Making $250k in one Month?! (Steven Dux’s January Trading Recap)

to fill its own spike of the first spike yeah it’s really it’s highly likely to fail the third its happy it’s highly likely to throw the balance what’s up guys Steve and Doug here today we’re going to talk about our January and February monthly recap more about January than February because we just started February brittany have made around two hundred fifty four thousand to February eighth and most profit came from January it’s being a decent mount MBO t I think was ek and a couple decent bouncer and gap offshore it’s about around two hundred forty five thousand if you – the barrel fee and this is my account statement that’s getting to some of the tickers that we trade in January and February so I did a weekly recap button beauty before so let’s talk about Z K and so in February don’t have much going on and I want to talk about some of the traits that people are mistaken by because now that people are trading in too high price range they are trading into $20 stock or $30 stock yes sometimes you might be get lucky with it sometimes you don’t the way you wanna focus in the market is you want to focus on odds you wanna focus on the best setup so you want to trade don’t trade like a gamble you want to reach that consistency you need to practice that habits if you don’t have the habits you can really trade that well so on gkin this one it did a really light value in the pre-market and we had a huge bonus spike in the morning becomes just feel it all the way to really begin about this trade typically when stocks sacks huge after the market open which it doesn’t really have or really heavy volume the pre-market you generally support them on in spite so most likely you are going to expecting like a morning pullback or something here you really depends on if it does have historical resistance or not not looking at as EK in chart it doesn’t really have historical resistance it’s a fresh chart and in the morning it is really difficult to pick up an entry because if you don’t short at the top then the risk range will be huge and when you are trading all those Jap up short without resistance if you’re a beginner I don’t suggest to trade this kind of setup if you are good with it and says it if you set incorrectly you can get a massive amount of risk you can get a massive amount of risk reward of this so if you find out it’s a little bit too risky that’s okay because if the stock get around before they will always do a second or third round afterwards so you will see couple bounces afterwards in your next week or two and you will you want to find the most consolation areas and the next bounce if it reaches to about $3 level you will be open in your short became the volume trade on the K until about 12 million volume so it’s pretty decent monitoring to you but not really heavy now let’s talk about some of the higher range price stocks for really a high range press stocks something like $20 or $30 or even $10 and you are tuning into a large market cap zones now for the ideal of penny stock your idea of mid cap stocks how they work about the percentage is the more marketable you have is going to take more money into increased percentage gain of this specific ticker let’s say you want to EGA and you spiked about 100 percent you need the about 300 million market cap you need 300 million of actually cash to pull in to this ticker to make this stop spikes over a hundred percent let’s look at micro caps if the market cap is around 20 to 50 million you only takes about 50 million to make this aspect 100 percent in that case you will have a lot more range to play into all those micro caps because form a cap it is not a really huge hype most of the time it takes weeks or months to make the stock drop about 50 percent or 30 percent 20 percent I won’t suggest it trading into hiring stocks except you are trading options and maybe different stories the next thing goes on a pay attention values the historical chart so if you look at all kinds of heidemarie taps taps and give a little bit better Charlie astray so look at the entire chart history and we’ll see a little bit consistent line including across a couple years and the volume is not that great so if the first individual candle on the intraday is overwhelming all the candles from history and they sound first going that is a really dangerous to shorting to you and it’s not very good to go along with if he’s on a mid-cap or large cap stocks because I have tested the statistics almost all large caps if we’re over five hundred million or billion dollar America it’s really hard for them to go over even 50% if you are a short-term trader it doesn’t really work on the long strategies I will suggest to focus on lower caps here is the example is very similar to Zika and so you see this wrong TMS are you ran from three to nine and you fade all the way back and get a little bit bounce off here in the february of fifth the barely hits the resistance and fell back so this will happen on z ki and as well we’re taking it a bit longer but if you look at the chart they’re super similar to each other z CIN first bombing candle fade all the way back and if it bounces you will fail now is atin now sorry TMS are first Kendall with two solid individual resistance and here is a little bit bounce and you failed so although spouses if the volume doesn’t offer warm the previous Kendall volume its how do you likely to fill the bounce of the first spike so that would be the entire general recap for this video there’s nothing much going on in January and February I accept MDOT and ZK and and other little trades there and they’re not much huge runners going back and forth I remember last 2018 there’s a huge runners in February for a couple times Arkady a DXR and all that so make sure pay attention to the February I think February is a decent season so for hot season there will be February during a summer and during the holiday years so Christmas November October that’s the most active month that I typically focus on so that’ll be it thank you very much that’s the end of the video and hopefully it’s helpful I’ll see you guys next time [Music]


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