Make Money Watching Videos (Earn PayPal Money)

how would you like to earn extra CASH
today by simply watching videos in this video you will discover three websites
that will pay you to watch videos if this sounds good to you keep watching
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alright what’s up what’s up so in this video I’m sharing with you three
different websites where you can earn money by simply watching videos okay now
listen this is not some kind of video where I tell you okay you just watch
some videos and then you’re gonna make a lot of money you’re going to become rich
you’re going to become a millionaire okay no such thing alright so look if
you’re looking to earn some extra cash then yes you can make money by watching
videos but you’re not going to make like five or ten thousand dollars per month
by doing this okay so I don’t know about you I don’t know why you’re watching
this video maybe you just want to make some extra money to pay for your Netflix
or your Spotify subscription or maybe just wanna make some extra cash right so
if that sounds good to you then keep watching because I’m sharing with you
three different websites for you to triple your income sources okay so now
let’s dive straight into this this is the first website where you can get
money by simply watching videos and this is called success bucks and they have
been around since 2012 okay so that means they have been around for seven
years so you can get paid doing activities online view advertisements
earn cash three simple steps number one you register an account for free you can
register here by putting in your email click create free account or you can
just log into your Facebook step number two you are going to watch
advertisements ok watch videos or you can even perform tasks or service and
then finally step number 3 which is not even a step you can redraw your earn
money now by the way if you actually click into earn we can see some of the
other tasks that they have like example paid to click people sign up so just an
example alright so if let’s scroll down ok they even have something called
payments history and here you can see all the different payments that these
people are getting ok so you can see that the payment threshold the minimum
is actually $1.00 right ok so you don’t need to like do it for a very long time
donate to do it and do you hit like hundred bucks before you can cash out
even if is just one dollar you can actually actually cash it out to
your PayPal account isn’t it awesome okay here you can see all these
different people they are earning $1 $3 $3 $2 $2 $3 over here right and all this
is P in me all right this month alright so all this
is me and you can see a lot of different payments over here you can see for
yourself alright people actually getting paid by watching videos on this website
okay so let me go back to the mintage alright so make sure you keep watching
because I’m sharing with you three websites in total so here you can see
all right two hundred and seven thousand registered members total number of US
dollars earned is $25,000 all right 25 thousand US dollars have been paid out
okay so other than just watching videos you can do other things like filling up
service participate in contests redeem offers listen refer people you can refer
your friends okay you can also do tasks here so other than just watching videos
you can do other things alright so you’re probably thinking
right okay how do you get P right so pay is by paypal but if I go into FAQ we can
see what other payment methods they have okay so here you can see under FAQ they
offer parents through PayPal payza and other processors as well okay so the
minimum pay as I mentioned earlier is only $1 so this is really awesome okay
so once you hit $1 you can already cash on any pay up pretty fast right so you
can see payments take up to seven business days and then here they mention
it however they are usually sent within 24 hours alright so that’s pretty
awesome okay and you don’t need to invest anything to get a payment alright
so none of that stuff okay not only nonsense okay so this is the first
website which is called success box where you can literally get paid to
watch videos now again you’re not gonna get rich right but you can earn some
extra cash now let’s move on to the second website but before that let me
show you the URL this is success box calm succ e SS bu x calm now let’s go
over to the second website and this is calm you cubes okay so is a you – cube
with a Z alright so get is kind of similar but for this website they have
been around for a very long time here you can see since 2007 and if you do the
math that’s like what 12 years right so you can earn cash online view website is
complete service and of course as the title of this video says you can watch
videos you can see – $8,000 30,000 payments sent okay for the star I can
click sign up now over two hundred eighty four thousand
members and you can get paid in paypal alright so over here in this video all
three websites they pay you by a PayPal so make sure you keep watching ok so
here you can earn extra cash so they even have a video to introduce you to
this website so now what’s really awesome about YouTube is that you can
actually refer your friends so if you want to show your friends that hey look
there’s this website you can get paid to watch videos ok they can actually earn
up to fifteen percent commission by helping your friends pay by actually
helping your friends letting them know that hey look they can actually make
money with this website you can also earn an extra fifteen percent commission
okay it’s awesome there’s a real win-win situation isn’t it so other than just
viewing a track of course you can get paid to view websites watch videos and
explore the internet okay watch videos watch a variety of videos daily in
exchange for real cash then of course you can do paid service so it’s not that
boring right other than they can also do service complete online service and
tasks in exchange for real cash okay then of course finally get paid get hit
with PayPal over twenty thousand payments have been processed to get okay
so this is a second website which is you cubes alright so you have two web sites
right now make sure you keep watching because I’m sharing with you three
websites in total and this is the third one and this is called earn Hani calm
okay and here you can see look this is proof right social proof this person
just won $5 gift cut from PayPal three minutes ago this person won a $10 gift
cut from Visa eight minutes ago this person wanna fight all the gifts
come from Amazon okay is it awesome so this is an honey calm again it’s kind of
similar right and by the way this one has been featured on MSN
Business Insider The Huffington Post okay so this is the main page if you
wanna get started you can click over here to register now for free okay if I
click over to earn again here you can see that how I can earn money
right can do surveys right even at this B TV here right so if I mouse over you
can see that you can watch videos and get paid all right and now first there’s
even like games over here okay so this is a really popular website and here you
can see all these people they are getting paid $5 gift card from PayPal
$10 gift uh from PayPal $25 gift card from PayPal alright
so redeemed this is how I can actually redeem or I can greedy for kids cards or
cash so if you wanna in PayPal here you go if you want in Amazon you can cash
out in Amazon as well the minimum redemption is only one dollar so again
this is great right this is like some other websites but it kind of screw you
over like oh you need to have like 50 100 watts before it in cash on alright
for this even if it’s just one dollar you can already redeem your cash alright
so this is the third website which is earn higher calm right again like I
mentioned at the beginning of this video this is not some clickbait video where
people nobody is here to promise you that you can watch videos and earn money
all right if it’s that simple nobody will be working in a corporate
nine-to-five job but listen if you can you earn extra cash doing this right yes
but you won’t become rich doing this alright so if you are just if you have a
small goal if you just want to make like nine bucks or ten bucks to pay for
Netflix right or you just wanna clear up your credit card debt or just pay for
Spotify subscription or if you wanna buy a game on Steam then yes this is
probably good enough okay this is really easy and you can just play these videos
in the background and just make extra cash but what if you are a bit more
ambitious I do not know why you are here I don’t know what’s your reason for
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