Playboy BATTLES with Crypto!

Playboy selling sex, for cryptocurrency.
Hey guys, welcome back to G4B TV, the show
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Well, dare I say, grab your briefcases boys,
cause we’ve gotta legal battle.
Pinup Parent company, Playboy Enterprises,
best known for their salacious adult magazine
and beloved cult-figure founder, Hugh Hefner,
is suing a cryptocurrency technology company.
The lawsuit accuses Canadian company, Global
Blockchain technologies or GBT for short,
of fraud and breach of contract. Clearly,
Playboy ain’t playing around. They claim
that GBT has done them dirty by failing to
make good on an agreement that would integrate
blockchain technology into Playboy’s online
media channels.
As for the dirty details. The agreement was
reached fairly recently in March. And as part
of the deal, GBT was supposed to implement
capabilities for the cryptocurrency, Vice
Industry Token, for users on Playboy’s online
sites. However, allegedly GBT has failed to
satisfy this agreement and has also failed
to pay $4 million as promised in part of the
agreement. Of which, I’m guessing that’s
the part Playboy’s really butt-hurt about.
So what’s the damage? So far we can’t
quite place our finger on it, Playboy is seeking
unspecified compensatory and punitive damages
over the promise that turned out to be just
a tease.
But don’t expect a passionate plea from
GBT, In response, the accused offender has
shrugged off the suit by calling it a “normal
dispute” between two commercial parties,
and further adding that Playboy’s perverted
allegation of fraud is “frivolous.”
In May, GBT had previously announced that
their partnership with Playboy on the wallet,
had included an interface to the different
platforms. And so the summons may have come
as a shock, as GBT can forget about any hopes
for any future invitations to visit the Playboy
Mansion. Of course, the mansion was sold for
100 million to a young beer brewing billionaire
last year, so, hey who cares.
It remains to be seen, as to whether GBT was
just playing hard to get. In a statement given
to the Los Angeles Times who are responsible
for breaking the news, the Vancouver based
company gave a statement that, “Global believes
it has a strong defense to the action and
will be vigorously defending [the] same.”
As part of the rocky relationship with GBT,
Playboy had announced in March that it was
developing an online payment wallet meant
to support a range of cryptocurrencies across
the company’s online media, digital and
casual gaming businesses. In fact, Playboy.TV
was supposed to be the first of the company’s
online platforms to showcase the new crypto
wallet. The plan for the wallet, was to allow
Playboy to accept customer’s hedonistic
payments in VIT, or Vice Industry Token as
well as other cryptocurrencies.
The Vice Industry Token touts itself as “The
first, easy to use
cryptocurrency that pays people to consume
media online
The way it works, People viewing or participating
with media of any kind are paid, in VIT.
Therefore, free content is turned into paid
content and so everyone gets paid. The Vice
Industry slogan, Get Paid To Watch Porn™,
describes the immediate satisfaction given
to people using VIT.
The tantalizing move by Playboy to flirt with
crypto, is part of a growing allure of many
in the adult entertainment industry. The match
as what may seem, made in heaven for publicly
shamed sexually charged businesses, is to
be expected. As cryptocurrencies offer new
innovative ways of circumventing traditional
payment methods by replacing them with more
private and anonymous transactions. Meaning
married men can finally stop sweating over
their wives reading their credit card statements.
Of course, major pornographic competitors
such as big name player, Brazzers have also
shared announcements in the past that they
too are accepting cryptocurrency as form of
payment. Most notable was Pornhub’s highly
publicized unveil of accepting privacy coin
VERGE, as part of their “The future has
Cum” marketing campaign. But lesbi-honest,
even in the porn industry crypto is still
prepubescent, as it remains a very small percentage
of payments as reported by these sites.
In other adult-use investment news, Tinder
founders and employees have sued Tinder, or
rather its naughty parent company, for 2 billion,
over hard feelings of being screwed by a low-ball
valuation that negatively impacted the exercise
of their stock options.
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It’ll be interesting in the future to see
if the Beverly Hills-based Playboy, will receive
financial compensation for its blue balls
as the result of GBT’s broken promises.
And on that note, I’ll see you next time.

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