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the creased of crypto is your boy BK in
a fresh new setup and if you don’t like
me you must not like money thank you for
joining me everybody Tuesday April 3rd
and I pains me to say it but uh Donald
Trump was right and we’ll be right back
to show you how he was right on the
charts like a boss
and so as you already know it’s the
Trump turns out he knows one of two
things about surviving the markets and
the art of war that’s a conversation
I’ll save for another video but what we
can decipher from you know bread crumbs
that he’s left us pun intended is that
he was right you know
and we are in a very very very dire
situation with Bitcoin right and when
you’re faced with situations like this
all too often you find yourself looking
up quotes for success and battle and
survival and I will show you on these
charts right now that I do not think
this is a good moment for Bitcoin I
think our cycle has officially broken
and it’s captured in that blue circle
right there please note that you know
that blue circle was very prevalent and
it just happened so anybody that said
how Bitcoin is broken you know a month
ago we’re going to $4,000 a month ago
like no that’s not right this literally
just happened two or three days ago just
confirmed two or three days ago and
that’s why I’m doing this video you know
to let you guys know firsthand that we
are indeed broken bitcoin is going down
and King bobble head was right if this
is your first time tuning in
congratulations baby
you are now rocked with the best my name
is BK known as the crypto trader and I
am the boasts of these charts as you
will soon find out
every day I Gracie your microphone my
voice is another day you get to profit
as a result so ain’t nothing to it but
to do it let’s go ahead and make this
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jump on into the charts
this is Bitcoin to the dollar notice
we’re using a 343 that’s because I use
my method its patented intellectual
property owned exclusively for the
rights of replications of brand Kelley
LLC if you’re a profit-seeking entity
you do not have my permission to use it
if you are a person I give it to you for
free it’s quite quite efficient at a
pinpointing the energy inside these
cycles and it’s two simple rules when
the white goes above the blue that’s
when you jump on and when it goes below
it’s got to go because if it ain’t
paying it ain’t staying and right now
you can see that bitcoin is not paying
right so if you’re looking to get into
the market for the first time I would
suggest holding off a little bit it
doesn’t look like bitcoin is ready to
make money right now and we will see why
in just a second
what we know from other charts is that
this is a very very very very very long
that we just completed this win I made
in another video this went all the way
back to like December of 2017 between
two breakout points right and I said for
a while that if we stay above 68 if the
seven stays above 68 then we have a very
good chance of continuing right and on
first glance you know it looks like
we’re right there we’re right at that
bubble right at that border but then I
went deeper in the chart and saw another
candle that concerned me quite a bit so
first of all let me show you guys that
anybody that came on before this moment
in time right here March 28th anybody
that came on before then and said that
crypto was that Bitcoin was there
Bitcoin was a bubble it was going down
boom boom boom I didn’t know what they
were talking about because it wasn’t
filled yet right just here in the past
couple days did we have enough negative
energy to actually break out of that
cycle right up until this point we were
still good because we didn’t have the
negative energy needed to officially
break down and as I said it doesn’t look
like we’ve broken because that seven is
still there but watch this when we go to
a one-day chart and this is the only
reason I do it is because the CJ B’s on
Wall Street do it we see that that blue
circle we were actually even money right
we were even money right here and that’s
because our long-term
paddlers basically
basically the BBC organization right
that’s kind of funny
but the BBC’s billionaire boys club
right don’t care what bitcoin is they’re
just holding it for the next 231 days
regardless right they were even money
with our day traders on Wall Street this
seven on a one day is similar to our day
traders on Wall Street who basically
hold anything they have you know no
longer than a week right so that’s why a
seven captures all of their energy and
our BBC’s down here Billy G and the
family you know they hold it they really
don’t care as long as they’re making
money they’re good right and they just
annualized their return you know on 365
days so you know we got them synonymous
in at 231 and essentially this was even
money right here right the day traders
were betting against the billionaires
right what’s up everybody if you made it
this part of the video I got just a
little bit of bad news I will be
chopping to content a little bit short
over the past six months I’ve made close
to 300 videos specifically for YouTube
in that time I’ve accumulated more than
25 thousand subscribers and I’ve also
generated more than a million minutes
watched and I believe my content has
been highly informative educational
entertaining and enlightening and
amazing right but unfortunately they’ve
taken it upon themselves to suppress my
reach they’ve given me a community
strike I guess I’m one of the purge
victims so therefore I will be taking my
talents elsewhere
right you can catch me over hell and
overkill I will be uploading this video
in its entirety to my page on Facebook
boss of Bitcoin I will be also uploading
this video for free to the
patreon community as well at BK crypto
trader this is really unfortunate I’ve
reached out to YouTube and also to a few
other people in the industry to see if
we can rectify the situation and
unfortunately I haven’t gotten any
results so I do apologize that you are
affected by this manner but I hope you
uh stick with me you know and we can do
another 300 videos and change the world
and make a lot of money together more
than likely on one of these other
platforms so stay tuned stay supportive
and most importantly stay cryptic y’all


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