New Legit App that Pays P1,000 to 50,000 Via Paypal or LBC Cash Pick up

In this video I will share with you a new application where you can earn real cash using your cellphones If you are looking for a brand new laptop cheaper than the mall cash on delivery nation-wide free Laptops with manufacturer’s warranty Check out Laptop Station The contact number is in the video description Before we start since a lot are using my referral code Let’s give away 500 pesos What you need to do first is to like this video Next is to comment in our comment section your own referral code The name of the application is Kumu Let’s go to the proof of payment first that they are really paying Thanks to Miss Jo She shared us about Kumu Last September 22 she sent us her proof of payment And of course I tried the application first You will see there 588 pesos Congrats from Kumu This is her Miss Jo she won 600 pesos There are 100 winners Paypal has a charge 2 ways to pay out here First is Paypal and the next one is cash pick up That’s through LBC That’s just easy to claim Kumu application is an application for those who likes to livestream and those who likes to watch livestream What’s nice here They have games On their games you can win real cash The game that we’ll be joining here is Quiz Mo Ko It is a trivia game The prizes that I saw here are 5000, 20,000 50,000 and 60,000 Maybe if their livestream viewers become higher the prize might go up to like 100,000 or more This Quiz Mo Ko game is only by schedule it’s not everyday Check it on the application for the schedule Most of what I have experienced 9pm is the livestream mostly But it changes sometimes it’s Monday or Wednesday So, it changes Just check for it in in the application Make sure that you’re able to join the livestream before the actual livestream starts You’re not allowed to be late here you can’t join anymore No late comers here It’s okay for late comers only for lovelife that hasn’t arrived yet atleast it arrived even if it’s late This game also has an entertainment factor The host here is Spiderman He just went a little chappy but that’s Spiderman This game is also fun You’ll surely enjoy here [Show going on] So, that’s it There’s an entertainment factor This is a sample In this game, the cash prize is 50,000 pesos Basic mechanics of this game, They have 10 questions easy medium and hard For you to win the cash prize of 50,000 You need to be able to answer the last question or the question number 10 You need to get that right You’ll not get anything if for example, you didn’t reach question number 10 This is an elimination type 10 questions If for example, you got question number 3 wrong You’ll get nothing There are two things If you got it wrong for example in question number 5 There are two things Either you get eliminated or the 2nd one you can use extra life Extra life can only be used once per game From what I know You cannot use it in Question number 10 This is a sample of the question It’s a bit easy and mostly questions from the Philippines For example, In what movie are the characters Popoy and Basha from? They’re from One More Chance You have 10 seconds to answer the questions Make sure that your internet connection is good and better if you answer right away So, if ever that you delay your answer like in the last 2 or 3 seconds, you lost your internet once you clicked it the 10 seconds might be up before you get your internet back Stable internet connection is important Once you got it correctly That is what you will see You’ll see “Galing” You will also see how many got it correctly In this, it’s 1196 Those who answered wrong can also be seen here On the top-left 2,275 That’s the total number of those who are watching the livestream but not all of that is joining others are just watching Another sample of the question Where do you usually see the creature Undin from the movie Shake, Rattle, and Roll? I don’t know that The answer here is toilet bowl If you can see here There are those who complain Nothing show up I feel that those who can’t see the questions mine is fine I think their internet is lagging Their internet is not stable That the question already popped up but since their internet is weak, they are encountering problems But I am not sure about that If you got something wrong and you have extra lives, it’ll be automatically used You’ll see this “Huy, Gising” Extra life applied Meaning You can still continue to the next question By the way for you to earn extra life click on the Quiz Mo KO then click on get more Enter your friend’s username to earn an extra life You can use Miss jo’s She share this application to us and also the proof of payment You can also use mine or you can also choose from the comment section for the referral code The 2nd one is you will have your friends and family install the Kumu Then have them enter your usename You’ll both get extra life Another sample of the question but we’ll not go to each question anymore Let’s jump in to question number 10 This is a sample of the last question or question number 10 If you got this correctly You’ll be one of who will share the cash prize the 50,000 For example If you won it solo you win 50,000 or if you are one of two winners, you’ll get 25,000 each That’s just it If how many got it correctly Those are who will share the vash prize In this game 56 won the prize So, 50,000 dicided by 56 persons they get 809.85 each That’s it for this video Good luck to those who’ll join I hope my viewers won Thank you for watching See you next time To install go to playstore Search for Kumu This works on Android and IOS Click on install

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