News – Japanese Exchanges Suspend Bitcoin, Segwit2x & Ethereum Alliance

Hello and welcome to thaDogeHouse. My names Daniel and today I am going to bring
you the latest in the crypto currency news. Lets get straight into it. First up we have an article from—which
comes with the title: 13 Japanese Exchanges Agreed to Suspend Bitcoin Service on August
1. The Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association
(JCBA) has announced the suspension of Bitcoin exchanges effective on August 1, 2017. Thirteen Bitcoin exchanges have all agreed
to stop bitcoin deposits and withdrawals but trading will not be disrupted for other cryptocurrencies. Japan’s largest bitcoin exchange by volume,
Bitflyer, will be releasing a disruption plan this week. The JCBA warns that the suspension of trading
might be advanced if the bitcoin network hard fork is activated sooner than August first. The next article we have is from
entitled, Bitcoin SegWit2x scheduled to lock in within 2 days avoiding chain split. Now, BIP1 support has risen to 80% and is
now 270 blocks from locking in with just 2 days to go. As we have known, if BIP1 is locked in the
Bitcoin network will achieve scaling through segregated witness. This has reflected on the market as bitcoin
has risen to more than $2400 and the rest of the cryptomarket has charged ahead as well. In the article, a timeline of the plans for
Bitcoin is shown. It goes like this: July 21 is when the BTC1
miner nodes should be ready to start to signal. And then comes July 23, BIP91 needs 269 blocks
of the predefined 336 blocks to signal that it’s ready to be locked in. After the 336 blocks (after the lock in),
miners should now start to signal SegWit2x / BIP141. Then, on July 29 comes BIP91’s deadline. If BIP91 is not activated, then high chances
that Bitcoin chain will split. Miners will have 2 days to decide which chain
to support. The whole timeline spans until the middle
of November, 2017. Today’s last story comes from
entitled, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Becomes World’s Largest Open-source Blockchain Initiative. The EEA has now announced that 34 organizations
joined the Blockchain industry group in May alone. The total number of new members exceeds 150
since the launch of EEA in February 2017. The EEA represents a wide range of business
sectors such as government, healthcare, energy, marketing and many more. EEA’s research and development is focused
on privacy and security, and—is developing open industry standards to be available for
any new members who wish to join. That’s all we have time for folks, please
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