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right into this I want to start off with
some fantastic news Bitcoin could emerge
as a threat to US dollar in the future
suggest st. Louis Fed chief so a top US
policy maker made mostly positive
remarks about Bitcoin also not ruling it
out as a potential threat to the US
dollar in an interview with CNBC this
was held May 14th which was yesterday so
guys I want to start off with this
because we know this is the point
cryptocurrency is going towards this is
what it’s trying to do is try to change
the financial industry as well as also
blockchain helping out a lot of other
companies a lot of companies we’ve
already seen implement blockchain
related patents to improve the way that
their company works in certain aspects
of their company but overall
cryptocurrency itself especially big
coin was made to try and take down the
US dollar and other currencies and just
turn into a worldwide creep of worldwide
currency that we can use obviously a
worldwide of a worldwide digital
currency that we can use and I’d love to
see more and more people get on board
and I’d love to remind you guys that
this is only the beginning and that we
are all early adopters in this in in
this new movement in this yeah just the
new movement so second thing I want to
talk about is pretty huge where I spend
a little more time on this so kripp the
first crypto exchange using Nasdaq’s
technology announces a launch include
it’s going to exclude US customers
though keep that in
so the first crypto currency exchange to
use US stock giant Nasdaq’s technology
revealed it it plans to launch next
month this was again announced yesterday
on Monday May 14th
so Nasdaq being the second largest Stock
Exchange in the world by market cap just
behind the new york stock exchange
exchange which has actually also been
recently talking about a potential
crypto or a potential big point of
potentially listing Bitcoin so we’ve had
Nasdaq talk about potentially listing
big point we’ve had the New York Stock
Exchange do that now if that happens
that is going to be absolutely huge
this however is using Nasdaq’s
technology in order to build their own
exchange so Nasdaq is providing the
technology to power the new centralized
crypto exchange DX now keep in mind it
is centralized so this is a piece of
good and also a piece of bad news
because I do think decentralized
exchanges are what our work or what are
going to continue to make improvements
that’s why I mentioned it not too long
in another video I mentioned another
decentralized exchange which I started
to invest in because I thought they were
going to do well but this is a start and
this is going to expose cryptocurrency
to a lot more people so in the short run
I don’t mind there being a centralized
exchange if it means more and more
people are gonna hear about a more more
people are going to get more confident
when it comes to cryptocurrency and
therefore more and more people are going
to invest and we’re gonna get an influx
of money entering the market that is
fine by me because that will mean prices
are going to increase so it’s going to
be a one-stop-shop for exchanging fiat
and crypto holding coins as well as
wallet services so it’s gonna be pretty
in-depth obviously using knives next
technology and with the money that they
have available they were going to do
something pretty good now according to
the report DX will not charge fees for
trading and will open trading with the
markets top six crypto currencies
including Bitcoin Bitcoin cash is
theorem and light point now if we’re
gonna factor in the other two that would
be ripple and I believe yo s yeah ripple
at EOS would be the other two if it is
just the top o 9 to the top five if it
is the top six yeah so we’d have a light
coin ripple yeah those would be the top
six that they’re going to do and in the
stage they’re going to reportedly add 20
to 25 more cryptocurrencies making it
available to change Fiat to crypto now
when they’re saying exchanging Fiat to
crypto are they is they only gonna be
Fiat to the bigger kryptos are we going
to be able to exchange Fiats for Tron
for example because that would be
something that we’ve been waiting for
but from finance and from all the other
cryptocurrency exchange that these guys
might have been able to do now they do
say we are supporting blockchain
technology and the way we can help this
ecosystem to progress and there were the
way you can help this ecosystem to
progress is by betting the tokens and
making sure the good ones are promoted
we are not going to list poins just
because they pay us those who are worthy
will be list now that is something I
think it’s great to hear that there
isn’t going to be any form of payment
for you to be able to get on there it’s
going to come down to who they deem are
good projects that are going to thrive
and they’re trying to use this to
support blockchain technology so like I
said in the long term having a
centralized exchange might not be
everyone’s favorite thing but guys think
about it in the short run this is going
to expose cryptocurrency to a lot more
people and this is what I’m talking
about when I mean some steps to mass
adoption we have to you know be
realistic and take baby steps when it
comes to wanting everyone on board we
can’t expect everyone to get on a
decentralized exchange right away so now
let’s take a look at the market cap we
have more four hundred eight billion
dollar market cap 36.6% bitcoin
dominance so things are actually looking
a lot better today than they have in the
last few days things are up we have big
point of 3.8% we the theory of up 3.5%
we also have some very big movers
actually Dash’s up 11.6% and V chain is
up almost 12% there in classic an icon
built up over 10% and it way keeps going
down we have Z cash up 42% out guys I
would not then this is not financial
advice I’m not a financial adviser but I
would not invest in Z cash right now it
is up way too much for me to be
comfortable putting money into it
although I think it is a great project
and there is a reason it’s not just a
pump and dump there is a reason to why
it is up and we’re going to cover that
a second I think it is up way too much
for me to want to FOMO in and so in
order to play it safe
I’m not going to be buying in and I
would recommend not not financially
advise but I would recommend you guys
think about doing the same
anyways let’s talk about consensus a
little bit first day one consensus
happened yesterday everything apparently
went super well there was record
attendees you know they raised they
managed to make a ton of money off of
ticket sales and there were a ton of
great projects there from the people I
know who are there that were mentioning
it they mentioned I want to talk about
three specifically that I heard we’re
doing very big things we’re doing very
good now a lot of these new product not
only did they have existing products
obviously like litecoin was there and
Charlie Lee was speaking but they also
had icos
and what’s happening is a lot of these I
SEOs are getting filled in presale and
I’m not even going to the public sale
anymore where you and I can get involved
it’s being sold out to like venture
capitalists or angel investors all in
the presale which is kind of annoying is
it make it’s gonna make it harder for a
you and I to get into the top top icos
but at the same time it is showing the
how many how many more people are
looking at ICS that are looking at new
projects to make a difference that I
can’t help but be happy overall for the
direction the cryptocurrency space is
going now another thing they notice is
that a lot of new and big developers are
coming into cryptocurrency people from
Google Apple Amazon you know Microsoft
all of these huge huge tech companies
are seeing developers are aware scene
developers from them come into the
blockchain space and start to help build
there and that is the foundation of an
all-star team is having people with
experience from very very reputable
places and so things are looking very
very good now if you guys want to watch
day 2 again make sure to go on over to
coin desk slash event slash consensus
2018 just type in consensus 2018 on
Google and then you can watch live and
see everything that is going on but
overall guys I’m very happy to hear
where things are going consensus I’m
very bummed out that I couldn’t make it
but I do want to share with you guys
some of the stuff that I picked up from
talking to people so you guys can gain
some knowledge as well so obviously make
sure do your own research before
investing I know it’s hard because we’re
not seeing the actual tests and the beta
tests of things that are going on there
but from what I’ve heard nem is making
some very very big plays we have a on
here who was at 52 in market cap pretty
small compared to some of the other
cryptocurrency 422 million dollar market
cap not yet at a billion a on apparently
is doing some very big things and lastly
power ledger actually had a private
section where they were hosting their
Beynon showing how things work so part
of our ledger ranked at 99th in market
cap 186 dollar market cap might be a
pretty good investment I have some I
definitely am looking to pick up more
especially with this good news now
moving on from consensus talk a little
bit about some of the cryptocurrencies
they have some big news happening one I
want to talk about is icon so icon for
those of you who don’t know is the
Korean in theory and it’s at a 1.6 a
billion dollar market cap ranked 19th
overall in market cap with a 4.3 dollar
per icon or per icx now take a look at
their chart obviously it’s following
what’s been happening to the market
recently no surprise but they have had a
list of major partnerships and that is
what’s helping it go up today and break
the previous resistance that it had
obviously the last few days caused it to
correct back down but I do see in
achieving the $5 mark coming relatively
soon now who did they partner with is
what you guys are probably asking so if
we do look through the article they are
partnering with the leading electronic
and mobile phone developer Samsung
that’s right Samsung is well-known for
the fact that it’s created a global
brand for itself
competing with the likes of Apple so the
partnership is big news for Ikon and
also means a lot for its technology so
icons chain ID will now be adopted into
Samsung’s latest project dubbed Samsung
past so guys a party with Samsung
is absolutely huge but it doesn’t stop
there so the Korean financial investment
blockchain consortium has been working
with icx to make the chain.i jeep the
chain ID project a success so that’s and
that’s more backing that they have and
that’s more people helping them out sort
of a partnership but not exactly the
same level as Samsung but that’s not it
again there is more so from other news
icons also acquired another partnership
this time with a social media platform
line plus the platform has over 200
million users average every month from
across the world the platform is also a
co-founder of Unchained and is working
on building lines of blockchain network
the collaboration will with icon will
help unchain to overcome to come up with
different dab services at the same time
creating synergies therefore expanding
the blockchain ecosystem so so much news
going on for icon and that has caused
the price to move a decent amount of
almost 11 percent today as we saw
compared to some of the other crypto
currencies that were up three to four
this is definitely up significantly more
in that being one of the reasons these
huge huge partnerships that are coming
up now let’s talk a little bit about Z
cash as well because Z catches up 44%
and know a lot of you guys are gonna ask
me what’s going on now it’s actually
pretty big news that I’ve been hearing
since yesterday but Z cash is up after
it gets listed on Gemini exchange those
of you who don’t know Gemini exchange is
owned by the Winklevoss twins so very
popular twins very very rich twins and
very very early adopters into
cryptocurrency these guys are on it when
it comes to tech and to you know the
next big thing they have been involved
in a lot of it be it good or bad but
basically Gemini exchange has been
closely working with the New York state
of financial services to obtain their
approval to offer Z cash to their
customers this approval makes Gemma in
the first license e cash exchange in the
world and makes NY s DF s the first
regulatory agency in the world to
supervise z’castle guys C cash out xx
rank 23 one point four billion dollar
market cap 366 and does have a very low
circulating supply what that’s why it
costs so much but guys that’s huge huge
punch you guys can see it actually all
the way back here January October 29
2016 it was worth four thousand two
hundred and ninety three and that’s why
it’s so difficult to look at the chart
but if we do just exclude that and movie
like this we can see more of what the
chart should look like in the last few
months and kind of similar to what the
market has looked like and other crypto
currencies have looked like except for
this little the little peep we have
right here which is from the last few
days it went from being worth $250
yesterday to being worth three hundred
and sixty six dollars today that is more
than $100 gained per Seacat so that is
actually insane and congratulation so
the Winklevoss twins for Dib being the
first licensed Zee cash exchange that’s
really cool but big big news for them
and like I said before though I’m not
gonna be buying in right now it is up
way too much for me to be comfortable
investing in and the news is already
been out for a day and a half now I
don’t know how much more this is going
to pump now long-term Z cash is really
cool and I think the idea of it is
really really good so I have talked
about it previously in other videos is
what we’re I mentioned this Z cash is
pretty solid it’s a pretty solid project
so I do think it’s good it does have its
place it’s going to continue to grow so
if that if that’s what you’re looking at
then if one might not be a terrible
investment soon I do think we might have
a little bit of a correction because it
is up 40 70 percent I don’t know if it’s
gonna just level off and move sideways
from here it might we might have a
little bit of a correction first before
it looks it looks like a good
opportunity to get in but of course I’m
not financial advisor so I can’t tell
you guys what to do I’m just telling you
guys what I would do in this situation
now let’s end the video off with the
technical analysis like we always do
basically it looks like we’re trying to
break up the resistance now of 8800 we
dipped under it we actually broke down
below it to the 50-day moving average
now it’s looking like it has become a
for us and we are bouncing we bounce on
we bounce yesterday off of it it ended
with a red candle but not much of a
decision candle here doesn’t really look
like anything in particular it just kind
of looks like the it tried the day of
the day tried to go down to the 50-day
moving average again it tried to go up
to the resistance but it didn’t end up
doing anything out today it looks like
we are getting closer to the resistance
although we do have a tweak on top of
the candlestick it does look like we are
moving closer which is what we saw
already being up three to four percent
on average on most crypto currencies
obviously excluding some of those we
talked about that are up a ton but guys
I’m excited to see if we do trade
sideways here for a little bit but you
guys know consensus is going on a lot of
big projects keep in mind things are not
gonna moon on the first day of consensus
not how things work consensus these
projects all these crypto is the new
ICL’s they’re showing what is going on
what they’re working on though the the
where it’s at it’s where it’s where it’s
at in the development stages what the
beta looks like that is all being shown
and so then people are gonna go home or
take it to you know if it’s if it’s a
private investor so they’re gonna go
home and think about it if it’s an
institutional investor that they send
someone they’re gonna come back and
report what’s going on so then they can
make a decision so you’re not going to
happen instantly so calm down I know the
first day of consensus we have a great
day but not and things aren’t up 100%
let me talked about they might be in a
week so bear in mind I don’t think it’s
going to go up a hundred percent I think
that’s a lot but I do think we’re gonna
have solid coming days but wait for the
money to come in we need people to first
think about what they’ve seen that
consensus day one and then look at
putting money in they’re not just gonna
throw money in without thinking about it
so guys that’s gonna be it for this
video if you guys did enjoy it don’t
forget if you wanted to if you want to
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for another video


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