My FAVORITE Way to Trade First Green Day Stocks

– I buy First Green Day. This is a pattern that
I talk about a lot FGD, First Green Day. When there’s news, when
there’s a catalyst, when there’s a break
out, when there’s volume. (crowd cheering)
(upbeat music) – Never try and anticipate,
you wanna react, okay. – But that’s tough,
everybody wants to be first, it’s fun to like know the
story when no one else does. You go to your friends, you’re like “yo I got a story, I got something cool”, and then when it starts spiking you text, people show me group texts like, “I told you it would spike and “I told you about this dot two weeks ago”. Again, this is the human
condition, we wanna be first we wanna cheer lead. You have to try to ignore that. Successful trading is
very counterintuitive. You wanna buy a stock that the
market has already confirmed this is in play, that’s already spiking. Because, the beautiful thing… and I don’t want anyone to go out there and tell people to like penny stocks, we like the hate that’s out there. Because that creates opportunity, because a lot of people refuse
to look at these penny stocks on the first, or second, or third day that they’re spiking. So a lot of people, who hate this niche and hate everything to do with penny stocks, they
start buying these stocks on day five, day seven, day 10, of a run up after they’re like “aw okay, it’s going up,
I feel guilty missing it”. They’re not meticulous, they
don’t care about day one. I buy First Green Day, and this is a pattern that I talk about
a lot, FGD, First Green Day. When there’s a news,
when there’s a catalyst, when there’s a breakout,
when there’s volume because a lot of people, slower people, who hate on penny stocks,
will see it later. They will not see it
on the First Green Day. As opposed to everywhere
else in finance where frankly there’s a lot more
money, a lot more popularity in other niches, if there is a big move it’s usually all priced
in on the first day it’s not an inefficient market. So penny stocks are very inefficient, we’ve seen some stocks
that spike on day six or day eight, after the news
but when some hedge fund has seen it or some mainstream news media has written about it. So you have that time, you don’t have to be by
your computer or smart phone every single second like some
of these bit coin traders. Bitcoin trade is 24/7, I don’t know when you’re gonna sleep. It doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you want that? I don’t care how rich you get off Bitcoin, you’re just never gonna sleep. – So that First Green Day
pattern you talk about, that’s that’s attractive
to a lot of people so explain that chart pattern to me. I mean, when I hear First
Green Day this is a long turned down trending
chart, mean for years. And it’s sitting at the lows and then typically below a dollar. And then you’re looking for
that contract win, that press release or whatever and
then that spike in volume. – Yeah again, most penny stocks fail, lets just be straight upfront with that. And it’s important that we talk about that because you know that
they’re probably gonna fail in the future, even if they’re spiking in the short term. But what causes a spike? Some kind of news catalyst,
a big new product, a big new investment, good earnings, you know a little ray of hope, right? Like, have you ever seen the
movie ‘The Perfect Storm’? Raise your hand if you’ve
seen ‘The Perfect Storm’, Mark Wahlberg, George Clooney, good movie. There’s one scene towards the end, before they all die, spoiler alright. There’s one scene where
they see some sunlight it’s okay it’s old, you
should’ve seen it already. – It’s 20 years old.
– I mean if you have seen it by now
you’re not gonna see it. But you should watch
it, it’s good research because they’re fighting,
they’re trying to save themselves it’s like the ship
actually, it’s a real ship they died but we don’t
really know what happened. But in the movie there’s
one glimmer of hope and they see some
sunshine and they’re like “we’re gonna make it” and
then the sunshine closes up and then they all die. So that’s kinda like what penny stock’s spikes are like. It’s like a glimmer of hope and it’s like “we’re gonna be the penny
stock that makes it” and it lasts a few hours or days before eventually they all die. – So, what would you– – No you gotta be real about it. Like that’s it, we’re trading
on that glimmer of hope. And even though we laugh about it, we’re like “hah we know how it is” 99.9% of people don’t know
that’s just a glimmer of hope. They think that’s the
beginning of something amazing. And then penny stocks die
for all different reasons but if you follow me on Twitter, I fight people where I’m like, “I know your company’s going to fail” and they’re like “but the technology” and I’m like “I know your
company’s going to fail” and they’re like “but the CEO” and I said “I know your
company’s (beep) going to fail” and they won’t listen, and then six months later, they’re like “I should’ve listened”. And this has happened I mean
literally hundreds of times. It’s not that I’m that
smart, I just know statistics I know history, that’s why
I want you guys to study. I have 6000 video lessons
showing all of these failures. It’s not a surprise anymore. It’s not like this isn’t ‘The Sixth Sense’ with a surprise ending. This is, everyone’s gonna
die, this is “Titanic”. – So you’ve sold me on
my intro question now, you’re gonna get this a lot
at these training conferences, which it’s great to get
exposure to everything but you’ll get the response,
“well there’s volatility in high price stocks
too, I can trade options, ya know and get that volatility” so, why do you think that
low price slash penny stocks are better than trading options on Netflix going into the breeze. – Yeah, I mean I’ve
looked at the other niches I haven’t seen anyone with ridiculous several consistent ridiculous
games and track records like our top students. Top student has turned 1500
into 8+ million dollars, Tim Grittani you can see
every one of his trades. My first hater, Micheal Good, has now made over two million. He actually wrote a blog post that Timothy Sykes is full of BS. I just don’t see these kinds
of gains in other niches when you start with a small amount. – Consistently!
– Consistently, it’s a, I mean I have dozens of
examples of this kinds of stuff. So maybe, I’m not gonna
rip on other niches but for me, when we know
the ending of a movie or the ending of a stock, you can kind of see what’s gonna happen. With these other companies I don’t know if Netflix is going to have
good earnings or bad earnings or maybe they have good
earnings but the good earnings are priced in so it’s a bad reaction. There’s so many different just indicators with everything else. Penny stocks it’s very simple you do not have to be that smart. I’m not that smart, I’m
not that good at math. Everyone keeps talking
about algorithmic training I have to like think, how do
I spell algorithm in my head. (laughing)
I don’t know why I always think there’s a y in it I know there’s no y, but I think that is. I’m not that smart and I have
to recognize my limitations. So I’m in this niche full of morons and mental midgets in penny stocks. Because frankly there’s not as much money. This is another thing, if
everyone trades penny stocks like “oh it’s so amazing, it’s so easy”, No it not. My top student has made roughly a little over a million dollars a year, for the eight plus years he’s been in it. And he’s like one of the
best penny stock traders. You can make a million
dollars in a day or in an hour in some of these other niches,
but because there’s not as much money, you don’t
have as many smart people. So, again, it’s very
much based on psychology of idiots and that’s easy to predict. – So, back to my– – And you know, raise your hand
if you guys know any idiots (laughing)
just personally right. So think about that dumb person,
think about how they think and then multiply them by
like a thousand people. – And add greed.
– What? – Ya add greed.
– And greed. well how does an idiot – Add an idiot and greed
– so you guys can do a little test at home, like put a little 20 dollar bill on the floor, invite the idiot over
and see what happens. And that’s like a test of how these people are
gonna trade penny stocks. I don’t mean to be mean, I’m just serious, there are so many idiots
trading penny stocks and I’m so grateful for
every last one of them. I never want them to change. If you see me on Twitter, I always end an argument I’m like
“please, have lots of kids, we want more people thinking like you”. (laughing) Or I might say like “don’t blame yourself, it’s
not your fault you’re this way, “it’s your parents or your
teachers, never blame yourself”, one or the other. But I don’t want them to change. We need those idiots that keep happening ya know the phrase, there’s
a sucker born every minute like they all go to penny stocks. Hey Tim Sykes, millionaire,
mentor, and trader thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I wanna share everything that
I’ve learned over the years. You check out more videos right over there and also click subscribe so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge, and become my next millionaire student.


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