PayPal Integration With Cashfree Payment Gateway | International Payments From Day 1| Tutorial

Hi my name is Megha and I’m a product marketer
at Cashfree Today we are going to discuss how you can
add Paypal to your Cashfree checkout and accept international payments in over 26+ currencies
and we’ll also look at the integration steps so you can do it yourself
with Cashfree payment gateway integrated with your website you can accept payments by 100+
payment modes including net banking, debit card, credit card, wallet and new payment
modes like cardless EMI and paylater options like ola money postpaid. In addition to domestic payment modes, Cashfree
also offers international modes. Such as Paypal, International cards, Amex,
Diners card etc. One of the most popular international payment
modes is Paypal and here’s why businesses prefer Paypal
Single account for payments across More than 200+ countries
With PayPal integrated with your payment gateway, you can accept payments across more than 200+
countries with a single account More than 26+ currencies supported. With Paypal, all the major currencies are
supported. That means, your customer can pay in the currency
they want. And you can save them from the hassle of currency
conversion. Seller & Buyer protection
Paypal offers you seller protection that includes 24×7 real-time fraud intelligence. For your customers, it offers them buyer protection,
so that, they can pay on your website with confidence We are happy to share that Cashfree is integrated
directly with Paypal. While activation of other payments modes
may involve bank approval and can be a time-consuming process If you have an existing PayPal account you can integrate it with Cashfree and start accepting
international payments from Day 1. But, what about the transaction charges or
MDR? When you integrate PayPal with Cashfree, you
pay only the standard PayPal payment gateway charges. Yes, Cashfree doesn’t charge you anything
extra. Now let’s see the steps how you can integrate
Paypal on your Cashfree checkout page. I’m on the Cashfree website
if you’re not an existing user, you can sign up here First, I’m going to sign in to my Cashfree
account to activate PayPal on your checkout page,
go to payment gateway and click view Dashboard On the left-hand side panel, you can see Paypal,
click on ‘Account’ Click on connect with Paypal
Enter your Paypal credentials and click ‘Login’ Read the terms and click on ‘Agree’ Your Paypal account has been successfully connected with Cashfree
Click on ‘Close’ Refresh the page, and you will see Paypal
account as ‘Active’ Here, you can set your default currency
I’m setting Canadian dollar as my default currency You can also select your active currency Select the currency from the list and click
on ‘Activate’ To verify if Paypal is showing on your checkout
page you can go to orders and click on ‘view orders’ You can see all the active payment modes You can also see Paypal showing as a payment
mode Since we chose Canadian Dollar as a default
option it’s showing here your customer will have the option to select
any of the currencies from here To add more currencies under Paypal or if
you any more queries regarding Paypal integration please reach out to us at [email protected] We hope you found the video useful


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