Bitcoin, blockchain, Belt and Road on this episode of ‘SPatched News

You’re watching ‘SPatched with the 2019 Service Provider of the Year winner, Derrek as he freelances his way to a stellar five-star rating from his customers and his customers’ customers too. Now that you’re patched in, Let’s get ‘SPatched! Thank you for watching. You’re watching ‘SPatched News and I’m Derrek. Today were talking about Bitcoin.

How to Link Paypal to Shopify Integration

hey it’s Hoz here and today I’m going to be showing you how to connect your PayPal account to your Shopify store. This is super easy to do and it’s very fast and I always recommend everybody start at least by offering PayPal payments if possible offer PayPal payments and credit card payments and then

Ciara Sun – HUOBI : DeFi vs CeFi? China, Digital Dollar vs. Yuan (CBDC) & Huobi token?

Maybe that’s the ultimate goal – to have a decentralized exchange but now you know there’s technical issues and there’s trust issues and even like right now you know people people say that exchanges they have responsibilities of helping with anti-money laundering and you know kyc it’s hard to go decentralized right now Cheers guys