Bitcoin Q&A: Sidechains and the security model

“What is the Liquid sidechain? It looks like a private blockchain,but claims to have some degree of decentralization.”“If it does work, what does it mean…for the Bitcoin community and other sidechain projects, public or private?”First of all, Liquid is a product name. It is the creation of a company called Blockstream,which has a number of

Bitcoin Bull Run Indicator?! Tron TRX #2 On Rankings?! 100,000 Lawsuit! (Cryptocurrency/BTC News)

what’s going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new videotape aboutanother killer video for you guys full of information today we’ll be talkingabout the Bitcoin bull run indicator Ross he’ll be looking at China’scryptocurrency rankings as well as tons of other news that went on in thecryptocurrency space but guys before you start

Marketcap Will Breakout Soon!! πŸš€ BTC $6700 πŸš€ Crypto Trader Analysis

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WHAT IS BITCOIN? [The Story So Far]

what is this Bitcoin thing you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin maybe you’veseen it in the news you’ve seen a headline you’ve probably heard aboutpeople getting rich from it maybe you’ve heard also about people losing all theirmoney on it but what is it? what is Bitcoin? well let’s take a look at thestory so farBitcoin

Is China Gaming Bitcoin? | China Uncensored

On this episode of China Uncensored,is China gaming bitcoin?Hi, welcome to China Uncensored,I’m your host Chris Chappell.Bitcoin!The money of the future.Maybe.Or it could all crash and burn.Depends who you ask.For those of you unfamiliar with it,Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency.Which is not how this guy pays you for dinner.Cryptocurrency uses cryptographyto secure its transactionsand to