PayPal Account Details

Now that we’ve created a PayPal developer
account and we have a PayPal sandbox site we can configure the PayPal Account Details. We’ll be using PayPal as a way for customers
to pay for access to the membership site. If the PayPal Options are not set then the
PayPal buttons we generate for the membership options page will not function properly. You’ll
get a warning banner at the top of the screen if these settings have not been configured. If you have not already done so log into your
PayPal developer account. We now need to get the information for the
S2Member PayPal setup. Open an new tab and login into your WordPress site and navigate
to the S2Members PayPal options and click the PayPal Accounts Details bar to open the
screen. The information we need for this screen is obtained from the sandbox test site. Keep
this open so we can switch back and forth to enter the details. Switch tabs to the developer account. We need
to log into the sandbox test site to get the Merchant ID. For that we will need the business
email address from the developer account which is the email with dash facilitator and the
password for that email. If you need to change the password click the business account Profile
and click Change Password to enter a new password. Click on the Enter Sandbox site under the
Sandbox Test Accounts screen which takes you to the PayPal sandbox site. Enter the business
email address and the business password to login. The information we need is locate under the
Profile link. We need the Merchant account ID which is on the My Business info screen.
Copy the Merchant ID. Switch tabs to the S2members PayPal Options screen and paste the Merchant
ID in the field. Next we need the email address which is also located on the My Business info
screen. Copy the email and switch tabs and paste the email address in the corresponding
S2Member field. Next we need the API information. This is
on the My Selling Tools screen. Click the My Selling Tools link and locate the API access
and click update. If this is the first time setting up API permission you’ll need to click
the View API Signature under options 2. Now from the View or Remove API Signature screen
copy the API Username and switch tabs to the S2Member PayPal screen and paste that in the
corresponding field. Now do the same for the API password and finally the Signature. Now make sure the Developer/Sandbox Testing
button is selected to Yes, enable. Also the Enable Logging Routines can be set to Yes
to help with any debugging during testing. These log files can be viewed by clicking
this Log Viewer link. But remember to turn both of these off before going live for security. Now click the save all changes button at the
bottom of the screen. Now any transactions that you perform will use the sandbox test
site and are not live transactions. Now when we create the PayPal buttons latter
we can test transactions and work out any problems before going live. When you go live you’ll need to change this
information to the active PayPal account details and make sure the Developer Sandbox Testing
selection is set to NO and the Enable Logging Routines is set to NO. This will allow S2Member
to communicate with the live PayPal account. And remember to click the Save All changes
button to activate any changes.

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