New Apex Legends Leak! Meet RAMPART – The Base Of Fire! His Ultimate Is a Machine Gun Turret!

Hey everyone, I hope you’re well!
So I’ve been going through the leaked legends
one by one and today we will be covering Rampart.
Before we jump in, let me just give some details
because some people seem confused.
There are a total of 14 new leaked legend
files which contain the subtitles for their
This means we can get an insight into each
of the 14 upcoming legends and what skills
they may have.
We do not have details about when legends
will release, and of course all of these details
may be subject to change.
However, it’s fun to speculate and take a
look at this information because it can paint
a picture of what the game may evolve to in
the near future.
So today, we have Rampart to talk about.
Well, what’s interesting is that I don’t think
we actually have a character model yet for
Now that we have the skills we can mostly
link up the legends to the right models, but
we are left with many legends not having any
model whatsoever.
First things first, this is not Rampart. this
is Jericho.
See that ballistic shield?
Yeah, that’s the skills Jericho will have.
More on that in another video.
So we don’t know what Rampart looks like which
makes me think he is a long way off.
Either way, let’s look at his abilities.
So Rampart is known as the Base of Fire.
What is this?
Well, it’s a military term.
A base of fire is a supporting force that
provides overwatch and covering fire to other
advancing units while they are executing fire
and movement tactics.
So that right there gives us a pretty good
explanation of what we can expect from Rampart.
He is designed to be a legend you set up somewhere,
you lay down tons of fire, and then you have
mobility legends like, say, Pathfinder and
Octane, go push players up close.
I think that this is a strategy that can work
well in Apex Legends that doesn’t get too
much attention.
So let’s look at Rampart’s skills and how
his skills can help to supplement this playstyle.
So there’s a lot going on here, and I cannot
tell what’s the passive – it seems he may
have multiple abilities relating to his tactical,
but first here’s what his passive is likely
to be.
First up we have Gunner.
This sounds like a reasonable passive for
a Base of Fire character.
LMGs have increased magazine capacity and
reload faster.
Essentially, this turns Rampart into the new
noob legend.
You hold down mouse 1 or the trigger and,
well, yeah that’s it.
It’s not going to work against people who
can aim with high DPS weapons, but if you
miss your shots, a Rampart is just going to
mow you down because he has enough ammo it
doesn’t matter if he misses his shots.
I think this is most likely to be Rampart’s
passive because the other items seem to describe
the other abilities in more detail.
For example, we have this, Cover Fire.
Firing from cover overcharges your gun damage.
Now, from what I can understand, this cover
is related to Rampart’s tactical, and not
just any old cover in the game.
So take a read of this.
Amped Cover.
Build cover that provides a damage boost to
anyone standing near it.
This is likely to be the tactical.
Take note to how it says a damage boost to
anyone, not just team mates.
So, essentially, Rampart needs to set up camp,
then spray people down at long range with
a Devotion or a Longbow.
By the way, the Devotion has one of the fastest
bullet travel times in the game, so sticking
a long range scope on it isn’t such a bad
Next, we have Fixer, which seems like another
part of Rampart’s kit, but not nessacarily
his passive.
Swapping to melee equips a wrench you can
use to repair structures.
so it sounds like the cover Rampart makes
can be destroyed, but he can keep things repaired
and negate incoming damage potentially.
Okay, so now we move onto the next area, which
really solidifies Rampart’s kit.
His ultimate is called My Friend Maxim.
And, well, it turns out Maxim is a mounted
machine gun turret.
Remember that turret that got leaked months
Yeah it turns it it might just belong to Rampart.
The description is as follows.
Place a mounted machine gun that anyone in
the squad can use.
Uses heavy ammo.
Note here, only team mates can use it.
So essentially, you want to put down cover,
jump on your turret, and then shoot players
from afar as your team mates push up close
and personal.
Maybe get a wraith on the ground to create
a portal between Rampart’s cover and the engagement
I feel like Rampart could really play a good
role in the meta to bridge the gap between
passive playstyles and hyper aggressive playstyles.
On the one hand, Rampart can set up camp,
but his kit really favors teams that have
aggressive pushers.
An interesting legend for sure and I feel
like he could do wonders in the current mobility
heavy meta.
Well, since ranked mode it’s kind of gone
into the camping meta, but unranked is still
the same old story.
So that’s Rampart wrapped up.
Up next I will cover Jericho, a Ballistic
shield carrying legend.
Then, after that it’s Husaria, a legend that
will make it very, very hard for players to
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