Will Central Banks Use QE to Prevent a Liquidity Crisis? (w/ Michael Howell)

MICHAEL HOWELL: I’m Mike Howell.I’m Managing Director of Crossborder Capital.We’re a fund management and research company based in London.My background prior to that was that I was at Salomon Brothers involved in research.And what we focus on almost entirely is global liquidity and capital flows worldwide.We think that the world economy is clearly stuttering.It needs

Why It’s More Expensive To Be Poor

Most people are not super wealthy, but we all have an idea what it might be like to be a wealthyperson. We watch them on TV, we follow them on Instagram, we read their blogs and autobiographies.Unfortunately, that awareness of how the other half lives doesn’t happen much in the otherdirection. Though many of us

HTC Exodus, World’s First “Crypto Phone”

Welcome, welcome to One Minute Crypto!I’m your host, Chronos, and today I want to talk about the first major smartphone designedspecifically with cryptocurrency in mind.The Exodus 1, by HTC, calls itself “The Native Web 3.0 Blockchain Phone,” and it’s focusedon protecting your data inside the device.What sets this phone apart is what they call the