Франк КФА: колониальная валюта XXI в. Олег Комолов // Простые числа

Thank God we are in the situation when largest portion of our money comes from Africa Thank God, the situation is that most of the money in our wallet comes from Africa. that we have been exploiting for centuries. “Prime numbers” with Oleg Komolov Franc CFA: Colonial currency of the 21st century. Hello, everyone! You

Boy Scouts of America files bankruptcy amid hundreds of child sex-abuse lawsuits

the Boy Scouts of America has filed for bankruptcy amid child sexual abuse scandals USA Today estimates its liabilities up between 500 million u.s. dollars to 1 billion the organization’s estimated assets are between 1 billion dollars to 10 billion the filing comes as the organization facing hundreds of sexual abuse lawsuits and decreasing membership

S. Korea to receive requests for COVID-19 quarantine compensation

starting today the South Korean government will receive compensation requests from people quarantined to prevent the spread of the corona virus the Health and Welfare Ministry says people can submit requests to their local administrative offices and businesses that have given workers paid leave can also apply through the National Pension service the government will