Ngồi Trong Nhà Bắt Ve Chó | TQMT Tập 933

Thank you for coming to the channel, you have helped us a lot This is my little dog Sitting indoors will be cooler hurricane season in Vietnam The dog will clean quickly Little shy dog ​​I can lift up I had a car behind my back, a car I used to sell fast food and in the meantime I collected a lot of cats It’s quiet here, fresh air I have to change the direction of the video because it’s too sunny I work like this every day, in my free time Now look at the computer very clearly The dog has small parasitic ticks There are two types of ticks the dog wants to sleep This place has bright light, I asked for the help of the Christmas ball to close the door to reduce the light My eyes are not good right now, I’m very sleepy Each dog looks for different cool places It looks like there are no ticks but under the hair there will be My father just went out today i met a bad guy and this guy said i have too many dogs (i’m crazy) The dog who is very sleepy may sleep after I’m done Small feet are so cute, I love them I take care from small things to big things very lucky to be allowed and supported by my family, (very strange in Vietnam) Thank you for watching. We will be very happy if we have enough finance, I will try to work. Have a nice day God bless you


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