed. In Q1 2018 global booking
is getting launched and in Q4 smart lock launch.
Apart from these I will say something—i feel like I am missing something,just a moment please
About technology if you want in detail you can see here. Everything is explained very clearly here
It will be good if you check their white paper by yourself
You can see their upcoming projects in white paper in detail
Their upcoming projects is—for the first quarter they are going to list one lakh hotels
So people can book for hotels and properties
One more upcoming event from Lockchain is rebranding to remove
the confusion between Lockchain and Blockchain
Upcoming events are going to be fast and you will get a nice response in terms of rebranding
As per my technical analysis I have seen so many coins, during rebranding its value gets increase
alpha.lockchain.co “ istheir website where people can book hotels or buy properties based on the selected countries
Hotels got listed here as per the country with price. In the coming days they are going to list one lakh hotels
So any traveler can visit their website and book a hotel using LOC tokens and can save 30% of their money.
I always say to invest in technology which solves real world problems.Lockchain is solving the
real world problem by saving the users money by 15-30%. People who do travelling frequently understand better,
that how much money gets wasted in hotels bookings
Lockchain is coming up with real technology and 0% commission fee without any commission they are working.
And so many good people are getting associated
Hotel industry is not a small thing .Worldwide hotels are getting connected with Lockchain
are ready to provide services for the bookings coming from Lockchain
Obliviously when any one is bringing business to the hotel and on top of which not taking any commission.
If I speak about its price in the coming days it
based on my understanding of all the low supply coins.
it will be 20 USD, by end of 2018.
I am giving only financial advice it is my opinion
This Lockchain is working on the real time project.
Already business is going on and companies are showing interest to work with Lockchain.
So in the coming future its price is going to get increase drastically within one year time.
25% of coins from the circulation supply is reserved
So I expect that you understood all the details regarding the coin
In the coming days they are so many events are coming.
If you want you can follow their social media account and stay up to date.
So when rebranding happens its price will increase
Since it is listed in HitBtc and HitBtc is not a normal exchange.
So if you want to profit from rebranding buy the coin now but do your own research and buy with own risk.
Thank you so much for watching this video. Bye


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