New Daedalus 0.15.0 with newsfeed and recovery phrase verification features and enhancements

Welcome to Daedalus demonstration video.
My name is Darko Mijić, and I am a product
manager for Daedalus.
Today I will present changes coming with Daedalus 0.15,
which is part of Cardano 1.7 update.
This release brings two significant new features
and a lot of improvements to existing features
and bug fixes which improve user experience.
The first feature we will cover is the newsfeed
This feature was designed to deliver news
to Daedalus users directly via the user interface.
Newsfeed has a different presentation for
news depending on their importance.
News may be delivered here in the newsfeed
sidebar, which is this area on the right
in the Daedalus user interface, which can be
opened and closed.
And vital news may cover the whole screen.
Here at the bottom, we have “Submit a feature
request!” news item, which has the lowest
I can expand it to read the content.
This news item is promoting feature requests
which can be submitted, viewed, and voted
on on the support portal.
News can optionally have an action button
at the bottom, as this one has.
This one is linking to “Feature requests”
on the support portal.
The icon on the right is suggesting that this
link is pointing to external content.
Alternatively, action buttons can also navigate
to parts of the Daedalus user interface or
invoke actions in Daedalus when clicked.
The second news item we have here is, “What’s
new in Daedalus 0.15”.
It is styled differently than the other one
because it’s more important.
This is an example of the news item which
is targeting a specific version of Daedalus.
In this case, this news item is delivered
only to users of Daedalus version 0.15.
This news item is linking to release notes
for this version of Daedalus, where detailed
description of new features, improvements,
and fixes can be read, and the video you are
watching right now can be found.
Now I will simulate how more important news
item which covers the whole screen looks like.
This is just an example of a news item for
demonstration purposes.
This news item is covering a hypothetical
situation in which someone is not running
the latest version of Daedalus, and that version
of Daedalus will stop working in the near
future when Cardano network gets updated.
I can dismiss it by clicking on the X button
in the top right.
And I can always go back to it using the newsfeed
panel on the rights side.
It is important to note that news items are
delivered securely to Daedalus users.
They are hosted on multiple locations, which
all need to match for content to be delivered
through this feature.
So multiple sources need to be compromised
for someone to take control of the content
delivered here.
Next, let’s cover the new “wallet recovery
phrase verification” feature.
Every wallet in Daedalus has a recovery phrase,
which is a sequence of 12-English words that
need to be written down in the correct order
and stored offline, usually on a piece of
This piece of paper can be laminated to be
sealed and protected against water and abrasion.
Wallet recovery phrase serves as a wallet
To restore a wallet at any later point in
time, we need to have that wallet recovery
A wallet recovery phrase is the only thing
needed to restore a wallet.
Spending passwords and wallet names, which
are entered during wallet creation, are not
required for wallet recovery.
It is essential to keep only wallet recovery
phrase safely stored offline.
Sometimes users are unsure if they have the
correct wallet recovery phrase for each of
the wallets they are using.
Especially if we have multiple wallets, and
they don’t know which recovery phrase is associated
with which wallet.
We have built the “wallet recovery phrase
verification” feature to solve this problem.
In the settings for each wallet, there is
now a new section titled “Do you have your
wallet recovery phrase?”
The “wallet recovery phrase verification”
feature solves this problem in two ways.
First, this feature will warn users if their
recovery phrase has not been verified for
an extended period of time.
Second, users can check what they think is
the correct wallet recovery phrase against
the wallet that they believe it belongs to.
This helps users maintain their wallet recovery
phrases over time because they are prompted
to use them more frequently.
Previously you only needed to use your wallet
recovery phrase when you needed to restore
your wallet on another computer.
Note that you can check your wallet recovery
phrase using this feature at any time, regardless
if there is a warning or not.
Here for my “Wallet #3” in Daedalus, I can
see a green check-mark since this wallet was
recently created or restored, or I have recently
verified my wallet recovery phrase.
Daedalus is recommending for wallet recovery
phrase to be verified after 6 months.
We can choose to ignore this recommendation
if we are sure we have the correct wallet
recovery phrase.
Or we can verify it at any point, regardless
of warnings in Daedalus, if we are not sure
we have a correct one.
Here, in the wallet settings for my “Wallet
#2”, I can see that my wallet recovery phrase
was verified 9 months ago, so Daedalus is
giving me a yellow warning.
Daedalus is showing yellow warnings if the
wallet recovery phrase was not verified for
more than 6 months and up to 1 year.
And if you take a look at my “Wallet #1” in
the list of wallets, you can see a red dot
next to this wallet.
This red dot is guiding me to wallet settings
for this wallet.
And when I go there, I can see a red warning
saying that I have not verified the recovery
phrase for this wallet for more than a year.
Again, I can choose to ignore this warning
if I am sure I have the correct wallet recovery
phrase, and I don’t want to expose my wallet
recovery phrase to unnecessary risk by taking
it out of the safe place where I am keeping
Or I can click the “Verify wallet recovery
phrase” button to go through the verification
I will do that now.
The first screen is informing me that this
wallet uses a 12-word recovery phrase.
And I need to tick a checkbox to confirm that
nobody is watching my screen because anyone
in possession of my wallet recovery phrase
can take control of the funds in my wallet.
I will enter my wallet recovery phrase now.
I am done with my entry, and I will click
My verification was not successful because
I have entered the wrong word at the last
word of my wallet recovery phrase.
I will go back and replace the last word with
the correct one.
My verification was successful this time,
and I can immediately see in the background
that my red warning for this wallet is now
To close this window, I need to confirm that
I will return my wallet recovery phrase to
a secure place for safekeeping by clicking
this checkbox.
I will cover thee smaller changes for the
end of this presentation.
The first smaller change is the redesigned
update system.
A notification for users that an update is
available, which you see here, now covers
the whole screen instead of being delivered
in the Daedalus notification area.
Update notifications now also include the
current Daedalus version number and the version
number that will be installed during the update.
Next, system dialog windows for choosing where
to save files, used when downloading logs
and when saving paper wallet certificates,
have been changed to improve the user experience.
Instead of being displayed as a separate window,
these dialog windows are now displayed on
top of the Daedalus user interface like the
one you see here.
The last thing we will cover is the changed
user interface component for entering the
amount of ada when creating transactions.
It has been changed to improve the user experience
and to fix an issue with the positioning of
the decimal separator in some cases when entering
Thank you for watching this presentation.
I have covered the most significant changes
coming with this release.
For the full list of changes, please refer
to the release notes linked in the description
of this video.


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