NEW Satoshi Nakamoto Theory *BEST ONE YET?* Bitcoin Headed to $9k? Cryptocurrency News + Analysis

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full of information today when we talk
about new rumors as to who Satoshi
Nakamoto really is we’re also gonna be
talking about Tron and Justin Suns
announcement as well as tons of other
news that went on in the cryptocurrency
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now moving on to some technical analysis
sorry for rambling so much in the
beginning a lot of information I wanted
to get out to you guys what I’m looking
at right now in terms of Bitcoin I’ve
seen a lot of people talk about Bitcoin
losing steam or the Bulls losing steam
and the Bears starting to pick back up
now although that might be possible we
might be seeing a Bitcoin job I want to
give you guys the facts that we have
right now as of right now we have been
following a trend line for a very very
long time that is this white line that
you guys can see we have been following
this trend line with several weeks below
it that’s one thing to note and we’re
gonna talk about that more in just a
little bit we’ve been following this
trend line with several weeks below it
and in every single one of the touches
but as of right now it’s bounced above
every single time so one thing I do want
to highlight and I do want to share with
you guys is the fact that for me right
once we bounce off this I think it is a
green light I think bitcoins going to be
sucked back up into the eight thousand
seven hundred and fifty-two 8850 range
as we’ve seen happen several times
before we’ve seen this as a zone that
likes to pull Bitcoin back in although
it’s had several times where it’s
bounced down two previous supports and
even back to the trendline before coming
back up to me right now I am looking at
this as the first region for a big coin
to go to as Bitcoin bounces off the
trendline now if we do see this move and
we do see a confirm break above this
region that’s when we can start eyeing
the nine thousand dollar range which
again I want to stick to one target
first which is going to be this area if
Bitcoin can come back into here first
that would be that would be great
but a further move from that if we do
break and have a confirmation about this
then I will be looking at $9,000 and
then once we get that we can reanalyze
and see if we’re going to 10k whatever
the situation is at that time but for
now once you one thing you guys can know
is that we have continued to make higher
lows every single time as we go so there
is no reason for us to try and bet
against the trend a lot of people like
to bet against the trend to be able to
say that they’re right or like I got
this right a lot of beginners try to
follow along with that but the only way
to consistently make profit in this
market especially at the beginner and
not lose out is to follow the trend that
we are in so while we are in this trend
while we are in an upward trend making
higher lows as we go until we break that
trend and start you know start a
different trend which I have no doubt
will happen eventually that’s all part
of market cycles then we can shift our
focus into a new trend but before that
happens this trendline right now we need
a break below the trend line we need to
have a confirmation below this trendline
a confirmed break below this trendline
for us to even start to look at a
different at starting a new trend for
now to me the trend is still in this
direction and I am looking at the 8750
to 8850 range to bring Bitcoin back up –
we talked about it before there have
been several weeks on this trendline
that keep coming through and that’s
again the Bears trying to break below it
not be
to do so so we are counting these trend
lines we draw we do the trend line with
these wicks all coming in below it again
you guys can just see it’s happened time
and time again and it looks like on the
4-hour chart that’s exactly what we are
seeing over here so not anything to
panic at least in my eyes not anything
to panic just yet in terms of a drop I
mean if you are in a short then maybe it
might be time to panic if we are moving
back up this region but for everyone who
wants to see Bitcoin go up as of right
now I do not see enough to say that yes
it’s a confirmed change in trend and
that we are going to be dropping below
this region but speaking of trading
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recommend using a hundred x leverage it
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between 5 to 20 X leverage I’d say 20 is
definitely on the high end 5 – 20 X
leverage but for the most part I stick
to around 10x which is still absolutely
phenomenal it allows for very nice gains
now if you look at coin look at open
market cab 265 just under two hundred
sixty five billion dollars in market cap
if you go to coin markup I’m gonna give
this a refresh to see where things are
at right now
it’s at 271 with a fifty five point nine
percent Bitcoin Tom it’s a majority of
crypto currencies in the red today not
counting Bitcoin SV though we’re talking
more about the Creator Craig Wright’s
gonna be tied in with this new Satoshi
rumor which I thought was very very
interesting we’re gonna talk about that
towards the end of the video so make
sure you guys stay all the way to the
end cuz things are gonna get very very
interesting but Bitcoin having that job
that it had recently obviously pulled a
lot of cryptocurrencies down to the USD
pairing we are seeing a lot of red not
everything though cosmos is up Bitcoin
SB is up we see Raven coin of X RP is up
just a little bit for the most part
definitely more red than green
mark if we do take a look we have icon
hollow bittorrent all these in the red
definitely definitely definitely more
red than green the market we could we
know why right big one had that pullback
it dragged everything down with it now
good news though institutions are here
cm e Bitcoin futures volume hits new
record high I’m sorry for the sirens
it’s New York City 24/7 at this point I
can’t even hear them so I just know that
when I put the video out you guys can
hear them so I do want to apologize for
them half the time I don’t even hear the
sirens going on just used to it by now
but institutions are here see any
Bitcoin futures volume hits new record
highs so the rundown of what’s been
going on the record numbers for cime
Bitcoin futures again indicating the
possibility of institutions being here
and I think this is something we’ve
known for some time institutions are
looking at this space institutions are
finding ways to get in this space and
for the most part I truly believe that a
good amount of institutions are already
in the space this dates back to when we
had the manipulation of people saying
well you know this is terrible this is
going to zero the theory of bitcoins
trash and prices jobs and then later we
found out rumors that certain people
were buying them or that their companies
were buy them not gonna name any names
but I think we know who we’re talking
about and it’s happened on several
occasions with actually several
different people now big news depends on
who you ask I guess trance justin sun he
won an ebay charity auction with a four
point five seven million dollar bid to
lunch with warren buffett this actually
came on his twitter he posted that he
can now announce what he was you know
the announcement of the announcement
that came before this is the actual
announcement and i’m curious to know
what you guys think of this personally
he’s having a lunch with warren buffett
obviously I think having lunch with
Warren Buffett it’s a fantastic thing
you certainly won’t get any dumber from
having a lunch with Warren Buffett
you’re probably gonna get a lot of
information from a very smart guy as
long as you ask the right questions but
I want to ask you guys this leave me in
the comments right now what you think of
this announcement was this what you were
expecting I saw some people talking
about you know Tron is partnering with
Apple or a bunch of big things Apple is
actually having their keynote I believe
right now so after this video I’m gonna
go ahead and watch that see what
launching but overall I think a lot of
people are going to be disappointed with
the actual announcement he hyped it up a
lot something Justin son it does do a
lot and it did come out less great than
I think a lot of people expected that is
of course a pretty expensive price to
have lunch with Warren Buffett I would
love it if I could charge this much to
have lunch with me and they’d be bad but
pretty cool make money and eat at the
same time but the person he’s meeting is
a very very smart investor is a very
smart man in jail so I think there is a
lot to be learned from this where
they’re gonna go for lunch but at the
same time I don’t know if this was as
big as the announcement was hype but
let’s move away from all the news and
let’s talk about the fun information
this is the possibility of new evidence
basically the title new evidence
suggests that Satoshi Nakamoto is Paul
the creator of encryption software efore
and and true crypt this gets pretty
interesting so Paul Salah she can learn
the route I don’t even know if I
pronounce that correctly is a 46 year
old criminal mastermind is the creator
of the encryption software
efore m and TrueCrypt and this is
already where the tie start this is the
this is the cryptography encryption
software Satoshi Nakamoto likely used to
lock up his 1 million Bitcoin the author
of an uncannily similar manifesto to the
one in bitcoins white paper in 1998 now
before we move on with this there is no
time for me to go through the whole
article so I will try to remember to
leave a link to this in the description
down below for you guys to check out to
read for yourselves and again once you
finish reading or once you finish
watching this video let me know in the
comments what you think because this to
this would be a huge a huge you know 180
shift as to what people thought Satoshi
Nakamoto was like if this did come out
to be true now we know there are people
out there who claim to be Satoshi
Nakamoto there’s a lot of different
theories as to who Satoshi Nakamoto is
this guy isn’t claiming he is because I
believe he’s in jail right now but for
the most part of this story is still
pretty interesting now let’s get started
with more news on this so the identity
of Satoshi Nakamoto they do actually tie
it and talk about Craig Wright who’s the
man known as fake Toshi for his bull
claims and of course a lot of people do
not believe that Craig Wright is Satoshi
simply because he would have to move the
Bitcoin that is in the wallet that’s all
he has to do for people to believe that
he is Satoshi now this goes into just so
much information it goes into saying
that’s possible that Craig Wright
actually has the drive with the big coin
on it he just doesn’t have access to it
because this guy was able to encrypt it
in a way that he that Craig Wright does
not have actual access to the wall so
he’s not able to move the funds from the
wallet but some people are saying that
he does have the actual hard drive now
the self-proclaimed Satoshi Craig right
he’s being sued by the Klieman family
I’m not sure if many people know this on
accusations that right defrauded and
stole over 11 billion dollars worth of
Bitcoin and hard drives from the
now-deceased Dave climbing they are his
family is obviously the climate family
is suing Craig Wright on those
accusations and there’s just a lot of
information about this guy who’s
currently in jail mastermind he was they
know he was part of the cartel I believe
it was just a lot of information coming
up a lot of ties to the actual white
paper and to Craig Wright and to
possibly even Satoshi and that at one
point he did use a passport which called
himself Paul solo XI which sounds very
similar to Satoshi no that’s not 100%
proof by no means but they do have a lot
of similarities this guy was brilliant
programmer and was familiar with C++
which is something that Satoshi was also
familiar with he is suspected to have
developed TrueCrypt of the encryption
software protecting the 1 million a
Bitcoin that’s a Toshi Nakamoto
actually half Satoshi’s disappearance
lines up with Larousse new endeavor so
the Satoshi disappeared in early 2011 to
move on to other things around the same
time this guy transitioned from his
field of software development into the
cartel boss during this time he
experienced disruptions with his illegal
global pharmaceutical business rx
limited when the US government and the
DEA restriction of restricted
distribution so again a lot of things
tying in they have a curious post from
2002 seven years before Bitcoin was
created may have been written by him
again they’re tying in a lot of
different things so is
he Satoshi so despite of all of the
surface evidence that suggests that they
could be Satoshi there’s those reasons
to believe that this is not the case for
example in 2009 when Satoshi was
refining Bitcoin this guy was already
establishing himself as a cartel boss
but the theory is still like I said
there’s a lot of information if you guys
want to go through if you guys do like a
good theory it’s a lot of information
involved here that is pretty interesting
to go on the head and read and I’d
wanted to throw it I got this video sent
to me and this is from dan pena not him
sent to me one of the viewers of this
channel sent this to me where he was
talking about Bitcoin coin is zero now
this guy’s got a net worth of like half
a billion dollars he called himself the
50 billion dollar man that might sound
weird because he’s not a billionaire
he’s pleased the 50 billion dollar man
because he’s created a this total
student wealth that he has created from
his students is over 50 billion dollars
that’s why he calls himself the 50
billion dollar man but this is what he
had to say about the founder of big coin
again this guy thinks bitcoin is going
to zero
he called it from the top he says that
this thing was going to zero he has a
lot of swear words to say it’s his
personality type but listen to what he
says about the actual founder of Bitcoin
fucking Japanese got a cave I know the
guy and when that comes out you heard it
here first bitcoin is going to zero zero
when it comes out
zero so that’s what he had to say in
terms of when it comes out who the real
Satoshi Nakamoto is who the real founder
of Bitcoin is now this is not the Indian
guy that we’ve heard different rumors
about self course as of right now
everything is speculation there there’s
no proof nobody’s moved the wall of the
Bitcoin from the wallet so we can’t
confirm who exactly it is but I did
really like this theory it was a fun
read for someone like me who’s
interested in these different theories
and possibilities this was a lot of fun
so I want to hear you guys his thoughts
in the comments down below who do you
think Satoshi is do you believe that oh
of course I am Satoshi this channel
that’s what we all believe right but I
haven’t moved the
Bitcoin yet so I can understand why some
people wouldn’t believe when I say that
I am Satoshi so just for theory just for
fun what do you guys think of the
possibility of Paul Cellucci
being Satoshi Nakamoto let me know that
in the comment down below and if he is
Satoshi Nakamoto would you stop using
Bitcoin just because of who the founder
actually is that’s definitely something
to consider as well would people
actually move away from Bitcoin if the
true founder turned out to be a cartel
boss but guys let me know all that in
the comments down below thank you so
much for watching this video see you
guys on Wednesday for another video


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