Meet Nimiq – Crypto made Easy

For many, the question is not IF… but WHEN?
At Nimiq, we ask:
What​ does it take, to empower ​ real​ mass adoption?
Bitcoin has set the foundation to solve the fundamental issues of our current financial system.
It is amazing in many ways, but it is missing one, fundamental thing:
Usability for
non-technical, everyday people:
The Masses
So many choose to compromise:
Sacrificing the fundamentals set by Bitcoin for the sake of convenience and usability
Reintroducing ​ the middle man.
Nimiq goes the other way!
With ​unmatched​ usability and
Unlike Bitcoin
No need for a middle man.
A Blockchain is made out of nodes that are connected to broadcast and validate
transactions peer-to-peer.
But to become a peer, you need to run a node.
This requires hardware, work and
technical knowledge
This is close to impossible for 99% of us.
So the other 99% have to send their transactions with a third-party app and to
someone from the 1% operating a node
Sounds familiar?
Nimiq introduces true peer-to-peer connectivity.
‘True’ because ​ everyone​ can
With a node in the browser.
Set it up just a few clicks.
This not only makes it easy, it makes it safe too!
Your keys are created and stored on your device, and on your device only!
Your Keys, Your NIM
For the first time in history, everyone can participate in a payment system
independent of third parties and with ease-of-use.
Nimiq is evolving to 2.0!
With a unique Proof of Stake algorithm that will skyrocket the network’s performance and reduce energy consumption to a minimum.
Go to and create an account.
It’s that simple.
No download, no
personal data, in less than 30 seconds.
Try it now and join the future of money.

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