Plans for a Bitcoin Gold crypto-dividend, the BTC brand is strong, Segwit, Kim Dotcom

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been very excited today i already did a
an interview where did i do an interview
at they’re not going to debut it
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channel that it went really well but it
is not going live for a while so we i
will update everyone when that happens
again i can’t see you guys in the chat
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and some other dudes who are also
awesome are there all right so let’s
jump into this thing for the people who
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right yes right there 3:15 in London so
big coins around $4,200 don’t worry too
much I mean I don’t like the focus too
much in the prices I’m a long-term
thinker here remember 2020 buy and hold
but it’s nice segue is is operational
and we’re going to talk about that in a
second also links below to the other
shows that I’ve been on lately investor
Town Hall the Idaho Bitcoin group and of
course crush the street so check out
those links below
speaking of Segway darrin van weird um
who has been on this show before or last
week he was on this week in Bitcoin he
has a great article that I linked to
below about the long road to Segway
cigarette how big coins biggest protocol
upgrade became reality so also the
crypto dividend terminology is spreading
them here is a tweet from
what’s-his-name is it Adam back I don’t
know BCH spin-off dividend isn’t free
it’s paid for in brand damage
that’s a put the traits mayor he says
but adds good but adds good for Bitcoin
midterm as users learn to discern
alright so I’m happy that they’re using
the term a Bitcoin dividend they’re
using so it’s a crypto dividend
obviously but he uses dividend that’s
that’s cool but I don’t think it just I
don’t think it hurts the brand it does
damage the brand maybe it confuses some
people temporarily but first of all you
call it be cash you call it two acts you
say this is just a you get this free
dividend by just owning so the Bitcoin
brand is strong I mean people wanna you
it’s so strong that people try to use
the name for their own crypto dividend
and it’s it’s also strong because I I
know people who say hey I want to get
the light corn like coin type of Bitcoin
people associate cryptocurrency with the
name Bitcoin I mean so the brand is very
strong I wouldn’t worry about brand
damage every day again and I’m just
happy there’s discussion about the
cryptic dividend I got I’m glad people
are familiar with it that you know we
can take a very positive spin on what is
going on here and with that note I have
an exciting course of information that
has been sent to me and then I can
finally really get into a little bit
more there are either one or two groups
out of China that are working on crypto
dividends that are not that’s up to X
they are people trying to hard fork
Bitcoin and and one of one of the
projects I have been told is Bitcoin
gold they’re trying to create an altcoin
called Bitcoin gold by forking Bitcoin I
mean this is breaking news this is
exclusive news you’re getting here okay
now I don’t know all the specifics like
I’ve heard it you know I had people
telling me things because again if you
have information about this email me at
Adam at traceur but so we’re
gonna call it be gold cause we’re not
gonna call it Bitcoin gold but so there
is a race out there I believe to be 2 X
2 market and and this will be a positive
thing if these big old people really get
their act together if they’re really
hardcore about this if they’re the if
they’re big players behind it like I did
then have been it’s been told to me I
want to get into too many specifics here
if they come first then a week in queue
X is 2 X is not a friendly forum but but
it is it is a crypto Givaudan so I mean
you might be getting a be gold at crypto
dividend soon you might be getting a 2 X
you will be getting it too
crypto dividend soon so it’s awesome
it’s it’s time to celebrate and as I
said I mean I coined the term I mean
it’s only been since Saturday that I had
this epiphany but I’m getting more and
more information so this is this is good
spread the word about this channel found
that like one that helps get the word
out there we have original news here and
auditioning then we have a panel every
Friday this is different this is
different kind of stuff you get here
then all the other mumbo jumbo that’s
out there we’re telling you about I see
oh this here it’s simple buy and hold
and then I gotta tell you I’m getting
that the media requests have been great
they understand that you know this is
this is some legitimate stuff going on
here this moisture guys bringing it to
town he’s been doing you know I’m
persistent you can give me that I mean a
show every day is since 2016 except for
that there’s some Jewish holidays I
don’t do it on a week but those are
there’s a little potato the exception
proves the rule
okay so let’s go into and thank you so
much just sent let’s see Patrick all
right breaking news be gold yes dude yes
so people look into that we’ve got a lot
of people watching this right now a lot
of you in Europe maybe see if you hear
about this big old thing they call it
again they call it Bitcoin gold so
you’re gonna have to look around for
that first but we’ll call it be gold
because again this be cash we know we
don’t want people being confused you
know we trace Mayors concerned about you
know the brand being damaged but we
don’t want people to be concerned we’re
gonna we’re don’t want the damn brand to
be damaged we use the the name be cash
be gold whatever okay and it’s out of
China it’s always gonna be out of China
these things because if you need people
mining it obviously you need exchanges
that are gonna try to sell it and China
is the wild wild west of all that kind
of stuff so moving on Luke – jr. has a
tweet about sangwich I link to it below
if you support reducing the block size
good for Bitcoin avoid using segments
from normal transactions only you said
wait for lightning okay so that’s his
public service announcement take it away
it’s worth linked to its link to below
retweet it whatever you want to do
another tweet from the great vortex
market confusion is unfortunate but
temporarily temporary with each fork the
market learns more and more what the
real bitcoin is and this is true this
was he he was responding actually to a
tweet that I talked about yesterday the
he found on his own dugout because he is
a great researcher and he’s a great
tweeter but people are getting confused
sending be cash to Bitcoin addresses
sending bitcoins of be cash addresses
and so but in the long run people learn
well this is the real Bitcoin there is
confusion but all the more Forks there
are a Bitcoin the more friendly Forks
the more crypto dividends there are the
more people realize oh these are a bunch
of crypto dividends and the root coin is
Bitcoin that is the real coin the
Bitcoin right there it’s the real thing
what we have sanguine on right now the
real thing baby can’t beat the real
thing but what that’s an advertisement
from back in a day what was that
can’t beat the writ was that coke who
was can I get all this music in my head
right now from suddenly remembering
advertisements as a younger dude but I
can’t really identify it
alright so Kim calm is again alright
longtime followers will know that Kim
calm is making some bold claims toward
the end of 2016 he was gonna have this
huge debut of this huge project in 2017
that was gonna Rev a lot Lucian eyes
Bitcoin it was gonna make it mainstream
that was gonna make the price go up so
much and it ended up being all talk and
you know it’s hard to get a project off
the ground but but you know he made
excuses so now he’s got a new thing out
there he’s gonna have a nice touc to
fund this new project so that tweet is
below I won’t say anything more about it
you can make up your own mind about Kim
calm and what is up with his ICO his
mythical project that has been talked
about that was going to save pic and the
coolest thing is I think someone may be
the price predictions that people were
Kim comms gonna bring Bitcoin to 3,000
people were saying it like a 700 last
year or 500 well it’s already at 3 it’s
at 4,000 now so hey if King Khan can
actually get a project off the ground
and it’s going to be so awesome
then the maybe don’t bring it to 10,000
but right now he’s having an IC o—-
which is not an actual project it’s a
way to fund something and yeah you guys
know and booths
I’m not saying to buy the IC o—- I am
saying a crook of dividends might be the
next craze that rivals the ICO craze out
there so spread the word okay what else
do we have here any anything else oh yes
no there’s nothing else to talk about
right now I hope you like Cho bang that
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meister the bitcoinmeister this do this
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