Price Predictions: Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Ripple ($XRP), Stellar ($XLM), Litecoin ($LTC)!

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We’re gonna be starting off this video
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But we’re gonna go ahead and get started today
We’re gonna be looking at price predictions for Bitcoin aetherium ripple like coin and other coins that are really in the markets
Face right now, and we’re really gonna dive into more of the actual indicators
And what they’re showing now to see if we’re gonna be coming out of this bear trend especially watching Bitcoin
We’re going to be utilizing our trading view chart if you guys are new here on snipers, too
The link is in the description below you can right-click insert indicator
We’re going to be utilizing the volume the three moving averages the RSI as well as the MACD today
And then we’re going to be talking about each one of those indicators
And we’ll also talk about a little bit of some changes coming here to sniper Subban where we’re gonna be headed
So let’s go ahead and get started
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We do have to make that change here soon so other than that though
Let’s go ahead and just kind of get started here with our price predictions. You can see Bitcoin here is coming out of its
contracting falling wedge here
We’ll go ahead and draw this out for you guys by the way three moving averages here the 50-day the 100-day and the 200-day moving
Average are represented with these three
We’ve got the volume the RSI and the MACD or the moving average Convergence divergence
So if we were to draw out this falling wedge here that is contracting here
You can see we are just now entering back into the wedge
Which is a good sign here? I’ll actually draw that out a little bit differently for you guys
So you can see what I’m talking about
This is really the wedge that were finally now coming back into and then we can also see the is
Contracting resistance levels here if you guys don’t know what a falling wedge is by the way on our discord
We actually have the falling wedge here
I don’t believe we have the contracting one on there
But we do have the most basic form which is also contracting a falling wedge
Will typically see these resistance levels tighten up?
But for the most part sometimes you’ll see this breakout before the apex is reached
And if you guys don’t know what the apex is the apex is the end of this falling wedge
So it’s this area right here the closer
You can get to that and the closer you can break that trend the faster
You can come out of this descent
And that’s really what we’re looking for we’re looking to see
Bitcoin break past these resistance lines these descending resistance lines to confirm that we are
Finally over with this bear trend and we’ll kind of zoom in here for a little bit
So you guys can have a better view will actually pull up the 30-minute chart here
Just so you guys can see what’s happening overall we’re seeing an ABC correction right now, which is totally fine
and healthy especially after we have this huge bull wick and this is a very very strong indicator of a
Bullish sign coming back into this volume. Wedge was a big deal
That’s typically generated from some of those weak sellers that kind of panic sell on the way down
That’s where you see these form and you can actually probably see a wicks here on the 1-day to represent that yep right there
So this is a very bullish wick right here this wick right here. You see how this Green has this long
Wicks here. That’s the panic sellers that are just selling at the end, but those buy orders
Just don’t fulfill to actually create a closing price, so the body isn’t fulfilled there on the one day
That’s a very bullish sign you can see it put us right back into this following wedge
So if we were to pull up that 30-minute once again
I’ll show you guys exactly what this is so the apex understand the apex is right here
We’re approaching the apex
But we’re not quite there so the goal is to get as close to this apex as possible because we’re gonna see less
Dramatic patterns and drops so what I mean by that is for you look here there were some pretty dramatic
Drops and they were all created through these Head & Shoulders
And if you guys look here if we were to actually give you guys a quick forecast
I’m actually drawing up this price ranges, so you can see there was one large head and shoulder there
There’s a fairly minimal head and shoulder there head and shoulder there
Very small one right over there, and we may end up forming another small head and shoulder and if that does happen
What will end up happening to this price level is what you’ll see here if we were to clear this out
I’ll go ahead and show you guys if we see another head and shoulder form there will be a lot smaller
But they keep getting smaller because sellers run out
There’s just not a constant
Fact that we have sellers coming into the market guys by the way so we have a ton of people online now we got
Paul little is on
F Google is on big a Kelly is on rag SW
Get to have you guys, so we’ll take some questions in just a sec from the live audience, but understand that
The head and shoulders they keep getting smaller and smaller the reversal trends get smaller because less sellers
If you guys look at the MACD you can even see here the histogram. This is an indicator of less sellers
right you can see here the histogram continues to
subside and
That’s a very important indicator. Especially when we’re seeing some sort of correction like this
Which is very healthy you want to know when are these sellers gonna stop, right?
So there was kind of like this fake out right here where the MACD curve, but it didn’t curve
But you can see now we’re starting to curve if you guys watched our live stream recently you can see we talked about this
Potentially seeing that Kirk. We’re finally seeing the start to that so that’s a very good thing that means sellers are
Reducing so going back to this 30-minute just so we can
Actually put some logic behind these price patterns
I want you guys to have an understanding of why we’re seeing what we’re seeing so we’ll go ahead and zoom into this and
This is really an important
Chart because it’s depict. It’s depicting these the panic cells coming back into
This bullish wicks that actually put us back into this falling wedge. Where we ended up finding us some support
Which is good, so if we were to draw this out you can see
There was a five there was a very clear wave here one two
three four
So there was a there was this perfect cycle here this five point cycle, and then if you go here
You can see there’s the AVC correction as well now. We’re seeing this a
b c
So that’s very healthy now. Here’s what we want to watch. You’re trying to see so
Following this a b c correction what you’ll typically see is another five wave
This would be the ideal situation to see another one – i’m sorry. Let’s do the waves here
See another one
Four and
Then this isn’t projections
I’m just the victim depicting exactly what can occur and then you’ve seen a fifth wave breakout
seeing that third cycle that ABC
Correction wave finding support up on top of this
contracting falling wedge this breakout would be very healthy indicating a
potential reversal here with the bear trend now the other situation is if
This sees a b c and then we end up doing a five-way of one two
three four five but only seeing
resistance at the top of the pattern that
would most likely indicate that we’re most likely going to see a
Drop from there in my opinion outside of this falling wedge once again
We get out of that falling wedge pull up with you one hour here if we get out of this falling wedge in my opinion
We’re gonna see it. Go even lower so price levels will most likely
Come out of this contracting falling wedge, and what we’ll see is another drop
Seeing lower lows to then come back
The same exact bull wick back into the Kondos contracting falling wedge
now closer to the apex which is way way healthier because now if
Any sort of cell volume comes in the sellers have weakened and?
Now you can see this form that one two three four five breaking out of that
And that would be the ideal way to come out of this, so let’s go ahead and take some questions
hopefully that did a little bit of
Teaching along the way
You can also see the RSI is in a perfect mode to see that ABC
Correction BAM back up in my opinion based on the eight our MACD starting to form that crossover
You can see that’s a little bit of momentum as long as we can get enough momentum
band that pushes the price out right there, so
Somebody said do you think LTC will drop below 135 today? I sold at 160 well
This is what I’ll say you guys are probably asking about altcoins right now and at the end of the day with these altcoins
I am not putting a position in an altcoin until I get my Bitcoin position fulfilled because in my opinion bitcoin is the most
most undervalued right now
And it seemed the worst of the worst you see how we are in this one day under that 200 a moving average
RSI is completely sold out so you pull up a coin like
LTC it just doesn’t see you can’t find levels like that like the RSI
Right, so I’m looking to get the best possible position
So I’m not the right person to ask that to right now because I’m not really the one trading those type of coins
In this correction. I’m trying to get a good really strong position in a Bitcoin, but dollar cost averaging my way back into Bitcoin so
Let’s take some some cool questions some smart questions
Somebody says Starman is going to Mars and we are going to the moon
Somebody says do you think BTC is going to make an inverse? I just talked about BTC somebody says this Court is good
I like this project. Yes. Thank you crypto counseling shout out to crypto counseling
Somebody says do you think it will form a double bottom?
I think it would most likely break out of this pattern through the contracting folly in wedges
We previously talked about and another big indicator here is this volume look at the by volume here
Huge by volume great indicator really good indicator. You can see the last time
We saw by volumes of this level was before this huge run-up
And this was right around similar price ranges that were below
7000 so this was probably around five thousand three thousand four thousand right around these levels we saw this huge push of volume
that led into this huge run-up, so
Hopefully that helps a little bit
Will we test the lowers again Aaron? I just talked about that brother. He came a little bit late, man
We just talked about that but yes
There’s a possibility for us to test the lows once again getting closer to the end of this apex
Bore bore Daguerre said from twitch said s get it
That’s that’s I don’t know if that’s English how does the our site level look like for etherium people were pretty lazy
they don’t even want to just type in a
Tarp and open it up for themselves, so I don’t know let’s look our size at 57 on the one day there you go
Haha, well look at those. We’ll do our charts for aetherium and litecoin soon
There’s actually the biggest volume candle ever in bitcoins history Pedro and Nieves said there you go somebody says it was the biggest
Look at that. It’s the biggest
Piece of by volume in bitcoins history so the most amount of buys have happened right around this price range of five
Actually, yes sixty-eight hundred
Isn’t that good?
Isn’t that good news guys that’s huge? Thank you for mentioning that I didn’t even
Think to realize that or actually go in and look at that
But it makes sense because this is where we’ve had the most buyers and more
Opportunities to buy and like we’ve always talked about having the most potential for a mass adoption. That’s the key here guys
It’s having the potential for an ass adoption not necessarily the mass adoption itself
It’s the potential for mass adoption which will lead to true mass adoption
So it’s good that this has been sorry about that noise by the way
I don’t know how to shut that off, but it’s good that we’re seeing these price levels
Because as you can see we had the most amount of by volume in the history of Bitcoin occur
during this correction
so that shows you that people were thinking like I am and just
Like one of my friends texted me the other day my friend Juan
He texted me saying hey man looks like bitcoins prices low look verbatim
I’ll read you the text message right here if I can actually find it because it was actually quit
Yeah, right here cash app is now allowing you to buy and sell Bitcoin notice that the value dropped and price
Do you think it’s a good time to buyer that I should even use the cash up device um I said I think it’s pretty
Low now he ended up buying Bitcoin. I talked about that story
That’s good, right the cash app is accepting Robin Hood is coming out with it. They had over
I think now they’ve hit a million new accounts
very good science fundamentally for Bitcoin and very good signs
Analytically and technically for bitcoins, so you’ve got two factors playing here, and they’re both
They’re both playing to the bullish end who watch that who watch the UH that what was it the sec meeting yesterday?
Who saw what they said about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole who saw what they said about tether?
Here’s what I you want me to summarize it for you. We’re good. That’s basically what the summary is we’re good
Everything is good to go
Hasn’t been any formal bands there wasn’t any talk about you know
regulatory Bitcoin
Termination that happened hello, and that wing said I did
Somebody says uh he
Doesn’t want to do ta
Who the guy that asked about aetherium?
Price level somebody says did you cut your hair yes?
I cut my hair because of you guys we hit like a thousand likes on that video
I had to ended up cutting my hair because of it
Matter of fact why don’t we why don’t we why don’t we do a quick book giveaway? We’ll do that in just a sec
Somebody says hey nein can you help me understand what to look out for when using the volume indicator, this is something
I really want to start using a lot more in strategies
And I’d love to learn more the volume is the most basic fundamental indicator in crypto in
fundamentals and technical analysis in traditional stocks and Forex
Anything has a volume in business right businesses have volume supply and demand right?
It’s literally the supply and demand of something so demand is indicated with green supply is indicated in both
Understand this is showing you where the market is at in terms of
Find him in it’s really a demand indicator to show you what the demand is for something
So people are selling then that shows you that ok the market as a full. There’s a lot of sellers in this market
That’s why you see this right here was a huge sell a huge
Cell wall that was broken for Bitcoin this was the start to this
Contracting falling wedge. This was a clear indicator
They were potentially gonna see more sellers come in because this was
Kind of like where the herd came right, so that’s kind of how you can use the volume
Somebody says if you hit
500 likes will you dye your bald head blonde?
You guys are insane
You guys are insane 500 likes we’re at 786 right now
Viewers sure will do 5 on her life. We’re not gonna hit 500 likes
Now the likes are coming in you guys are you guys always want to mess with me like that?
Well, I ended up not cutting all of it
I’d like I said I couldn’t because I have some scars and the Sun and my scars don’t go well
It’ll scar even worse so I have to keep some here, so I ended up doing this style
But hopefully this oh my gosh that is ridiculous now we’re at 122 likes
I trust me III can kind of gauge it
I didn’t I didn’t gauge it right before the reason I had ended up having to do
This is I didn’t gauge it we had like a thousand viewers
and I said like 300 likes and then it ended up going to 300 so I
Should I should gauge it better next time um? I’m saying 500 right now
I’ll do 500 for blonde because we only got
782 viewers so that means that more than half would have to do it
And I understand markets that means I also understand the ratios here, so I think I have an advantage. Oh my gosh
We’re now approaching 200. We’re not gonna go over 250 though. I don’t think we will
Somebody says focus people focus brah that they have to focus enough just to hit the button oh
Man good luck with training if you have to focus on that some be says 1000 viewers shave your eyebrows
Yes insane
My haircut is like yours, bro cheers somebody says go
Blonde dude look at those likes moving up somebody says so he says lol. Be careful name this community
What will make you go blonde Jared Thompson? I don’t know man. I don’t know. I don’t know if we got that
Somebody says your EMA settings are 6 12 24
My exponential moving average is that what you’re talking about my EMA settings. I’ll pull up my MA
So the moving average exponential or the EMA. It’s a great indicator as well, but my inputs at 9 for my EMA
But if you’re talking about my moving averages
I’ve got the I’ve got the 50-day the 100 a in the 200-day moving averages, and then if you were to look at
My settings and that’s my settings
My RSI settings right here at linked it at 14. I’m a MACD
It’s 12 and 26 with signals through the n9 so I guess hopefully that was helping you
Somebody says you’d look good blonde
Ha somebody says hit your button 500
Somebody said
I’m putting in all my money and tether I heard just gonna get to one dollar in one sentence port a car now
Can you go over a trade alert and talk about the charts and how to handle them Thank You max Jay great question yes?
So for those of you that are on our trade alerts
I’ll show you exactly how to read them in the most efficient possible way
Let me go ahead and pull that up
Somebody said hey hey, hey, what’s up, Paul Raphael said like for blond hair Jeff said
Thank you for having a good sense of humor name. Thank you Jeff
Somebody says are your price is changing
The prices are changing for patreon um but if you are
Patreon already you will be grandfathered into your current price. I’m not going to change it for everyone
We just had a high demand so we really had to increase the prices because like for example our Roux being above night-owls
We have over 100 rubies right now
I wanted that to just be and this is on line so we have like I think over three four hundred rubies in general
Over 400 I think and you know it’s hard to be able to do private night owls like that with 500 people on rubies
This is gonna really help us kind of slow down the pace of newer
Rubies newer emeralds because the prices are obviously going to be higher
But anybody that’s a patreon now
And then up until February 8th will be grandfathered into those prices and those will never change
So that will stay the same as long as you don’t edit your pledge you have to pick what you want now
Even our diamond one. You know I was doing one-on-ones, and we started getting a ton of diamonds, and I was like man
I can’t do tons of one-on-one so I have to up that to a point where it would be more exclusive
And it’s just part of the game right I mean it. We’re growing such a great community here
It’s all free here on discord, so we have tons of people there, so
You know that’s pretty much the gist of it so basically if you click become a patron the link is always
Pretty much in all the descriptions if you’re on Twitter or something Twitter. You can look at the link up there
But these are currently what the prices are at and they’re not gonna change if you do get them now
But on February if they will change
So I just want to address that I want to get people you know coming to me saying hey
You know I didn’t get it, but let’s talk about the trade alerts itself so today
We posted a couple trade alerts
We actually why don’t we do one that we pretty much posted yesterday and actually went through so it was
Bitcoin so we had a Bitcoin trade alert here I
Saw the wicks the bull the bullish wicks come out
I saw the the waves starting to form I looked over different alerts
And I made the decision to send this one out so I actually sent an updated one
I’m still kind of tweaking the way. I’m gonna be using these, but here’s an example of our trade alerts, so
This one right here was where we were about to cross over here in MACD so we can see the histogram
We crossed over and this was after the fact
beforehand we initially posted this it was actually about to cross over so you can see right here I
Realized that this was coming over the histogram
which is a great indicator that the RS the MACD is showing bullish reversal trends and
When that crossed over it was great RSI went up more buyers and sellers, so there was a higher by volume here
So the stop-loss zone is pretty much where you want to set up?
Indicators to potentially almost like an emergency level where you want to get out of your position for the most part without
taking too hard of a loss so
the the most the easiest way to explain that is
for example let’s say you’re putting in a position at Bitcoin and let’s say bitcoins price was extremely high around these higher highs and
You were playing any position whether it was a swing trade a day trade or a long term
You know position at these higher prices your stop losses are gonna prevent you from actually
Realizing these huge losses rather than just realizing a minut loss so a part of this game
You know you guys hear this all the time. It takes money to make money
It takes some money to really get in a great position and then see those breakouts
So what I mean by that is it doesn’t always it’s not always. You know lolly happy land and
trading where you’re
Constantly making good decisions there are gonna
Be some bad decisions that are made because understand the market is less like a psychological market
You know like we can’t determine how far close to this apex. We’re gonna finally see this trend reversal
It could be here, but it could be down there so
Understanding that when making your trades having stop-loss is set up is important now
Here’s the problem with this market being that. It’s so
Volatile and there’s so much money coming in and out there’s a lot of wicks that are generated so if you pull up an 8
hour you can see
these different
Wicks that come out of these prices and these wicks can sometimes trigger your stop losses like this one right here could a traitor to
Stop-loss even though it was still bouncing on top of the contracting falling wedge
So this right here is our wicks
So what I would do for the most part is if you’re looking at these trade alerts, and you have a stop-loss zone
I would set up alerts that’s typically let what I to do with these prices so
This one right here
You can see it’s pretty much right around that
56 right about fifty six hundred so this is probably like right around in terms of US value. Let’s say fifty seven hundred
It’s pretty much right under where we found support, and we saw that bullish
wicks come out of nowhere
so you can see I would have probably set up my stop-loss right here and
When it says I stopped laws of zone
It’s how much risk you want to take so how much risk do you want to take is this stop-loss zone?
That was generated was all based upon the potential for it to go to these lower lows
which actually the next lows at 3,000 so stop loss would be anywhere between that and
That’s to be able to realize your losses
And then go ahead and reposition yourself to potentially gain and have realized profits rather than realize losses, so
That’s really what the stop losses for the buy zone
Typically is not going to be this large, but because bitcoin has been in these lower lower price levels
I was pretty confident saying that you can buy it these higher highs
If you would have actually traded this today this actually ended up going up if you pull up the 1-hour
I mean this or this sent this trader. That was sent a while ago now. We’re seeing the ABC correction, which is totally healthy?
But what’s gonna really determine things is when this starts to go back up which it will is
It going to break through this resistance level, or is it going to find resistance there because if it finds resistance
I’m expecting it to see some lower lows so we drew this out a little bit earlier the stream
But you’re seeing an ABC correction here
And I’ll if you want me to draw it the ABC correction I can actually
Show you exactly how that looks on the thirty minutes, so
Right here, we saw
Five wait five wave pattern here so one two three
Sorry, let’s draw this out a little bit clearer for you guys
I want to make this a little bit clearer so you guys can learn so
One two three four five and then you have the ABC correction
or a b c and
Then that right now is gonna turn into most likely another
Five-point pattern
So we’ll see one two three
Hopefully break through this five break through and this isn’t
Projections, but I’m just showing you a idea of what can happen if we can break through this that would be the most ideal route
but if this 5th wave ends up finding resistance at
the top of this contracting falling wedge
Which basically is the same thing but it’s gonna find
Sorry, it’s gonna find resistance up there then I think
From there. We’ll end up going down. Sorry this is lagging
Let me zoom out here
this would most likely bounce and
Then I think we’ll find some lower lows closer to that apex and then once we go back down
I think we’ll start to head right back into the apex and seeing another bullish wick coming into that so
once again the bye zone here is
Where you want to place your buyers, so there was some other training lurtz that were posted that for example here
By zones are a lot more
Constricted and that’s because you want to make sure that you let the prices go to this level so if it’s in this level
It’s not necessarily saying that it’s the time to buy
But the potential buy zone is really in this level where we’re gonna see a potential breakout coming out of this flag pattern
That’s forming if you guys don’t know how a flag pattern forms, and I used to actually post which pattern it is
But I figured people just wanted to trade alerts
But this is a flag where you find some resistance support resistance support forms a rectangle
That’s really the indicator of the flag if you guys are on our
Discord the flag stock chart pattern forms through a rectangle, so that’s kind of like what you’re primarily looking for so
Hopefully that helps out
Somebody said
What do they say head and shoulders yes there were multiple head and shoulders in this correction
And then you take profit zone same thing with stop-loss zone. It’s all about risk so you can take profit at any level
So that’s kind of how our trading alerts are set up. Hopefully that helped out mint
If you want a more deeper analysis, you know we can always do something at or night-owl
We’re having a reuben above night outs and actually it’s a day out
It’s a little bit different streaming it in the day than it is at night
But we’re gonna be doing a ruby and above day out today that will be under the patron exclusive under ruby plus, so
Can’t wait to see you guys out there tonight. You can see I’m getting way more
Notifications in the daytime than I do at night
So let’s go ahead, and uh see what else we got
Somebody says day owl senses are Ruby price is changing
Yes, the Ruby prices are also going to change, but remember if you get into our subscriptions before February 8th
You will keep the normal pricing so it’s gonna go quite significantly higher
Because but it was already pretty low somebody says smart cash what you think I have not heard much about smart cash sorry
Somebody says like the video cats, but at 310
We’re not gonna hit 500
Trust me so he says uh I have a quick question since Bitcoin goes up assuming it does
It is a wise to buy altcoin now or no point
I’m waiting to put my altcoin positions is because I feel like Bitcoin will find more strengths with its upside rather than seeing because
Understand this is probably the most
beat down coin right now out of every other coin and
A clear indicator that is looking at the averages and moving averages are great indicators
It’s just think about it’s an average right so it’s like almost like a test
You know like what is that you guys probably all attended
You know middle school or high school so maybe some of you guys dropped out of high school
Maybe I’m sure some of you guys have been to college. Maybe some of you guys dropped out of college for the most part
We’ve been in some sort of educational system right and there’s always a verges
So let’s say a teacher gives you a test and everybody takes the test and the average is an 89
well bitcoin is like at a
60 right now while other coins are at like a 75 or maybe a
74 and what I and that’s what the average is this literally we’re so below the average
That we have most we have a bigger chance of coming closer to the average if that makes sense so
Here’s an idea of that so when you look at the 50-day 100 a in the 200 a pull up any other coin like ETH
BTC and you can see we’re above the moving average, so this is a 90 or 95 right now, so
It has a potential to go higher of course, but the moving average will also follow along with it
Depending on how dramatic is it it is so if it stays consistent?
You’ll start to see this kind of level out so that’s that’s why the moving averages are clear indicators
Or really good indicators in my opinion
somebody said
name really
Guys I was a root planing name really works hard to get you good quality trade alerts his live feeds are one of the best
on YouTube at the moment
Thank you Paul appreciate that man
sony says
People are trying to get people to smash that like one you guys are insane
That’s funny
Somebody said
The e th price is almost a mirror of the BTC price any guess why
Well Bitcoin really really influences the market quite a bit. I mean it’s hard to get away from that if you want
We’ll pull a thr just kind of leave that there while we’re taking these questions
But what we’ll kind of do a quick analysis of ETH in just a sec as well
Maybe that can help out so he says what music is that in the background yes shout out to our
Awesome music artist his name is Justin Rogers
I’ll actually have his link in the description below
I’ll actually post that there right now for you guys so definitely check him out
Awesome music artists awesome music, and he’s really good at mixing so
Yeah, I’ll put his website down there in the description
You guys can check Justin Rogers out
So he says what kind of question do you think that we should be asking ourselves as traders Chris Wiz I would ask yourself how?
Do you want your portfolio?
diversified this upcoming round I would be asking that right now being the fact that this could potentially be the neck that the
Final bullish wit for Bitcoin before we start seeing an upward trend out of this bear trend cuz understand
We’re not in a bear market, but we are in a bear trend right now
There’s a difference there, so I would say you guys have to start preparing
Yourselves to really get your positions in and lock them in tight so what I mean by that is know
What coins you guys want? Let’s say you know the technology, and I would base it upon fundamentals, right?
I’m really taking a different approach guys the approach that I took in 2017 is very different than 2018
I’ll be honest in 2017. I was weigh. Heavily. I was wait. I was still very involved in day trading
I was very involved with these quick profits and typically you know that’s what you guys have learned from its
It’s my day trading experience right coming from traditional markets. I’ve been able to understand
That the analytics and having mentors that have really guided me in this path
Understanding the technicals have become pretty easy but coming into this new year with these new laws
Especially with tax taxes here in the United States. I’m really taking a different approach in terms of
Finding the coins that I really want to put a large amount in and just hold it there
But getting it at a good price, and I think this is the perfect time to start planning for that start planning your portfolio
it’s like the
example of the guy with the
Accents cutting trees right the guy that has the sharper axe is the one that’s going to cut more trees
But you have to prepare to sharpen your axe before you cut your trees rather than just start cutting your trees with a dull axe
So I want you guys to start preparing your axe start sharpening it start start being ready for the next
Uptrend here in the market because the mark is gonna go into down an uptrend especially with the amount of
volatility in the mountain if you guys saw this with Bitcoin we had the most amount of by volume in history here with
Bitcoin and this was done on February 6 so for me
That’s a positive sign, and I also showed you guys you know my friend. Just texted me the other day saying hey, man
I’m you know. It looks like prices are low should I buy some so people are buying that’s very true right now?
sellers are
Receding and subsiding that is also very true based upon volume metrics based upon the MACD levels based upon the histogram like we showed
Hopefully that helps out a little bit. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what’s happening here. Let’s go ahead and pop this indicator
Out see what’s happening with this
Just insert the MACD here see where the MACD Z
So looking at eth
Let’s go ahead and some pieces completely agree
Somebody says if you hit 40,000 subscribers
Will you dye your hair blonde sure if we hit?
40,000 subscribers
That will also trigger me
To dye my hair blonde because obviously you see it’s cut right now because of you guys on our last stream
I think I made a bad judgment and I said 300 likes and we ended up cutting you know what you guys won the bet
So I’m a man of my word, but yeah if we have 40,000
I don’t mind doing that but it’s 39 652, and I’m sorry now it jumped up so
You guys you guys only want to take action when there’s like a stake in the game you guys I ridiculous
Yeah, blowing up her phone right now tons of new pledges here on patreon
Yeah, that is awesome guys tons of new rubies shout out to some of these new rubies by the way
Why don’t we give a couple shot us al-mahdi an Aussie shot salamati shot – Roger Durbin shot – Sofia?
new patreon stuff – Zane
shot – Michael shot – Alexander Kareem
Chris Rebell
max Harris Brian st. Clair all these new rubies Wow václav
Shout out to all those new rubies
We’re having a lot more than usual because we’re changing the prices on February so that’s why there are so many just now
And that’s awesome you guys are making your moves. It’s mrs.. Hanny her blondes
Herd blondes have more fun. Anyways nobody says haircut makes you look younger and more handsome, bro. Thank you Frank McLovin
I don’t know how I feel about getting that from a guy named Frank. I’m just kidding
Nothing, your name is Madison guy is what I’m saying, but anyways so he says this is Almaty nice awesome, man
We’ll shout out to you
So he says your discord link is expired
No, it’s not is it ah I got to reformat that again probably do
Yeah, well no it looks good. I don’t know why it’s saying that it should be fine
If you click the link in the description that should be fine, which discord link is expired is the one in I?
Don’t know what you’re talking about kami. Let me know
somebody says
Can you please go through the LTC chart? Yes? We will do LTC ëthere? ‘i’m as well as ripple and stellar on this video
Somebody says I can’t find X RP odd for BTC marketers
Somebody says I come into voice chat
Yeah, if you were banned from our discord
You’d have to send me a message on twitter x’ – what your discord name is and you know I have to agree to
Following the rules and you’ll be on a watch list for your next couple of weeks in there
but yeah
If your band just send me a message on twitter and I can handle that
Just make sure you’re not promoting you’re not doing anything like that because we have a very strict rule system here
We want to make sure that everything is clean, and we don’t want any sort of
Mishaps on our discord. It’s a very professional environment, so we just want to make sure people are doing what they need to do
Let’s go ahead and see what else is going on here
So cell disease my personal favorite, crypt. I think it’s a real-world utility. Yes, so let’s look at a theory am start here
See what’s happening? Uh?
Looks like we bounced off of this clear support level of around
2.4 million satoshis
Starting to come up seeing this uptrend starting to form you can find these really clear support levels here
Might be coming back down towards this I would also match up with this 50-day moving average
Which is really good i’d like one the 50-day moving average is along with the support levels
Those are really good signs of some clear stability
Especially being the fact that we haven’t seen too much parabolic run ups here for aetherium
But it’s really been gradual, and I think that’s also a good sign
I have nothing against the theorem right now, but I do want to eventually get a very strong position in this
But I first want to get my stat. Oh, she’s up the reason
I say that you can see as Bitcoin starts to rise you and it starts to see satoshi levels dropping here
For coins like aetherium and that’s only because it’s hard for these coins to keep up with bitcoins
So you can see how were kind of coming back to this ascending support line that was forming
Initially we kind of went away from that we saw a little bit of a new zubrin’s
And I think now we’re gonna start to correct back around that realm, so as long as you’re within this support level
I think that would probably be the best buying point for a theme because I don’t see a theorem getting any major drop soon
Fundamentally, it’s you know it’s a very strong coin so in my opinion
I think we’re gonna see prices follow the support level and kind of bounce on top of it acting as a
Ground for aetherium, and I think that would be really good what’s also interesting is if you pull up this one-day chart
You can see these moving averages are starting to finally go up
They’ve been pretty low for quite a while at one point. They saw this uptrend, but then it crashed now
We’re starting to see more strength so I think looking at the one-day you can also drop these really clear
Resistance lines for a thing that could potentially be hit like this in around 14 million satoshis
We’ve also got this one right here right around
looks to be
It’s not even pulling up for some reason. Let me shut off my trackpad and see if that works BAM
That’s gonna. Be right around another 14 million and
Found some strong support resistance here twice which is a great indicator on 12 million satoshis
It looks like let’s go ahead and draw that out here
You can see how we hit that twice once here and once here we hit resistance there
So I think as we start ascending if we can start working our way towards this resistance level
It’s going to be the healthiest thing here for aetherium as you can see we clearly broke out of these previous resistance levels
Kind of soaring through with RSI through the roof and kind of forming a double top there with MACD pointing down
I think we can definitely get some better
etherion positions
If we just kind of wait and be a little bit more patient as this RSI starts to curve down if you actually pull this
Up you can also see with aetherium
You can see sellers are starting to increase so that’s why you see right here with the histogram
This is increasing compared to what we previously
Initially saw we already saw that by volume come in you saw the buyers increase and now we’re starting to see more and more sellers
So I would be a little bit careful here
Ideally you want to get a position when the MACD is right here under the histogram at these lower lows seeing it’s stretching down
That’s probably what are the best point-of-purchase in my opinion so and that’s also where you saw this huge dip
Which is the moving averages somebody said the moving averages are actually right here
So I’ll actually make these a little bit clearer for you. We’ll go to our next chart here
I hope that you guys a pretty good depiction of how to play like point aetherium
But this is litecoin. I actually make these a little bit darker for you here the three moving averages
You’ve got the 50 the 100 then 200-day so the 50
100 200 a and then that’s a little bit bolder 4 you can see we’ve bounced right off of that 100 a
Very good indicators here. I would say that moving averages are very important. Especially if you guys are new to trading
It’s good to know those averages and see them as potential support and resistance levels
Which typically are?
Somebody says
So many people should be selling than buying again under 6000 felipe Flores, I guess so
Somebody says like the livestream Thank You Dante appreciate that man
Somebody says you can never predict magnitude or of loss, or gross listen to no one
That’s funny
Somebody says should we wait for a dip or buy now
If you guys are honor treating to let you guys know exactly what my stance is on that
Are you related to Eugene Levy got the same high brows and nose? Thanks for all the info. Thanks Peace Love meth
funny name
Dante said like like like oh
They’re trying to everybody’s trying to get to 500 life so as I said I dye my hair blonde if we hit
500 what somebody said that I just agreed to it cuz I don’t think that can happen with less than a thousand viewers
Typically you’ll see a half ratio. I know how to play my cards guys. Don’t don’t you know don’t underestimate my knowledge here
How the likes are going out now, we’re reaching about 400. I don’t think we’ll hit 500 though
It’s either that or forty thousand subs whichever is first
I don’t think that’s gonna happen either because they’re out 39 676
But actually now the self subs are increasing – okay, that’s funny. Oh my gosh you guys
I’m gonna stop talking about it somebody says hey, bro
PTC is in a low point so far right now should I make an entry or just wait one more hour
To see how the trend will stand
It’s really up to you crypto life, I mean we just entered the
Contracting falling wedge once again, and as we enter that we’re gonna see a couple EBC Corrections
But if we start to break out past that resistance that would be the most ideal point for Bitcoin
If we don’t we’re probably gonna correct lower, and then see it getting closer to the apex as we talked about before
So that was something we drew out somebody says what’s up from London Mohammad, gooky Nia good to have you from London
Somebody says it’s all fun and games until one day someone buys likes Thank You Club. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Hopefully
Mmm, Mario. Said you watch naive 500 just coming
Somebody says you’ll be saying I’ll do my next live streaming naked for 500 likes. No. I wouldn’t say that Philip you guys are crazy
Nina Ling I introduced my mom to your videos, she said she learned more in the first five minutes than in hours she spent reading
Wow, that is awesome Nina. Thank you for sharing that if you don’t mind sharing that actually on our discord
We have a success stories area here. That’s an awesome story
I want to keep that forever, so if you go to crypto success stories
You can see all these success stories here tons of people succeeding tons of people getting information
From our discord a lot of our patreon. Z’ are here and
Look at this guy. He’s cuttin the Carlos guy on his emoji, but that’s an awesome story Wow
Somebody said everyone wishes they bought and cheap, but when the prices go down everyone runs scared. I like that the Turk I agree man
the reasons manipulating the markets
He says what do you say about the drama from yesterday? I don’t know what drama are talking about Caprica
Wonder what drama you’re talking about man. I don’t know what you’re talking about
Somebody says seventy more likes. Haha I
Don’t think we had drama. I think it was really good the SEC meeting went really good
Everything went very good in my opinion
And I think the government is really starting to adopt
Bitcoin as you know or at least crypto currencies as something that’s going to be here to stay
And I think that’s the most important thing that I got from
You know that meeting in further meetings, so we got a super tap. Thank you for the super child
Let’s see what the super jet has to say somebody said in the super chair
What do you think of self-directed checkbook? I raise to buy crypto. I’ve been told time to get out of stocks
Um I I can’t give you specific financial advice on that’s 50 tasks once again none of this is financial advice you guys have to
Seek your own financial advisor
But for my experience in trading and my experience in the markets the traditional markets will see a correction every 7 to 10 years
This is actually by Ray Dalio if you guys know Nova read Dollywood seed runs one of the largest hedge funds in the world called
The bridgewater, and it doesn’t over 175 billion dollars, or it manages
175 billion dollars in assets and I’ll pull up the stock market here compared to the Nasdaq specifically which is
primarily consisting of you know these technology companies
And I’m gonna pull that up compared to Bitcoin so you can see a little bit of what’s happening
but the stock market is definitely seeing some sort of correction it had one of the worst days and over I think a
Decade or no. I think it was since 2008. It was over two years, and now it’s since over 2008 because it got worse and
You know if you pulled the one-week here for the stocks. I mean. This is a really good by the way
I know we’re talking crypto here
But this is important because this is a historic market and history is a good depicted of the future
It’s not the only predictor and once again technical analysis doesn’t always work. It’s a lot about fundamentals, but technical analysis is
Psychological analysis, it’s a risk and reward pattern
It’s how humans react versus you know how humans?
Take action based upon where prices at prices are at so
If you look at this one-week truck of the Nasdaq Composite
You can see this is the dot-com bubble this was 2008 very clear portions of this graph
And you can see right now with where we’re at we’re finally. We’ve been in this bull trend for almost 10 years now
We’re finally seeing this correction
most likely
And you can see how our side just dropped in this one week
And I think we are going to be correcting here in the stock market
Typically we found some support on this 50-day bouncing on this 52. That’s why that moving average is really important
We found a little of a drop here went down to the 100-day, but now we’re starting to see this uptrend
You know this was almost like that fake correction, but I think we’re very soon going to see some
Significant correction here with the Nasdaq, and you know the whole stock market as a whole
And I think that’s also going to drive prices for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
Higher because traditionally what happens in the stock market is if you’re expecting a correction and you’re now looking for a hedge against that
So if you read Ray Dalia’s book principles, I highly recommend this book
It’s actually in our recommended book list if you go to helpful reads highly recommend
You guys read this book principles by Ray Dahlia
But it talks about what happens in any correction if you’re expecting you’re anticipating
it you want to find a hedge and a hedge is an asset or a commodity or
some something you can put your money in to where a tax in an inverse manner compared to the current asset or
Commodity that you’re hedging against which in this case if you’re hedging in the stock market you’re hedging against the stock market you want to
Hedge with something else so traditionally sometimes people go to gold right
Some people go to real estate. They would hedge with land
Somebody I know he hedges his crypto with
Mining right so I think people will hedge now that there’s a crypto market think about it
There wasn’t a crypto market in 2008 now theoretically there was cuz Bitcoin was created at the time
But it wasn’t adopted now. We have this market
That’s created and established at the perfect time in my opinion because this is gonna be the perfect hedge in my opinion towards
Traditional markets because for a traditional trader like me that comes from traditional trading
I was attracted because of the volatility of this market, and I think more of these traders are gonna
Be attracted to the volatility to understand most of the stock market trades are
Most of the stock market trades, are you know?
trading bots and algorithmic traders, so
very very very good question though
Somebody says coinbase making it hard to buy from UK somebody says
Maybe crude oil or natural resources or minor e those are also other hedges shot, so all our new rubies Andrew nice
Xavier barreras Wendy Moray, Brian Anderson all marcha ciao
Grayson Brandon Stacy Thank You Brandon Eric Crenshaw new emeralds
Katie love it. What’s up, Katie joined the squad?
Good to have you Kate
one of our mods
Somebody says uh, can you clean difference in RSI and Williams %?
I’ve talked so much about the RSI
And I’ve talked about I mean it we can compare it to a hundred different things that stuff that I do really on my one-on-ones
I actually have one coming up so we’re gonna have to end this soon. I have a diamond one on one soon
for yes
Somebody says even 40 thousand subs thinking. It’s a better steak for a learning experience
Yeah, if we hit forty thousand will diet mild. I my hair blonde
That’s that’s the deal somebody says shave it all. I can’t shave my whole head because I have scars and
The sun will make the scars worse, and I don’t want that to happen so now
That all the subs are just soaring every time. I say that i’m like i’m gonna
Do this if this happens because I agree to it people will take action
I’m going to be signing up for Ruby tomorrow buddy awesome, New York yes
Yeah, prices are changing guys. I don’t want anybody coming to me saying hey, I didn’t know prices were changing
I am going to have to increase them because of the fact that we’re having so much demand
You can see we have tons of sapphire emeralds rubies
And I was trying to keep this more exclusive because we had a ton of Gold’s
But now we have tons and tons of gold tons of rubies, so I am gonna be changing these on
February 8th which is tomorrow?
And I don’t want too many people coming in so now I’ve actually if you read them they’re called grandfathered so you can see
Grandfathered sapphire grandfathered Ruby because these prices are all gonna change these prices were actually made really early on what we started with
And we’ve seen so much success with these
Alerts and stuff so just so you guys are aware of that. I don’t want too many people getting mad
somebody says uh
Shave your eyebrows you guys are crazy
Personal story how did the scars happen oh?
man one of the scars actually was from
Me walking into a door one of them was from I got a scar. I got tons of scars
I got one falling off like a ATV
There’s going at it. Somebody says thanks for doing this live stuff
Thank you, man, any TRX update not that I know but I’ll tell you I don’t think Jason’s son is gonna
Give his ego up to see that coin
Go to root wither I think he has too much of an ego to let it go down, but obviously price levels are at all-time
Not all-time lows, but there are really low lows compared to that huge run-up. We saw
TRX is gonna have to work its way up you know
I’m not gonna do too many technical analysis on this smaller. Sorry about that
I’m not assume any technical analysis on the smaller coins right now
Just because I don’t see the reasoning, but if you guys are wondering what’s happening with bitcoins price. Don’t be too worried here
We’re still within the contracting falling wedge, and we’re just seeing an ABC correction, which is normal once we see this five wave
Run up so understand. This is completely healthy what we’re seeing right now
for those of you just tuning in you can see 1
2 3
5 and then ABC correction here all
technically backed here a
b c so
This is most likely gonna go down will most likely find support right along this contract and finally wedge will see another 5 wave pattern
probably another ABC
Correction and then another five way pattern to determine whether or not we’re gonna break out of this or find resistance
And then potentially fall back out of it seeing lower lows and then going back
towards this apex
because that’s the goal stay as close to this apex as possible because as we do we’ll find more strength and
We’ll find less sellers, but you can see
We’re looking at cell volume if you pull the one day based on the history
This is the MACD indicator guys just answer the moving average Convergence divergence if you’re on training view right click
Insert indicator. It’s a great indicator to use. It’s right here MACD so when you pull this up
If you can see this histogram. This is showing you the amount of sellers
It’s definitely decreasing here, and it’s getting less and less dramatic which is good, and then if you look here
Sorry for the lag that you’ve got the history the actual MACD the Fastlane starting occur finally you can see it curb
Right there, and that curve is gonna be an indicator of a pullback. It’s like a rubberband when you stretch it
It’ll contract back so
Let’s go ahead and take more questions really quick, and then we’ll go ahead and move on to
The next chart here, which would be litecoin
Let’s go ahead and pull up the 1-day first
Somebody says uh
First time here. This is so interesting Braille from London. I should be asleep Ben Fox. Good to have you been
Shout out to Ben
Robert hi Laurel said love this live update greets from Holland what up Holland good to have you you got any questions Ben
Anything man you’re new hopefully I see it somebody says we’re seeing hey Ben. You know you should do man
If you’re new here you want to really change your life
Dude, this will blow your mind if you have any sort of like vague interest on crypto
And you want to be educated at the highest degree for free
Click this discord link in the description. This court is an app
It’s mainly made for gamers, but I’ve actually transitioned this to a whole community. I’m pretty impressed. We actually had over 20,000 members Ben
But if you get on here, man
You can join in when one of these live chats especially since you’re new highly recommend it
We got people here 24/7 from Holland from London from Australia from Iraq
Everywhere from the United States, but if you click here, you can see people are always in here
People are chatting
This is actually a trading chat where people are calling out trade, so it’s a little bit more quiet
And then as soon as trades come in they’re called immediately so
Highly recommend coming on here if you go to margin trading. You can see all these different charts people are posting I
Wouldn’t get into margin trading if you’re new because there’s a lot more leverage
You can lose a lot more, but you can also gain a lot more, but there’s different places like this guys
HM oku cloud master
Tensor Tom we got a sweet trading chat here, so this will really help educate yourself
And then what I would say is just stay in some of these these chats
And you’ll you’ll learn a lot if you go to voice channels. We’ve got one here for crypto voice and
these are constantly running so I
Really, don’t see us go
Much happier right now like maybe $100, but seems like everybody’s asleep
So he says hi from Trinidad and Tobago your channels looks great so far. Thank you our re
So missus Pollan watching on discord loving the livestream awesome
But yeah guys I if you’re lazy. You know just click the discord link there’s a mobile app. There’s a web version
There’s a desktop version either way you guys are gonna get tons of knowledge from discord highly recommend it
Versus discs or channels are not financial device. No they’re not
Somebody says thoughts on icon
Good day from Portugal my friend get to have you from Portugal
Somebody says if I join patron today’s and you subscriber well the old price stick if I keep my monthly payments
Yes, will lead if you keep your if you are, so yes, we’re changing our patreon prices guys
So this is where we do our trade alerts, and we are changing these prices
effective tomorrow
But if you do get current prices you do have the ability to keep those grandfather prices kind of like if you had a phone
Plan and you kept that phone plan
That’s what you’ll do and then this is kind of how the trading alerts will look so you’ll get
Podcasts for certain like this is a podcast, but information isn’t even any other snipers tube if you leave this morning
This is a mobile app so download the mobile app and then you get push notifications
But this is kind of how the trading alerts look, so I’ll post the coin here
I’ll tell you take profit by zone stop-loss zone a little bit of why I’m calling out this trade so
This is a gonna be
Changing in prices so whoever has it currently will be able to keep their prices
So you have to be able to pick whatever
Level you want now so that when we change the prices you can be
grandfathered into that so I just don’t I really don’t want to have too many people get mad because
They didn’t get the chance to get the prices that they need
Or want because we just have had such a huge influx of people that we have to raise them
Because we need these to be more exclusive especially like these higher tiers like the emeralds and sapphires and the diamonds
We just can’t have hundreds of people in these tiers because it just can’t fulfill 100 one-on-ones right or something of that nature, so
Hopefully that’s okay
Somebody says from Canada now. Everybody’s just shining out their places now
Somebody says 500 likes I got to go blonde. Well. It is what it is I?
Can’t promise that’s gonna be tomorrow, but we will have to do that then man. Oh, man. Hey Siri
Remind me to go blonde tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.. Maybe
What we’re gonna do from now guys we’re gonna head over to our Ruby night owl
For those of you rubies we’re gonna be extending this live stream a little bit
It’s gonna be under patreon exclusive Ruby and above so I know we have tons of rubies now
We have over a hundred online and then we have tons of these higher tiers if you guys want to come into our night out
It’s gonna be in our discord if you’re not in our discord
Night out or actually it’s called a day out because we’re doing this in a day
Then you guys can actually chat around the discord for those of you that aren’t Ruby’s
But we are going to be heading over there right after this it’s going to be under patreon exclusive Ruby plus
And you guys can actually chat with me plug your microphone in and then we’ll have other people in that chat as well
We’re going to be talking about
Some some new things and as well as the future of snipers tube where things are headed because I’m sure a lot of you guys
Have questions we haven’t had a chance to get together
In quite a while, but let’s look at litecoins to try it chart really quick
You can see we’re finding some clear support levels right around these what why is my chart so support levels right around 1.4
Million Satoshi’s did we just do this chart. I hope we did it right. No so resistance at 20 million Satoshi’s
support right around 14 million
And that’s gonna be drawn out within this channel
And this is gonna be on the one day, so let’s get it a little bit of a closer perspective sorry
This is lagging for some reason. Let me see if I can use my
all right, let’s go ahead and expand this a little bit that should be better I
Don’t know why is is lagging?
Let’s zoom into a three hour chart and see if this is gonna. Be better. We can draw out some more precise levels
Okay, that should be better
So we’re forming a little bit of support here right around it was now. It’s 1.3. Million stories 1 foot 3 9 million
We’re seeing this upward trend now saw this run up a little bit of a channel forming there
Looks like we’re about to go right back down
Obviously compared to this RSI and this MACD pointed straight down, but is that gonna really go down too far?
I don’t really think so I think what we’re seeing here with litecoin is a little bit of some strength
Because we’re at these higher highs
Understand what litecoin was at this price range which in u.s.. Dollars is probably like an around 100 150
Bitcoin was really high and when Bitcoin was around the price range of this at now like seven or eight thousand
BIC or litecoins price was probably around 40 or 50 dollars, so
the fact that litecoin has been able to maintain these higher Satoshi values in my opinion is fairly stout and
What my prediction is for most altcoins in this market is as this market starts to correct at least Bitcoin itself?
Breaking through that contracting falling wedge coming out of the price zone coming out of that correction zone in the bear trend
I think all these alt coins are also going to see some
Upside being that they were able to maintain prices as Bitcoin was going down
That’s typically an indicator that when something is going up if it was finding strength once when the the hedge against it was going down
Then that typically means you’ll also see price levels increase
Now does that mean that Satoshi values are gonna increase? No because Satoshi values are not based upon
The USD valuation that’s based upon bitcoins valuation right so in my opinion based on this chart
You need to give us a little bit more time to mature
There hasn’t been much price action as you can see it’s finding a little bit of stability around here
But as it starts to mature I think the main coin to watch with in litecoins
Potential in the future is going to be Bitcoin
Because it’s gonna be hard for it to break past these resistance levels in my opinion. You can see we found
Resistance here we tested it once twice three times so
That’s what I would say for litecoin
So he says there’s no point of selling if you’re gonna buy it more
Yeah, it depends unless you’re rebalancing. That’s the other scenario. That’s potentially gonna occur here
Let’s pull up XR PBT see here and look at ripples price. You can see we are closing in on that downward
Descending triangle if we were to draw this out you can see here if you got some clear support here for me
You’ve got these descending resistance levels
Finally completing that I would actually draw this out a little bit more accurately using these resistance lines that were forming
And as you can see we’re forming that descending triangle you guys know how a descending triangle looks if you’re on our discord
It’s not just the community you can actually go to tools here training 101 and then on our discord. There’s a descending triangle
showing you how these
Clear support levels are formed where they’re horizontal and is descending resistance levels are what form a descending triangle
That’s coming from an uptrend so you’re descending down you’re finding support. You’re bouncing up
Finding support so it’s different from an ABC correction in which you’re not going below
Your staying as stable support lines
But your resistance levels continue to bring your your price levels down and it’s almost like pressure acting on top of the prices bringing it
down which eventually you see that drop and
consolidation which will potentially see here with the ripple
Which I wouldn’t be surprised to see just based on the fundamentals as well you guys heard they had a meeting
I think it was like a live meeting recently and there’s just a couple things about ripple that
Don’t make me as optimistic about it as other coins
Somebody says uh hopefully Bitcoin goes up hard around Chinese New Year. That’s good. It’s always good to stay positive like that
You can get rid of lives if you click on the magnet on the left. Thank you brother
That’s why oh I didn’t know that get clicked oh
None of these were supposed to get click
There you go. Thank you brother
Let me get this out of the way
George key will shout out
zero fees on Robin Hood app for crypto yes zero fees
The fact is some days and more people
Some days people sell more some days people buy more yes
So I actually have a meeting guys. I have a meeting right now. I have a diamond one-on-one meeting
We’re all gonna be heading over to our
Discord I’ll be starting this night owl’ it’s gonna be under Reuben above you can see we already had a couple people here
I’ll be heading over there. It’s going to start around I’d say 4:30 p.m.. Pacific
Standard Time which is in about 25 minutes?
So you guys can come in here now highly recommend it, and then if you guys would like to join our discord
You’re more than welcome to click the link in the description, but hopefully this helped out guys
You know we went through all the coins. I wanted to go through other than xlm I do want to do xlm really quick here
Because I already drew this out very similar to like coin in terms of satoshi value
I’ll kind of show you guys what I drew out earlier
I’ve actually edit this a little bit. You can see these clear channels forming
What I’m most interested to see right now with
Stellar in terms of satoshi values pulling up this one day
You can see how the 50-day and the 100 a starting to catch up to these price levels, which I think are good
I think what we’re eventually gonna find is we’re gonna find. You can see we found perfect look at that look how beautiful that wix’s
Literally went right down to that 50-day. That’s how important these indicators are guys look
How we went right down to that 50-day it bounced on so I think we’re gonna start
Converging with that 50-day moving average there to be really good because that would be a clear support line for
Xlm and what this will do as it goes up is it will xlm price up with it, so this could eventually
Start to see that support and horizontal pattern forming here
Which I think it will eventually test these higher highs and eventually breaking out of this
And that’s that’s purely based on my fundamental analysis here in
Understanding moving averages and seeing how it’s starting to rise while RSI is starting to drop
So very good sign here. I think what you’ll want to wait for them. There’s a
Sorry on this one-day chart is to see this price level
Kind of start to swing itself back in terms of the fast line here on the MACD
So that’s what I would watch for here with xlm
And then looking at the media chart like I said if you compare this to litecoin
It still needs a little bit more mature because it’s so stable. It’s not that volatile so less patterns to actually be formed
But you can see it’s trading right along the sanno this would be a really good day trading channel actually in my opinion
So you can have these really clear levels of support and resistance and the the name of the game in day trading is
Volatility I mean that’s where you will really make the most majority of your profits
And trading in general is all about volatility. That’s what brought me into this market
Somebody says you didn’t give away the book. Yeah, so we’ll do a book giveaway
So this will be open to all of our platforms twitch Facebook Twitter and YouTube
So he says India loves you. Thank you brother. Thanks from India Gaurav
Then he said mommy funny, so let’s go ahead and so the book giveaway
So he says pink hair for 600 likes sure if we have 600 lights. We’ll do pink hair
You guys are insane and now the lights go up. It’s such a phenomena. Oh
Mash this actually might happen that would not be good. Let’s not do that pink hair. I’d rather do blonde
And be I think it’d be interesting to sleep blonde
Yeah, and that’s ridiculous
Some say I just signed up for Ruby pledge on patreon. Thank you for a warning of a price increase
I’ve been thinking of joining for a few months now awesome TP to get to have you man
perfect time especially before the
Price noises and I hit miss my dad
Yo, you forgot stellar their stellar um so the book giveaway?
So here’s the question for the book giveaway
Actually started teaching something new without you guys really realizing it
I like to teach as I go and if you guys don’t know
What I taught today, which I’ve never talked about actually I talked about it yesterday. I introduced it yesterday. I taught it today, but
What is and this is gonna be for?
Let me actually write this down here, so this is gonna be for the Internet of money
It’s going to be
This book right over here
It’s a really good book by Andres, and I’m Tomas. I can’t say his last name, but what is the end of this?
Contracting falling wedge called right over here. It’s a very general term, but it also
defines this endpoint and
There’s a name to it, and I talked about it today. I used it today. It’s a term
Let’s see what let’s see who wins this is open to all platforms by the way
I’ll just pick a random person here
All right
H Carvey double-oh-seven said apex
Congratulations brother and then I’ll pick somebody from YouTube. That’s from twitch send me a message on
Twitter and
then Steven moi da
From YouTube you won as well brother good for you Steven. Send me a message on Twitter, and we’ll go ahead and verify your YouTube
Channel and your twitch for hcar, and you guys will get that book sent out to you congratulations guys
We’re gonna be heading over here rubies and above we’re gonna be doing a little private night owl or day owl
it’s going to be under ruby plus you can see we already have ton of people here will be just taking questions and
Interacting with you guys, it’s gonna be fun
And we can talk a little bit more about crypto
Talk about some uncensored things and some stuff that I’ve learned here from some private masterminds that I’ve reached attended
And I hope you guys enjoyed this early livestream. Did you guys enjoy this?
And somebody says Tron apex yes
Just as I missed it NIC trees no
Thanks, brother cryptic Caleb and Marshall white in the house that cool kid Nate on Twitch JL Eric Mora
Michael are Justin Rogers Randy Sullivan don’t be a psycho
Apples Patrick Mike one two three is in the house
Adam see Kelly Mullen said, it’s Austin Thank You Kelly MIG Zakaria said a DEA
Senko 187 thank you brother Thank You GU Rob
Thank You Kelly
Awesome, thank you TP
Who else do we got here? I?
Said how many likes to shave your eyebrows you guys keep getting me. I’m gonna have to re-evaluate my negotiating skills
Marshall I said, I got a shout out. Yes Adam see shout to Adam and Omar Thank You Omar all right guys
We’re heading over Dante Martin said can’t wait for the blonde hair Josh mathe thanks for the video blondie
Oh man 24 B Jones very helpful awesome good
Nina yes, I don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night lol. That’s good
I might I might do a surprise one tonight who knows
Thank you guys so much by the way
We’re looking for content creators that know technical analysis and willing to do their own live streams
We’re gonna be trying to do constant live streams on this channel 24 hours
And we’re gonna be experimenting with that so if you do want to do that go on general info
Opportunity to just make your first video of a price predictions video kind of like how I do
Doing your technical analysis what I’m looking for is accuracy within your charts. I don’t care about predictions. You never can predict anything
I know that but I’m looking for accuracy because you can be very accurate with the way you draw your charts
And that’s the key to technical analysis so for those of you interested in that highly recommend
That’s an opportunity for you guys to possibly go full time on YouTube as well
And that’s kind of more of a long-term goal as we get more content creators
And we build up rapport within the community and you guys are vetted out so
Thank you guys so much for watching
Somebody says mid Gobert room yes snipers out, so he says you’re the man with the plan boy
Patreon is until 12:00 a.m.. PST PST
Ace number to check out Bab
Yes, thank you it up air. Thank you
Awesome guys understood. That’s a great idea
Well will it be any diamond or Ruby subscription giveaway
Yeah, we’ll do something like that. We’re eventually gonna do like sapphire and above night owls, and now that we have a lot more sapphires
There’ll be a lot more exclusive, so it’d be cool, and then emerald and above night owls diamond and above
So we’ll do all of it, so he says love your video. Can you please device?
Alright guys. See you Ruby right Gabriel. I’ll see you there. Thank you guys for watching and
We’re gonna be talking about some awesome stuff too now in the Ruby above night owl
Or actually day out, and I appreciate you guys watching this video tonight of today, and yeah, thank you guys snipers out


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