NEVER insult a boxer! 💪😱 – BBC The Graham Norton Show

Now last time you were here, you were talking about how you were
trying to combine the five belts. Yes, the 11. But you have added one. You’ve
now got four. Last time you had three, now you’ve
got four. Yes. OK. It’s little by little,
step-by-step. So what was the last one you got? When I was about to box
Joseph Parker. This is the New Zealand guy? Yes. I think I played a part in this,
didn’t I? No, I did. I undermined him.
I undermined him. I remember. We had fun. We had fun. No, because we showed a picture of
him. And I just casually said he looks
like he’s eaten some pie. LAUGHTER They like it. Well, no, because
he doesn’t look super-fit, does he? And you forget that the show is
shown in other places, one of which is New Zealand. Yeah. Obviously, he’s not training
much. He’s sitting at home eating pie, so he saw the show and so, bless him, he did bother to tweet, “Trust me, I do love my pies.”
Oh, wow! He did, he did, he did! And then the hash tag GraemeAve. I thought he’d misspelt my name, but in fact that’s a New Zealand
bakery. I think it’s like New Zealand
Greggs. Yeah. You thought he’d misspelt your name. But it wasn’t as easy
a fight as I predicted. Yeah. It was. Thank you. LAUGHTER It was, it was.
It was a technical fight. It wasn’t like a slugfest like
blood, and knock-downs. It was just more of a technical
boxing match, secure the belt, and then I can
go on to getting the fifth one. Yeah. Now, you’ve announced
that you’re going to be fighting on the 13th April at
Wembley. That’s all booked in. It’s lovely. Are you training for that now?
You’re training for that? Yeah, training, but imagine –
no opponent! Yeah. Now, that
does seem a technical… LAUGHTER It doesn’t make sense. No.
Let’s do it, man. LAUGHTER Just check your diary.
13th of April. I’m good. Good to go. Do you like your pies? Are you ready
to sacrifice? Do I like my pies! You can see why you have problems
getting opponents, because, you know, obviously,
gold medallist from the Olympic, four of the five champion belts, 22
professional fights – has never lost, and has finished all but one
of those fights to date by knockout. So people aren’t going to be, you
know, queueing up, are they? APPLAUSE Yeah. But, so, now, is it still the case, though, you need this fifth belt?
Correct. So this is the guy that has
the fifth belt? Yeah. Deontay Wilder. I look at him
and I think, how bad is four? LAUGHTER That’s why I do this and… I am thinking, like, four is a nice
even number. No, no, no, no. I mean, really?
What nickname could we call him? I’m not making any jokes about him! All New Zealand pieman. Ha-ha, hilarious, but no. Is he refusing to fight you? No, he has just got other options. He has got other options
in the States that he is interested in fighting, but my view is that,
I’ve got four, you’ve got the last one and it’s like Lord of the Rings, let’s combine them together.
Yeah. You can fight in front of
the biggest audience, the best UK crowd there is and fight for the Heavyweight
Championship of the world. That’s a great offer,
but he’s interested in fighting someone else, so I have to go
a different route at the minute. Because he gets the other four. If he beats you, he gets the other
four? Yeah. I can’t actually, like, say
I am going to defend one today and leave the rest at home
and defend another… Yeah. Yeah. Maybe he’s scared. Yes, let’s look
at him again, Noomi… LAUGHTER Maybe he is.
Maybe he is. Yeah, so… We’re playing the waiting game.


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