Matt Dollar – Team MVP – In the Bag: Summer 2019

What’s up guys! This is Matt Dollar PDGA
#26045 and team captain for Team MVP and I want to do a little
updated in the bag and today we’re gonna start with the overstable drivers and
work our way down to the mid ranges and putters so let’s go the first and possibly most important disc in my bag I have two
Neutron Phases these are both board flat like I pick through to find the flattest
ones available just because with my thumber I like to take the big pan
movement right to left before it goes back left or right and I feel like the
flatter the better I also use these for forehand and backhand so it’s one of the
most versatile just in my bag moving on down we have two Neutron Dimensions. These both come in weighing between 170 and 174 this one is fresh with my new “ring of dollar” stamp this is one I’ve been throwing for a while
they’re very overstable at low speeds at high speeds if you put them on a good
angle then they will fly before coming out so if you have a lot of arm speed
and this disc is not gonna be massively overstable for you but if you have any
less arm speed than me it’s going to be massively over stable for you I find this just to be very overstable but it’s so fast that it just gets where
it’s going and the dependability in the wind is second to none so that’s why
it’s one of my favourite if not my favorite long-range driver next we have two Fission Photons this one comes in 174 grams this one comes in 169 grams this one is overstable brand new with “ring of dollars” and I love it it’s just
a little less stable than my Dimensions but if I get it out there and a little
bit of Anheuser it will hold very nicely before always finishing with a fade
meanwhile this Photon has been in my bag for three-ish months and I’ve definitely
seasoned it I like to throw it back hand hyzer flip but I also really like to
throw it forehand hyzer flip so this is the disc you’ll probably see me
throw the most forehands with I get definitely it the most distance out of
this forehand than anything I have speaking of forehand this is the other
disc you’ll see me forehand a fair bit and it’s the Neutron Wrath really flat
speed 9 driver just super controllable with a dependable finish I
find the neutron wrath to be a little less stable than the Proton I’m able to
put a little bit of angle it holds a nice turn but then as a reliable fade at the end the Proton is definitely more overstable
so if I throw it the same way it’s going to just do a nice little S flight so I
like the neutron because it gives me a little more variety in the shots that I
can use it for I’ll also throw this four thumbers every now and again when I
don’t need it to be super long and I don’t need it to be super tight it’s
just a nice easy 200 foot 250 foot thumber disc so I will use that from time to
time last two drivers in the bag or my under stable drivers first we have the
streamline lift in the cosmic Neutron plastic this is a new disc in my bag and
it is amazing it’s not as under stable as the numbers quite make it out to be I
find it really has a nice over stable finish at the end as long as you don’t
put extreme Anheuser on it I haven’t really tested it too much forehand but
it’s really become a go-to fairway driver for me backhand now to complement the Lift I have this very beat-up Plasma Insanity I’ve been throwing this one for over a year and it’s very understable even for an insanity it’s very understable I believe this one actually weighs about 167 grams so I really like
this for rollers if I’m ever forced in a situation we have to throw a tomahawk
which I’m not a huge fan of but they’re lots of thumbers but not tomahawks I
will throw this four tomahawks in the woods I definitely know where it’s gonna
go even though I don’t get a lot of distance out of it that’s gonna conclude
the drivers will move to the mid ranges starting with the most overstable we’ve
got the Neutron Deflector So I threw the original Neutron deflector that I received for over a year until I stuck it in the tree at the Santa Cruz Masters
Cup on top of the world and never got it back. I put in this fresh Neutron
Deflector and wow I forgot however stable this disc is
it is amazing my home course has a lot of par fours in the open and I
definitely like using this for all the approach shots because it’s just so
consistently over stable so to complement that I’ve got the new Pyro
and the Pyro is amazing as well while it still has the very over stable finish
like the Deflector it’s much more throwable it kind of releases forward
when I throw it especially with a little anhyzer so the release forward work
very nicely before finishing with a strong hyzer I can definitely get about
another 50 feet out of this over the Deflector then you have my favorite mid
range the Electron Vector so I’m currently working two Electron Vectors
I’ve got this one that’s been in the bag for probably close to a year and then
I’ve got this one which is brand new so this one is much less stable than this
one however even the brand new ones I find if I put a little anhyzer on it’ll
just hold that turn until the very end while it tries to flatten out this one
is beat up as it is I’ve got a little bit of warp at this time but I don’t
feel like it flies any worse because of it and honestly I’d like to beat it up
even more and make it even more right-turning because like I said it’s
my favorite mid range I want to have as many varieties of that mid range as
possible so Electron Vector if you don’t have one I’d suggest getting one it’s
basically my tunnel shot through the woods or if I just have to believe that
I have to hit this gap this is what I’m throwing so now I’m going to move on to
my putters if you followed me at all then you know I am a huge fan of the Envy so my throwing putters I have a blank Neutron Soft Envy this one comes in at a 171 grams and it’s pretty fresh to the bag I just love the
Neutron Envy I’m able to throw it with Hyzer and it only moves on a left angle
however if I throw the anhyzer it just works out too flat very nicely I think
it’s one of the furthest flying putters of all time and I think it’s probably
the most trusty putter I’ve ever thrown now I have a Soft Cosmic Electron envy
and this is a new addition to the bag as well I
mean it’s still just an Electron Soft Envy although I feel it might have just
to touch more stability in the Cosmic Neutron plastic so I’m really liking
this for upshots where I want to kind of hyzer flip to straight because the
electron plastic is definitely less stable than a Neutron plastic so this
makes for a good stand up and straight shot also for short approaches where I’m
too close to throw the vector so last two putters in the bag or the putting
putters and they are both also Electron Envies this is an Electron Soft Envy and
that’s what I generally putt with however in the very warm summer months sometimes I switch over to regular Electron because these just get a little
too gummy for my hands I feel like the regular Electron holding just a little
bit more stiffness makes it glide a little better when it’s really really
hot out so I feel like these two compliment each other a lot if I have a little bit
of wind I’m putting in two then I prefer this one because it won’t lift as much
because it’s used and kind of broken down this one has held its shape great
because it’s brand new and a little bit stiffer and so it has a little more lift
so it’s a longer putt then I would prefer to use this So I’m Matt Dollar and I really appreciate you guys watching my in the bag with Team MVP Disc Sports!

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