Pen Personality Types: Choose the Best Pen for Your Personality

If you’re looking for a new pen, try picking
one based on your personality! We chose eight personalities and matched each
one to a pen type. Keep watching to see which pen is perfect
for you. Shop all of the pens mentioned in this video
at A creator finds joy in colorful notes and
art, and a set of vibrant markers is sure to please. Uni Posca Paint Markers use vivid ink that
can even decorate non-porous surfaces like glass and plastic. For creators on the go, Zebra Clickart Knock pens have a handy retractable
design. Dreamers will feel a deeper connection to the thoughts that flow into the page when
using a fountain pen. Picking the right nib and a complementary
ink makes writing a meditative experience. Fountain pens cover a style spectrum too: from the modern LAMY Safari to the classic
Pilot Metropolitan, there’s a pen that fits your aesthetic. Go-getters need a pen that can keep up with
a hectic schedule packed with meetings. A rollerball like the Tombow 505 Zoom uses
liquid ink that flows smoothly, and its sleek body fits in any professional
setting. For bold, colorful lines, we recommend the
Ohto Fude Ball, which features ten ink colors. The minimalist needs a simple, no-nonsense
pen that pairs with any paper. A ballpoint pen like the Uni Boxy 100 is up
to the task no matter where you’re writing, whether in a pocket notebook or on the closest
napkin. For a buy-it-for-life option, the Rotring 600 features a durable brass body
that holds up in your daily carry. Fineliners are the go-to pen for perfectionists
who love precise lines. Fine-tipped markers like the Uni Emott Sign
Pens come in an array of bright hues and deep tones that add color to notes. For artists, the Sakura Pigma Micron Pen uses
archival quality ink to ensure your masterpiece will last a lifetime. Trendsetters are always on the hunt for something
new, and gel pens have a massive range of colors
and tip sizes that keep a pen collection fresh. The Zebra Sarasa Push Clip comes in unique
colors like these vintage-inspired shades, while the Uni-ball Signo includes tip sizes
as fine as 0.28 mm. Visionaries need pens that can express their
dynamic thoughts and ideas, whether it’s through art or hand lettering. Brush pens like the bristle tip Pentel Pocket
Brush create delicate hairlines and bold, sweeping strokes. For a beginner-friendly option, try the Zebra
Disposable Brush Pen —it has a felt tip that’s easy to control. Innovators are always brainstorming new ideas, and a multi pen holds several ink colors or even pen types to follow a project from start
to finish. Multi pens like the Uni Jetstream come in
models that include a mechanical pencil for those who create sketches with notes. Or, customize a Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto to include
the pen components you want. Which personality type are you? Tell us in the comments below! Be sure to like this video and subscribe to
our channel if you want to see more Stationery Personality
Type videos. Thanks for watching!


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