Minex Web Wallet Public Test: CryptoGad takes money from the ATM with his MinexPay pilot card

Hi everyone,
We continue to test the pilot card
linked to MinexPay.
Pay attention, the same
card is in the Wallet, the last digits in the Wallet
are the same as on the card.
Look at the Card status,
the card is Active.
At the current stage we have transferred some amount of Bitcoin,
also we see the balance
in Bitcoin, after we converted it
in Euros, got Euros…
Pay attention to the balance.
And here are transactions, we have already made purchases and used the card.
Now I want to show
how to cash out from this card.
Pay attention, we have a receipt.
We took 10 belarussian rubles.
The numbers on the receipt are the same
as on the card.
We look at the transaction made.
Refreshing the page…
Looking at the last transactions…
The balance…
Looking at the balance.
25.40 Euros.
Refreshing the page…
Look at the transaction speed,
a bit more than 3 Euros were withdrawn,
And here is our transaction.
We cashed out funds from the card. Use it!


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