Bitcoin for Beginners

An expert on cryptocurrency, and ladies and gentlemen without further adoPlease help me give a warm malaysian welcome toAndreas AntonopoulosThank you very much. Thank youHi, everyonegood afternoon, salaam alaikum. It’s a real pleasure to be hereit’s my first timein Malaysia. I’ve now been in Kuala lumpur for less than 24 hoursand I’m enjoying it a

What is Cryptography and how it is used in Bitcoin – In Telugu | క్రిప్టోగ్రఫీ అంటే ఏంటి?

Welcome everyone! My name is Ramakanth. Welcome Back to Crypto KalsalaIn the last video, we learnt what is Bitcoinand when compared to Fiat Currencieswhy it is much better. Just in caseif you didn’t watch that video, please watch it.I shared the link in the below description.Before entering into our topic today, as usual small disclaimer.Whatever

Bitcoin Q&A: The obsoletion of legacy systems

[AUDIENCE] Hi, I would like to ask you how the old fashioned financial system will adapt to the changes…caused by the development of cryptocurrencies?[ANDREAS] Poorly. [Laughter] I think the traditional financial system will “adapt” in the same way that…traditional telecommunication [companies] adapted to the internet,the way the horse and carriage industry adapted to the automobile.How