Bitcoin Q&A: Scaling strategies and adoption

[ORGANISER] How would you solve the blockchain size / storage issue once widely adopted?[ANDREAS] There is a couple of ideas about that.The main one is that Moore’s Law is very helpful; it gives us greater capacity to store thingson personal devices, on smaller devices, every year.The second answer is that, very much like the internet,

What is a Cryptocurrency? Crypto Explained for Beginners

What is a cryptocurrency?A cryptocurrency is a digital representation of something valuable, such as money,that only exists online.Cryptocurrencies use cryptography to verify and secure transactions,and are seen by many as the foundation of a better future economy.But what’s wrong with how we pay for things now?In a few words, it is too centralised.Every purchase that

Richard Sherman Is All-In On Cryptocurrencies, But Doesn’t Think His Grandmother Should Invest

– I am here with Richard Sherman, cornerbackfor the Seattle Seahawks, long time crypto-enthusiast,and the spokesperson for COBINHOOD.– Yes. – Thank you so muchfor joining me.– Thank you very much for having me.– So can you explain to me what COBINHOOD is?– COBINHOOD is a trading platform.Like many others out there,but it has no trading

Invest in CRYPTO Now, NOT Later

Hello Cryptogang welcome to another lambolife videoBefore we begin I just want it to be clear that I am not financial adviser and everythingI say from here on out is not financial advice. You alone are responsible for your actions.I’m merely here to speak my mind. I started this channel because I believedthat I could

Introduction to Technical Analysis for Beginners

hello everyone this is charting mandanof the chart guys dot-com and in thisvideo we’re going to be going over anintroduction to technical analysis andit’s going to be designed for those ofus who are just dipping their toes intothe vast world of charts and technicalanalysis and every single trader thatutilizes technical analysis at one pointin time