Pornhub is now Accepting PumaPay (PMA) Cryptocurrency

who else know it’s about this know one
side just us let’s keep it quiet then it
could be another false alarm
God’s sake can you tell me what in the
holy hell is going on this morning at
approximately 300 hours we detected a
signal and code sequence in a frequency
that we’ve never detected before there
is working on decoding it now only a few
more seconds the sequence I always seem
to follow the same pattern
it’s like somebody or something has been
sending the same message over and over
again I’ve got it if my calculations are
correct the decoded message should be
coming up right now
what the hell is this some kind of joke
did I really come all the way out here
to get trolled by some 14-year olds
Hyuna is authentic with trip decision
it’s coming from Proxima babe our
nearest habitable planet
give them what they want no dice
I mean sir I’ve got an idea wait
how we gonna send the money down light
years away well would send pulip it he’s
right for that cryptocurrency the
transfer would be immediate and with
their pull payment protocol they’ll be
able to automatically pay for their
subscriptions every month and they would
leave us in peace
best of all Orin how they accept it sad
how do you know that damn it people
there’s no time for questions now the
world is in danger and only Puma patient
save it Larry
initiate that sequence now yes sir
but are they going to destroy the world
or not pass them
that’s it get them back on the columns
there’s still so much we don’t know
they’re not responding anymore sir they
appear to be occupied

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