Pastor Says Kill Gays & Lesbians in Electrified Pen

i was sent a very disturbing video this
morning by the catabolic valley citizens
against hate now this is video of pastor
charles l worldly charles worley is of
the providence road baptist church in
he’s calling for the death of lesbians
queers and homosexuals ok i’m gonna play
the video for you
uh… the video is disturbing a
particularly because what mister worli
is advocating is
creating eight hundred square mile or
rather really i guess it’s a one hundred
mile by one hundred mile
putting all the lesbians and one putting
all of the game and in the other
feeding them
uh… until by at least initially and
then letting them die off
i guess to prove the point
lesbians by themselves
can’t have children agus that’s the
point he’s trying trying to make here so
this is the video i’ll give you
afterwards the contact information for
this church
ill-treated took a look at what you
think tax-exempt status ladies and
gentlemen this is a tax exempt
organization in the united states
highway figured a way out
elated get rid of politicians and
but it couldn’t get it tries to cover
buildup great big large serious hundred
fifty or a hundred lol put all alleged
flyover and robson film
do the same thing with the corners of
the homosexuals
and have that this electrified licking
get out
and you know what what can a few years
they’ll die
you know what they can reproduce
is a man ever has a young man
praise god give me the first time
all of these
uses well they may not look like a loud
all of them
out there right now
somebody said a billion or multi allied
rabahy detailer had a homosexual act are
so this is clearly a guy who has put a
lot of thought into this making a very
eloquent case loads for how we should
the gay population and outlets treated
like animals will put them in a pen
and double electrified fence because god
forbid they try to get out of there
and eventually they’ll die off and that
will apparently
solve the problems for
all the christians the christians ball
had divorces anymore because of course
they only get divorced because it is
right here on homosexuals there will be
and a fascinating because
isn’t the straight couples that are
having the homosexual kids how all this
off anything forget about the fact that
it’s incredibly hateful and ridiculous
and this guy probably
uh… don’t what i would love to know
the last time he had a cat scan
let’s put it that way
uh… it what will happen what what it’s
well that’s all you know i really don’t
like the clarinet
and i wish nobody plated so what we
should do is take hold
the clarinet players in the world
and put them inside of a little fans
you know they’re not gonna reproduced
have another clarinet loving people
it was just learned that you obviously
are born to do parents of wealth of
where the clarinet
this their address is thirty two eighty
three problems mill road made north
you can find the uh… that before
serving on the website may thirteen
point well it is the date
please call them please send them
letters this is this is definitely
dangerous ladies and gentlemen i’m
warning you this is what we’re looking
if we continue going to the right on
social policy in allowing this type of
fifty even um… to have tax exempt
status at leat take away the tax exempt
status in other words p
realistic here if the user fees are not
going to the right in terms of social
matters in this country
they’re going to the left without that
continues here
on today’s bonus show we are going to
talk about a bunch of stuff including is
that the legal to record in post noisy
neighbors having sex as long as you’re
not getting video then secretly if the
noise carries outside of their apartment
and also if you missed the louis getting
choked by a stripper story let me give
you one st louis let me give you the
don’t don’t rush me here i want to give
you five seconds of that louis story is
on the bonus show from last thursday
this is what you’re missing by the part
of what you’re missing as she takes the
and puts it around my neck
all right so quick excerpt from that
louis stripper story and play more david
packing dot com slash membership will
take a break great interviews coming up
back after this
genie back michelle
that david packed with dot com


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