Price Predictions: Bitcoin ($BTC), Ripple ($XRP), Ethereum ($ETH), Litecoin ($LTC), & Tron ($TRX)!

Wow no sound we just went through everything with no sound Are you kidding me? Wow I got it I gotta just pop the Lacroix here welcome to the live stream sniper’s tube. We’re gonna be taking requests from the viewers We’re gonna be going through price analysis looking at Bitcoin aetherium and some of the main coins Who do we got on tonight a bond Oh Alex McKeon? Everybody’s laughing right now cuz there was no sound I was just going on and on and on my gosh looking at this chart here There are very important levels to watch right now with Bitcoin and we were talking about the resistance level on the Fibonacci retracement as well as the overall horizontal pattern starting to form within this channel, so we’re gonna get into it, but Everybody say lol, so he said finally sound rookie Man I swear I click the sound button before we started this, but then it automatically just shuts off for no reason come on So he says I’m echoing a lot my gosh Well, hopefully y’all are tuned in and listening right now somebody says dude again I can’t pay for the program if I can’t hear you Pamela whoever to pay for what program you’re not hearing me right now Or do you hear me now because it says my mic is on Pamela? Kelly said hello, and I am way to go awesome school boy air I apologize technical difficulties right never a dull moment So you guys were pretty much watching me like oh? Man so let’s go ahead and somebody says look go in the garbage Brandon Lee beater. That is Mute if you clicked on discord all right that makes sense So let’s go ahead and jump right into this. Sorry about that David Caleb Julio Torres everyone’s now Complaining about the sound joseph lavash does first time live stream all right all right Enough with the comments, right? So we were looking at Bitcoin. We’re looking at this horizontal. Channel actually clear out this here We’ll actually redraw most of this stuff here. Just so we can have a better view here Especially if you’re new to trading and you – charting. I’ll kind of help you out a little bit This is our trading view chart once again and right here You have the volume the RSI that MACD we’re gonna be pulling up the Fibonacci retracement as well And we’re gonna actually draw that from the top to the bottom to also get potential support and resistance levels for those of you Don’t know how to use the Fibonacci retracement. It is a mathematical Indicator with some known proven math here you can see that’s the fibonacci duration that are currently following right now with Bitcoin And we take a look and zoom in will draw several different important levels to watch here of course We’ve got this overall bearish flag here that has formed since December somebody sits still no sound No, there’s definitely sound crypto. Jenny said we can hear you now? Somebody said no sound. What do you what is going on? Test test one two three test test do you hear me? Do you hear me somebody says you get more handsome every time I view a live stream you Have sound Robbie says I have sound so this is you’re getting trolled alright anyways Let’s go ahead and draw this out here. So this is overall flag pattern that we’re watching once again You can see if we drew this if we draw it out with this new resistance It doesn’t really make sense so we have to draw this out the one that was Forming overall, and if you see exactly what’s happening here we’ll actually go ahead and Make sure that looks perfectly here with these resistance lines with that wicks on the top there will zoom into the for our chart I love the for our charts a really good chart to really get some really good price visuals over a couple of days like if You’re trying to plan out the next couple of days The four-hour turn in my opinion is a really powerful one and once you get to like the one hour and the 15 minute you Start getting into more of like the day trading type of chart so really I say that starting from the one day and then zooming in from there is really the best strategy for any trader because it really gives you that overall perspective because you want to know what the overall pattern is and then you also want to zoom in and See a little bit more in depth of what channels are forming what type of Elliot waves are forming and things of that nature Depending on what if trader you are there’s different indicators that you can use there’s also Bollinger Bands if we’ve actually never used it here. We’ll start using the Bollinger Bands You can see the Bollinger Bands as well It really gives you an idea of when something is oversold or overbought And it gives you an idea of when are you gonna see trends going up and down because obviously you guys know the market never Just goes straight up or straight down it typically trends up and down So we’re gonna be taking a look at this price level here You can see we found resistance right at the Fibonacci retracement here trying to step into this yellow zone here Which is the point 38 and? Once we get into that I think that’s gonna go ahead and give us a little bit more of a solid depiction of where bitcoin is gonna stay over the next couple of days because the goal is to stay above this fly at least at Minimum because that flag right there is what’s gonna bring the price and pull it down Being the fact that it is a bearish flag, and it’s descending so if we’re staying on top of it Which it looks like we’ve found some sort of strength here But then we saw the overall resistance at this double top that formed here at 11792 well actually draw that double top up is really the overall strong resistance that we’re facing And once we can break through This is when I think that people should take their assets instead of trading forty to fifty percent or thirty to fifty percent That’s when you can start inserting seventy five percent 80 percent 90 percent of your assets to be allocated into the market rather than just holding it on the side for fiap so I think it’s always good if you’re unsure of a Trade or you’re unsure of a trend you want to have cash on the side because having that cash on the sides gonna give you Power whenever we either hit a bottom Or if you know there’s gonna be some strength or upside over the next couple of days or even hours So I think that’s one of the most important things to watch so he says nightbot got jokes Everybody’s hating the night Bop Somebody says to the moon So let’s go ahead and take some questions from the viewers and go ahead and see where things are headed Let’s see what people have to say here Jaitley said gonna go to ten point three k then drop to hell seven is 6 K. What makes you think that J Lee so he says the old flat pattern is not valid anymore beat cease forming is sending triangle Why are we still talking about the old five pattern rap? Well? Why would you say? It’s not valid when we found support on the flag I totally disagree with that. I think the fly patter is extremely valid the flag pattern itself is what’s been acting as a support? Once it comes out of here acts as a support And it’s always important to keep those lines drawn out you never want to See people they may think that they can just kind of Like take a pattern and then just use that one pattern and then play off of that one pad when in reality You have to take into account Every pattern that has really formed over the overall trend so you’re aware of potential support and resistance levels And it gives you an idea of where price levels could either hit higher low and in my opinion It’s important to keep this flag drawn out because it has so much Statistical data back behind it being the fact that it’s formed over three months, so I would not discredit this fly 100% it has a lot of data to it it has a lot of It has a lot of numbers backing it and in my opinion it’s extremely important to keep note of so somebody just super chatted and cash everybody else to talk about end cast I Think and cash in my opinion so far from what I’ve seen from it I think it’s a good coin to hold obviously it’s getting a lot of hype and I’ll tell you what anytime you see hype with any coin you typically see some sort of upside some sort of pump and Obviously you can see volume is starting to increase here MACD is trying to soar through the roof RSI is completely oversold in the four-hour free to pull up the 1-day, you can see here There’s not as much data to really tell where prices are headed but in my opinion We’re definitely gonna see some sort of a pump Here’s what I’ll tell you if you’re playing and cash if you want to get in on it You’re more than welcome to but as soon as you start seeing higher highs in my opinion That’s when you want to start taking your profits Don’t let this become another Tron right that’s sometimes what happens when something gets a lot of hype and cash is a great coin Fundamentally it has a really good team behind it. I was looking at all of their projects. I was looking at what their concept of Decentralization is and in my opinion. They have a good team. Just like a lot of other projects like V chain, right V Chain is a great project as well. It’s seeing some upside but in my opinion Sometimes things get really hyped up. They get really overvalued if you point pull up coin market cap you can see here. What’s happening? With in cash we’ll pull up the coin market cap here Pull up in cash roll over 17% in Satoshi valuation in an upside while the market in General is currently down so in my opinion. It’s obviously seeing attention It’s getting that pump, but is it gonna continue to run up and stay up That’s really the question that people have to ask themselves. I think it will definitely go up Whether it’s gonna stay up or not in my opinion you want to be very careful with a coin that sees this much Upside and this must have this much attention because it’s seen quite a bit of it But it doesn’t mean you can’t make money off of it right you can get your position and now just like Trot tons of people made tons of money trumpet a lot of people lost money, too So you have to be careful in that aspect when trading coins that have this sort of upside so somebody says Is there a night owl tonight Anthony Garrity? Yes, we’re gonna. Have a ruby and above mastermind Brendon Lee bear why am I no longer a mod on here? I don’t know why have you not attended any from high streets over the past month brother? You’ll probably have to send me a message man We’ll have to talk and you know settle that one out somebody says could you do LTC yes? We will be looking at light coin as well. Let’s go ahead and pull up LTC any other requests By the way, we got n cash we got Bitcoin And cash there’s not much technicals I’m not gonna spend too much time on that because it’s more of a Fundamental coin that I would look at it’s not necessarily something that has enough data to back it since it’s such a new coin But coins like light coin of course we can go back into you know history and really start in in you know Interpretating the data. That’s actually provided there so sometimes you have to make sure that these points that just come out into the market Aren’t necessarily being played upon technical analysis But more so being played upon fundamental analysis because I think some people they take too much pride into their technical analysis when in reality You have to look at fundamentals when it comes to coins that either just come on to the market or coins that have that sort of fundamental aspect to them like I would say even like DGD for example it has a Fundamental aspect to it in which you have to look at it’s actually intrinsic value right, but then of the day We are in a speculative market. We’re not in the stock market where it’s been established for decades and decades and decades This is a market in which it’s so new people are speculating and that speculation is what’s causing an increase in prices for all of these coins, so I would highly recommend being careful in that regard somebody says Help them haha Jyothi you got a relax, man. We can’t have that brother, so he says I think you might interpret I Probably did Angelou said credits B&B. Please coin burn got pushed back to April. That’s interesting Yes I
Know that coin burn is coming out you guys don’t know what the B&B coin burnt for the past two coin burns that have occurred with B and B the price levels have soared exponentially because of the fact that they’re going to burn coins which limits supply and price is always based upon supply and demand so Look forward to that in April Somebody says great lesson. Thank you Julius Caesar. I like that name very very formal there Somebody says XRP explanation, sorry if you already discussed, but what does X why does extra p-value go down? But BTC value not as volatile Nicholas Smith well XRP Just like n cash right it had all of this height when you see a coin that has hype you have to be careful with Where you keep your money because I understand some people want to be long-term investors in this market But in my opinion a long-term investor in this market doesn’t have to put themselves in a position where they’re gonna be Negative in their portfolio if they know they can they prevent it by sending up proper stop losses and risk management Techniques and one of those is allocating your assets properly But in my opinion we need a weight for Bitcoin to find some strength on the side of you know the bulls For it to go ahead and be a coin that can be confidently invested in in terms of long term potential because at this point we’re in this phase where if Bitcoin does not go ahead and rally past 12 It’s really gonna show some downside over the next couple of months, and there’s a lot of factors I have to do with that and it doesn’t mean that I’m not bearish or bullish about the market right now I’m more so bullish on the long term, but in the short term There’s so many factors that play in part here one of them is the hedge funds that have been coming out if you guys don’t Know 100 hedge funds are starting to be Incorporated here and slowly focus on crypto currencies and what’s happening is you’ve got all these individuals in these big investors Right doctors and lawyers that have all this capital to invest and they want to preserve their wealth So they’re willing to diversify Because they don’t know what’s gonna happen next ten years or 20 years in the US dollar or any of that so they want to Make sure they have a stake in everything right so they’re gonna put some money in hedge fund that are focused on crypto currencies But when they get their report, and they see that they’re 20 percent down And they’re not used to that because you don’t see that in the stock market They might go ahead and say hey I want to sell all my assets and that I want to take my money back and then those hedge funds are now forced to Sell, so that’s something that wasn’t in play a you know a year ago, but is now in play in this market You know there’s other factors like the futures right you look at futures where you’re betting against Bitcoin, or you look at margin trading? You’re shorting Bitcoin, so now there’s all of these other factors playing in part here Which is why I think we’re seeing this type of price action in the beginning of 2018 obviously for q1 it hasn’t been the best quarter But I think q2 q3 q4 Could really be the quarters where we start seeing some sort of upside being the fact that Bitcoin has been Oversold over the past couple of months and at this point Bitcoin Fundamentally has not changed right the blockchain is still there the blockchain is there the blockchain is still in high demand transaction speeds are not the best but they are Obviously you know working on that with the Lightning Network and other implementations that can hopefully go ahead and improve that but in my opinion Fundamentally Bitcoin hasn’t changed I think it’s just the things surrounding Bitcoin that have really influenced the price in q1 which in q2 q3 q4 I can see a little bit more upside Being the fact that you’re not gonna have as much of this uncertainty And people are going to be more certain of how these other factors are gonna play in part towards Bitcoin like having futures having margins having hedge funds and things of that nature, so Another thing is with the SEC. Just announced right? They said that they’re going to pretty much order all of these exchanges to delist anything, that’s Considered a security if it’s not registered with SEC now the issue with that is there’s a lot of coins that are going to be Issued as security because of the principles of how securities are Determined through the how we test right, and if you look at Bitcoin That’s one of the coins that most likely won’t be deemed as security because it just doesn’t pass the Howey test it’s it doesn’t go through the the criteria to be considered of security So I think there’s gonna be a lot of confidence in Bitcoin so I think fundamentally Bitcoin is actually getting better and better right now understand this as well. I talked about this about them You know a couple months ago eight to twelve months is really where I see institutional money coming into the market And I think the reason I said eight to 12 months now that I’m really coming into more of a concrete Understanding is the fact that regulation needs to come into this market for institutional investors and Wales Quote-unquote to really be confident in keeping their money in Bitcoin let alone putting their money in Bitcoin So I think that’s really where we’re starting to see more of this transition more of this maturity in Bitcoin in the whole market in general And I think we’re really gonna see a lot of changes in q2 and three But I think those changes are all going to be good for the long-term future of Bitcoin Which in my opinion is a world of mass adoption right? That’s really what we’re looking for you know December was an amazing run I think December was awesome because it showed us the potential that Bitcoin has rather than Just you know a huge pump, so Somebody says the government created Bitcoin named oh Man Joe, you’ve you’ve got a relaxed brother my gosh All this controversy all this controversy man somebody says neo Somebody says day trading and scalping both the same This hat everybody will have free Ont they’re just trying to get an airdrop on the live chat These air drops man. You know what’s cool about air drops air drops almost are away for coins It’s not be deemed as securities right if the coin is not going to raise funds But it’s gonna have an air drop and they release the coins to the consumers Eventually those coins if they go ahead and rise in value But they were first and said you know they were first created as an or they were first given out as an air drop That also could playing part and coins not being deemed by security in certain regards right there’s other Aspects into how he tests that have to be in place, but that’s one factor here. You know people asked Why these you know these companies giving air drops all the time? well There’s a lot of reasons why and one of those reasons is you know not raising funds allows them to almost bypass that quote-unquote securities how he tests You know criteria is in order to go ahead and not be deemed as security Just like Bitcoin where Bitcoin at first wasn’t a storage of value right like when I got into Bitcoin I’ll tell you this around 2010 you know Bitcoin to me wasn’t something to hold Bitcoin was something that was almost this middle play Right it was something to get money to somebody else And it was what we used to get the money there right I remember accepting payments in Bitcoin and I would literally just use the Bitcoin to Withdraw my funds and US dollar and once I had my US dollars Whatever Bitcoin was left in my wallet just for whatever reason, I wouldn’t really pay attention to it as something that I wanted to hold because it was almost like having extra change right and Understand that’s the completely Opposite mindset of what we have now because it’s almost like the mindset you I had previously that what most people had around 2010 2012 2013 and 14 s really where things started to shift and people started to realize the intrinsic value of it, but in 2010 it was more so a currency right and when you use a currency your mindset with any currency is different Right a currency is something that over time eventually gets devalued, right? It’s slowly D Values and that’s why you’re willing to go ahead and use it to purchase groceries purchase a car purchase whatever you might want to buy Versus right now with Bitcoin people don’t necessarily want to use as much of it Because they know it can possibly go up in value so why give up something that could eventually go up in value right why spend A Bitcoin on a Lamborghini when that Bitcoin could eventually buy you 10 so that? Mindset that shift was really apparent around 2013 and 14 where Bitcoin started hitting these higher levels And I think that’s really where people started to realize the intrinsic value of it, and that’s why it passes the house It’s because when it started. It was never to raise funds. It was never as an investment opportunity for anyone, right? It was just a peer-to-peer currency that was created in ordered exchange from one to another and that Eventually turned into the storage of value as the blockchain got Congested and it got in higher demand and things of that nature, which obviously increased the value so so he says Smash up those likes somebody says what are your thoughts on Tron’s? tests net versus main net um That’s a huge conversation Vincent But to be honest like I have it looked much into their test net and what they’re trying to accomplish So I don’t want to speak about something I’m not as confident in somebody says got a ton of LTC getting sleepy you’re gonna get it too as soon No well, man. Y’all are feisty today gosh So we’re looking at LTC here and looking at LCCC You can see we’ve got several different levels to watch and draw some new support levels here You can see we’ve got this rounding Cup here that formed It looks like we came out of an initial breakout finding support right here right along It looks to be right at one point eight million Satoshi’s And now we’re seeing a little bit of that run-up that occurred recently Which actually brought the price all the way up to around two million Satoshi’s seeing some consolidation Now it looks like with litecoin in my opinion seeing a little bit of strength you can see overall We’ve got an ascending support line here forming if you actually draw this out from here You can see this trench is starting to form here where it’s actually ascending And I think if we can start seeing a little bit of further upside here in this MACD as well to start to cross back over to this side I think that’s gonna be the most positive thing for litecoin if we pull up the one day chart here is well Looking at litecoin here You can see there’s a little bit of cell volume But I don’t think it’s enough in the histogram to really deem it as something That’s gonna become oversold over the next couple of days I think it’s gonna see a little bit of further upside being the fact that if you look at the RSI as well We’re also over 40 here so looking at RSI And this is right The level that I would be watching for so anything under that would be more of a bearish or a sign level so I think Being the fact that we’re above that right now That’s more bullish and then looking at overall price levels and volume as well You can see we had a little bit of a spike of by volume recently and remember This is the one day chart so if you can look at the current volume. It’s obviously declined However with our size still over 40 and you can see the MACD is not necessarily going under anymore It’s actually finding support along the neutral zone here Which is pretty much the zero right so you pretty much have these different points where it goes from point one point two point three Four five six all the way back down here you can see we found support right along point two and then went and Zipped right back up so what the ideal scenario would be here You can see as soon as we went and hit this level we started to go back up just like we did here Where we eventually swung back? so I’m expecting the MACD to also that fast link to go ahead and start to swing back finding support again at This – and the one thing I’d be watching for with the MACD is to see are we gonna cross this level here cuz this Kind of acting as a zone of barrier where we’re not gonna see any sort of major Sell-off as long as it doesn’t go ahead and cross that mark so I think it’s gonna be a pretty easy Trade here. I don’t see much strength or any sort of indicators of strength But I certainly don’t see too much bearish indicators as well I think the the the litecoin price in satoshi value right now is fairly strong And you can see we’ve had quite a bit of quick run ups here You’ve had these support levels maintain themselves for quite a while now All the way since December all the way until now it’s stay at these higher highs and in my opinion That’s a really good thing for litecoin Especially when we saw this breakout all the way up here because it’s a toch evaluation that was actually a lot different than what we saw with LTC USD Where when you look at the USD chart it looks a lot different because we had an all-time high right over here And I think that hit right around 360 dollars now seeing a little bit of consolidation, so it’s a completely different chart But in my opinion. It’s still chart that you can pretty much look at it and say well RSI as you can see bounced right off of 40 check this out This is why I talk about the RSI at 40 look. How we bounce right on there, so Don’t think of that as like an imaginary line that is an actual level of Trend right there if it goes under 40 you can assume that we’re gonna see further downside and most likely bottom out that’s right here We found support at 40 We finally broke it and that initiated the downtrend all the way back down So that’s where you start seeing things get oversold and in my opinion That’s actually a really good place to buy right if it does break 40 you want to wait for it to go ahead and break 30 and at that point that’s the Position of entry so that you can go ahead and ride the wave back up right buying the red selling the green Another thing you can do is look for a sending RSI level So you can see here as well this RSI support continues to ascend so you can see one right? here two three Four five so five points of ascent and that right. There is a bullish trend so overall with litecoin I’m still holding my light coin personally I had purchased some light coin right around these levels, and I’m still very bullish on it I expect this to start to run up and my opinion will test these all-time highs and Once we test those all times highs. I think will eventually break through I don’t think it’s seen as bad of a consolidation as Bitcoin I think it’s showing strength in that manner and in my opinion. It still has a lot of further upside Not only that if you look at volume over the past 24 hours for litecoin And you constantly look at the volume for like coin. It’s always extremely high in terms of ratio compared to its Total market cap so if you look at its volume here 572 million versus Bitcoin cash which has a higher market cap but less volume over the past 24 hours So in my opinion because the volume is so high for light coin that means it’s being used more I think it has that intrinsic Aspect to it in which a lot of exchanges do accept light coin because it’s been around for so long I mean I remember like coming back when Bitcoin was around it was another coin. That was there It’s just not something that many people used unless it was almost like I wouldn’t call it a novelty but it was an alternative to Bitcoin right it’s the silver to Bitcoin and That’s why it has so much adoption and you can see even here with Ripple 355 billion in volume in the past 24 hours with a 31 Dollar market cap versus a ten billion dollar market cap and five hundred and seventy two million dollars so in my opinion that stout Compared to all these other coins ratios in my opinion if litecoin were to go ahead and go up in value in terms of And it kept its ratio of volume to market cap in my opinion That would push litecoin to the top three Instead of staying there at the top five and I think that’s really what we want to see over the next couple of months is to see that volume starting to increase in that market caps are Increased consecutively and keeping that ratio there where it’s a high ratio of use so Somebody says word is that and cash has a sketchy site? Totti and cash is an awesome project if you really look into I would definitely do it I mean the thing is with all the hype you know like if I were to invest in it as something long-term It’s not something I would put a position in now and hold long term It’s a position that I would put in and set up a laddering method out if you guys know how to play breakouts I’ll teach you right now Anytime you have a breakout you want to ladder your way out so Like with litecoin once we had that breakout as soon as you see this influx of volume that kind of Initiates in your mind that we’re gonna see some sort of an upside and that’s how I’ve been able to actually call these trade alerts If you guys are getting our trade alerts you guys know we had these two last trade alerts both of them resulted I think in over 30 percent profits And this one was like over 50 percent Profits and the reason I was able to look at that is because you could tell here well this one was a little bit different In which the RSI was actually heading up in the MACD crossed over and that’s kind of how I realized this was going up so As soon as we posted this pretty much within hours I had a huge run-up And it’s stayed in its take profit zone Because understand these are technical analysis trade alerts that we post so you can see we’re still in the take profit zone And then a RN was a little bit different the reason I called this one as we saw an increase in volume so I went ahead and Initiated that buy zone because it made me predict the fact that okay if we saw this influx of volume We’re most likely to see more Volume and then eventually you can see how as soon as you posted that trend earlier it popped up about 30% in that take profit Zone and you can see the wick stayed up there eventually Consolidating which is why we have those take profit Zones because you want to take your profits if you don’t take your profits you would be at a negative Entry right now so if you would have bought here not sold there you would be negative versus taking profits And then seeing lower downside and then waiting for another indicator of another push up. That’s how you trade, right? That’s how you come out with those thirty forty fifty percent profits It’s when you go ahead and take your profits not leave your money in a coin that goes up, and then you’re like okay It’s gonna go higher That’s called greed, and you don’t want to be greedy in this market and if you look at this coin here with light coin You can see if we were to take profits and ladder our way out as soon as we see that breakout You can sell twenty percent here sell twenty percent here Hold shift here somebody recommended that hold shift there twenty percent there Twenty percent here, and then latter your way out right so that by the time it consolidates You already have your position out and you’ve taken your profits, and you’ve made your money And that’s how you pay yourself in this market, right? understand that if you don’t ever pay yourself in this market you’re always gonna be in some sort of You know I would call uncertainty because you don’t know What your exit is and at that point all you’re gonna be focused on is the current market health and you want to focus on Future market health you want to focus on the fact that okay for the markets red right now. It’s most likely going to turn green The question is when is it gonna turn green and when it does turn green take your profits. Don’t just leave your profits there, so It helps out somebody said OST big weeks coming up what request do y’all have here. Let’s take some requests So they said hey nine team love your channel. I am in disc or two I love hanging out there listening to traders and getting the perspective That is awesome you mod shoutout to you more a Jaa’s awesome feedback Hcard double seven said gos. Let’s see Matthew said got any tips or a TRX holder who’s now lost half his money We can get into that Jonathan Alfonso said neo, Joe said, AOS dragon said deep onion Yanni Said so you laughed at my predict Let’s see what she said Jonnie or he you spent five minutes let sight laugh into my prediction last I say bhiku hit 10k and then fail fall But I ended up being right and I made 20 cent profit who’s laughing now. Well. I’ll actually go and show you exactly what really did happen here because We’ll go ahead and pull up this four hour chart Jonnie Nothing against you I mean III don’t know if you’re taking it personally or anything. I hope not But what I’ll tell you is you can see when price levels went up here. They never really hit ten thousand You can see right around ninety eight hundred is like the highest we hit there were ninety nine hundred But ten thousand wasn’t the level so I don’t know what you’re talking about But ten thousand never acted as any sort of resistance for a Bitcoin it still hasn’t so I think you’re just trying to Assume that you were right and trying to come up with any possible way to say that cuz it never hit ten thousand I never saw any exchange at ten thousand when Bitcoin had that run-up So I might be wrong if you’re looking at Korean exchanges You might be right, but in terms of my G Dax it never looked at they never saw ten thousand So I don’t know what you know what you’re talking about but Hopefully you’re not taking this personally. I’m just saying you know my prediction is Ten thousand never has been something to watch for Bitcoin because it pretty much either goes through it Or it doesn’t really see any sort of overall resistance there right in my opinion Bitcoin will see resistance based upon Fibonacci retracements based upon either I would call Bollinger Bands as well as potential resistance levels but more so RSI Fibonacci retracements and even looking at the MACD looking at the histogram seeing when something is oversold or overbought I don’t necessarily like to look at price levels right because some big events can act as resistance But for the most part what you’ll find is looking at technical charts looking at technical indicators are more so better to that somebody says Name, how do you set up? How do I set up what somebody says Bitcoin is rigid II Mean said hey nine, thanks for starting the stream earlier really helps out with us US Coast or East Coast Yeah, for sure we’re definitely trying to get those East Coast folks happier. I know live streams get kind of late I said I missed it so he says just admit you are wrong I Admit that. I’m wrong all the time. I’m just saying I mean if you believe that that’s your perspective Go ahead start your own live stream. Talk about your perspective right it’s good to get different perspectives. That’s my opinion Somebody says your name serious question. How should I tell my dad that no that’s ridiculous at Google ha ha so he says naive IOS T. So I saw yo s twice, let’s actually pull up yo s BTCC take a look at that chart I saw somebody on Twitch H car said it and that somebody else also mentioned it, so let’s go ahead and check it out So he’s an East Coaster here H karf awesome large bud said thanks for telling about HST, I’m holding this long-term good for you brother, that’s awesome somebody says Select the appropriate time line is the most difficult part of ta that needs to be the easiest part for you There’s not a specific timeframe you want to look at remember you want to go from the one day And I’d say zoom in from there right like when I set up these trade alerts for everyone I set them up on the 4-hour chart because their swing trades And they’re typically in the last two to six days sometimes a little bit longer But these swing trades are fairly fast so the for our charts perfect right it’s not too far in it’s not too far out But looking at a 1-day chart for a trade alert Probably wouldn’t be as feasible and then looking at a one-hour chart would be a little bit too much in my opinion Sometimes I do the one hour if it’s something That’s you know gonna see some sort of immediate upside or potential media upside so you can pretty much predict strength when you see strength in something it gives you a Feeling of okay, I know this is gonna go up the question is how far is it gonna go up? And that’s why I say set your take profit Zones eight to twelve percent up, and then you can even set it up a little bit higher But there’s also a risk and reward right so you also want to determine. What is your potential loss? where is your potential or what is your potential risk and what is your potential reward and you always want to make sure your Reward has higher upside you have higher Reward potential than risk because the more reward potential the more of a safer trade It is and you never want to trade uncertain right on certain trades typically lead to losses or Minimal gains right you want to trade strength when you see strength you trade into it so you can take advantage of the strength That’s why I volume is such a good indicator and looking at this cos chart You can see this huge spike of cell volume which in my opinion isn’t good for a OS however remember it it doesn’t mean that when prices are low it’s a bad time to get in it’s actually sometimes the best time to get in and Looking at RSI Cos obviously looks extremely oversold our site is actually a 24 right now in my opinion You know s at this point If you were to start dollar-cost averaging your position in that would probably be the smartest move for EOS So I see EOS is a great trade right now We actually drew out these levels of dollar cost averaging on the previous livestream And I highly recommend to continue that strategy because in my opinion the last resort here, which is the support right around? 54,000 satoshis is where we’re most likely gonna either head to or see some sort of extreme run-up You know heading towards that price level And iOS for me is a long-term project right cos has a great platform a great team behind it You look at you know what they’re creating there Eventually right now transitioning from the ERC 20 into their own native blockchain and in my opinion They have some sort of value to them that a lot of coins don’t have right They have 21 centralized nodes that allow us to be extremely fast now. It’s not going to be as decentralized There’s going to be less consensus but overall that could be used in other areas like supply and logistics where you need some sort of speed right versus having something as Decentralized completely with decentralized nodes that also hinders the speed right It’s almost like the dial-up of the internet is right and like we’re right now in the dial-up of blockchain, right? It’s just it’s just really slow. That’s why decentralized exchanges won’t necessarily be any sort of Thing until they can increase their speeds right until they can increase their speeds you’re going to see exchanges like finance become more prominent And I think by Nance and is kind of why I like to be in betoken which I still Would consensus consider holding because the coin burn coming up in April is? Definitely going to make the B&B token most likely rise in value as the past two did However, I think by Nance in general is almost like the AOL right it’s like the AOL from back in the dial-up days Where you had you know these different online service providers Now you have these exchanges that are allowing you to trade all these coins allowing these ICS to be listed on to their for Individuals like you and I to trade so The B&B token has that intrinsic value in which people are gonna use it to lower transaction Costs and in my opinion that intrinsic value is there and it’s gonna go ahead and build upon Itself as more people sign up to buying it And you see the user base base grow two levels of you know higher numbers obviously so somebody says TRX cops so much Shi T so he says hey, I’m I Watched a video with Richard Hart in the new CFD coin What are your thoughts on this if you please Ron? I haven’t seen too much about the CFD coin unfortunately. Sorry Jonathan said neo Somebody says how do you feel about crypto stickers steep drop by the end of this week? Ah Crypto sticker has a very very strong opinion that bitcoins in a hit six thousand So you know that’s his opinion And I mean I I would say he’s been fairly accurate in the past I would say just continue to watch it day by day I think there’s still those very important support levels to watch right now. I think the most important support level is like right around 8200 at that point we know that it’s gonna most likely see further downside if it breaks But I also think that you can still dollar cost your position out if you see it break. You know I’d say 90 90 100 because at 90 100 I think at that point you’re gonna see more and more sell off because people are gonna be worried That it is gonna start heading towards that 8000 level and in my opinion You shouldn’t be trading your full asset capital right now like you wanna you want to limit that to 30 to 40 percent when the market is uncertain because you Use that 30 to 40-percent to make the type of profits that are possible with that 30 to 40 percent But not necessarily have all of your money in the market because if the market number 1 takes a steep dive down That money is going to be helpful to either go ahead and help me break-even Regain your losses or go ahead and make even more profits If you play everything correctly, so I think that’s kind of the mindset people should have right now It’s having Fiat and cash on the side is important, but you also still want to go ahead and take advantage of quick swings Right like these two trade alerts if you looked at trig when we posted this trailer We had I think somebody made. You know I think somebody commented on there that they made 50 percent or something did somebody say 65 percent somebody says right on time perfect Services Wow I’m out. Thanks Nayeem glad. I jumped in when I was told to so he said, holy Shi t Man people freaked out from that that that huge pop somebody’s a great call Yes, I think Finance had to Disable withdrawals on this because it was like so volatile They issued this like announcement But understand this stuff is predictable right like you look at these indicators The by volume was starting to increase in the histogram all the RS. I was determining that it broke resistance It was gonna start shooting back up over 70 which obviously eventually did and then it saw that consolidation So it’s predictable indicators help so much, and I highly recommend it So I would say EOS at this point dollar cost average just facing the fact that RSI is starting to dip and if you look at the MACD to Here’s another reason I say our u.s. Is a good buy right now, and you can see it’s starting to curve And you’re starting to see the sellers drop off look at this descending Convergence there so this histogram right here is showing you these sellers are starting to drop off and we’re most likely going to see a buying Buying trend now because obviously it’s gonna follow this trend and Sellers can pretty much be whipped out of the market right they’re not unlimited. They’re limited, right There’s not going to be an unlimited amount of sellers people will sell once they feel market sentiment is to sell But eventually that runs out and then people are like okay now I can buy right, and that’s why you see the MACD starting to curve So I think the OS is gonna be a great move sometime soon Especially it’s a toshi value that can definitely go ahead and get you some more Satoshi’s And it really looks poised for a big breakout if you look at the Bollinger Bands It’s all the way in the bottom right now So it could eventually start heading to the top it actually stayed at the bottom for quite a bit now So I see all sides of being oversold in my opinion. I would start dollar-cost averaging That’s really the best move anytime You know something is going to potentially breakout dollar cost averaging is always the best way to get in and out because that allows you to average a position and not have either the highest price at the Lowest price, so hopefully that helps with our request we got before we head over to our mastermind tonight and talk about how to play this market while we’re seeing this sort of horizontal movement around 9,000 somebody says starting to bug me somebody says you should do a livestream with Ivan on text sometime Mike Wylie I Bet on Texas a great YouTube channel a lot of good fundamental analysis there I like how he really goes out of his way to you know get near people that have some sort of credibility in the market So he can get really good information a lot. I love watching stuff like that you know because you always want to get your information from the source you never want to go to like an intermediary or a middleman right somebody says BTC creeping up Leandro rigged by margin trading Totally manipulated when volume is low but we’re Sorry says I think we should start to consider the possibility that this is a bear market May be going down sub five thousand levels pause for the years until the tech becomes mainstream all the signs are bad Interesting perspective you know and that could certainly be the case like I said with all of this uncertainty And all these new aspects of the market emerging like hedge funds futures margin trading shorting all that is gonna influence Bitcoin Right you look at empty GOx. That’s something that’s been under the rug for so long people knew the MT GOx was gonna have to eventually liquidate funds to go ahead and pay back its investors So it’s not a surprise that they started doing it, right I think that it’s just something that eventually had to come out from under the rug so that eventually Bitcoin can now see its Prosperity because there’s all the stuff That’s just kind of stuck in this like in this like underground Area where it just needs to kind of percolate itself and start zipping its way out so that we can start seeing more trust in the technology behind Bitcoin so It’s still a very very intrinsically valuable Asset in my opinion it fundamentally has all the aspects. It’s always had and nothing has changed I think only the things surrounding it have changed Somebody says name if you were to start your own coin. What would you call it and what would it be used for Jyoti? That’s a really good question. I think you know one thing for me You know getting into this market. It’s really to me It’s quite revolutionary to know that I can send money to somebody in the Philippines or in Thailand or any of these other countries in the world and Not necessarily have to pay bank wire fees or even have to even necessarily go through a middleman right like theoretically you could almost avoid a middleman if you were to just send a transaction through a Network that didn’t have any sort of intermediary and in my pain that right There is one of the most fascinating things about this technology And I think that’s the one thing that the technology is going to be used for first before seeing any sort of other development right obviously the blockchain in general the technology of Blockchain is so revolutionary in the fact that it has so much strength and has so much power to it. Has Consensus behind it it has all of these aspects that we never really had or we really lacked in Traditional modren networks right where you had some sort of hierarchy and now everything is Decentralized spread upon the masses and in my opinion it gives more consensus to people like you and I which creates more of this Equality and not that equality is always a good thing, but I think that it’s a good thing where there’s consensus And we can find out what the majority wants right because that’s what’s gonna tip eclis Be I wouldn’t say the right thing but the thing that will best suit that sort of Scenario so like for example like where do we put all of our medical fun’s right this would be a Kauai Co You have all of these like different lobbyists right they Funnel money towards certain things that they want right, but what if we had some sort of decentralized? Economy in which these funds instead of having lobbyists determined where it goes We can determine where it goes and we can say hey I want to like I want these funds to go towards finding a cure to cancer or I want these funds towards you know like You know look at the tobacco industry for example right so many different lobbyists with an industry look at farming so many lobbyists that control Where funds are at and where they go especially in medicine right so I think it’d be cool to have more of that Community consensus of where funds should go rather than having it being lobbied upon and being manipulated right by the Big dawgs, I guess you can call it somebody says volume, please test test So he says wow that’s deep yeah, we can get deep so he says that’s called bill coin Is there a mastermind tonight, yes, we do have a mastermind coming up tonight, so let’s pull out from POS and head over to BTC USD here And just kind of finalize some things there now another coin that we definitely want to look at right now is XRP I know that is a coin that a lot of people are either holding or wondering about and making some interesting patterns here You know we we saw this contracting phony wedge forming This is a market cycle that we drew out Before and we’re seeing these price level starting to decline obviously right every one that resistance level If we actually zoom in we can get a better view Well first and foremost let’s hope the RSI You see we’re finding some support right along that forty which if we cross under in my opinion That’s where we’re gonna start to see some sort of bearish signs here, and if you look the MACD. We’re still heading up however the by Volume in my opinion is not Necessarily where we want it to be right you look at the by volume here not Necessarily there you look at this histogram the buyers are lacking you know we had more buyers here than we had here And I don’t think we saw enough downside here with the histogram with sellers So you can see it’s starting to curve back a little bit is it going to curve back? I think the one thing to watch here is gonna be the RSI because it’s more of a minute momentum oscillator where you’re measuring the Speed and direction and it’s more up-to-date So if we can see that cross 40 we can also assume the maccabees in the curve down in which the price levels will also go down and if we go into A 4-hour chart to look at more of these closer prices you can see we’re testing this support level here as well That was formed earlier in the week which was right around 80 mm Satoshis and now that we’re heading back towards that support line In my opinion if we can break that we head back down to this level here which is 77,000 satoshis and at that level that’s pretty much a huge bottom here for Ripple because we haven’t really seen lower lows and
I think that would really bring us as close to the apex as Possible in which we can finally see that breakout being the fact that if our side does start to dip below 40 and that price starts to go down below these support levels our side will definitely be oversold And I think that’s really one we’ll see some sort of an upside for ripples so at this point I wouldn’t necessarily call it a point that could potentially have a breakout right now. I think it’s a coin right now That’s still in it’s uncertain phase because of the fact that the RSI is right at 40 We don’t know if it’s gonna cross down or start to see some sort of support and bounce back up if it starts to bounce up in past 42 I think that would be really the initiation of a by Being the fact that will most likely start to head back up towards that 70 and go to the oversold level so you can see Once we bounce that first time we went all the way back up here drawn 55 until we said like consolidation that brought prices very low went under 30 and then you can see how we went finally right over that now seeing some potential support at 40, but we might drop below I Definitely wouldn’t consider this too much of a long-term hold as well. That’s just a personal opinion Somebody says got any tips for a TRX holder So he says will you give away for like coin for 500 likes yes? We’ll do that for litecoin how much US dollars that it’s like a thousand bucks You’re gonna see likes to shoot up will do will do will do a giveaway first sure we’ll do a book giveaway I don’t think you think we’re gonna hit 500 likes today 445 watching yeah, we might We’ll definitely do a book giveaway, so he says I would like to buy a Rolex watch if I become a millionaire just saying What’s Rolex Ramzi be specific with your goals brother? Ray Palm said and cashew missed it brother Pax said love your RS ITA now zoom out, haha Somebody says I’m interested in card ah no I originally bought it at point 19 sold that point 80 and I think about getting back in Thoughts we probably have to look at the chart night strike But I do know we have What is the other coin that we have to look at Tron TRX so let’s do TRX PTC? Just to take a look here at what’s popping here as well. We’ll pull up the 4-hour chart and see where prices are headed We’ll draw this resistance and support here so it looks like we’re finding actually let’s go ahead and do the Finance charge so we can get the rest of the data here I think we have some stuff drawn out here on the by next chart Yeah, we do, so we’re still following this contracting falling wedge as well Just like ripple hat and if you started to look at this you can see with the MACD We’re starting to cross back over We had some buyers come in but if we pulled the one day and get a better understanding Of where that MACD is overall you can see it’s thinning itself out I think that Tron has seen a large amount of sellers kind of pop out And at this point you can see exactly what’s happening MACD starting to just kind of find that Horizontal trend not necessarily a good thing the one the good thing about it is that’s on the down side Which means the only thing we can see from here is upside But I think it’s gonna take some time the one thing I would watch for those you see this little tick of volume here This could be an indicator that we might start seeing some more buyers coming in Understand that the only reason that would have happened is because people are realizing that it’s becoming oversold and maybe the rest of this Downtrend is just the end of it as we approach the end of this apex so I think overall with Tron We’ve seen quite a bit of sellers come in and I think somebody mentioned earlier like What did I do if I lost half my money in Tron? And we see it this low I would say at this point to just hold Because we haven’t seen any major run up yet And I think until we see a major run up would be the best time to get out of that position Not necessarily when it’s low right you never want to Know because how a market works is you’re gonna see ups and downs right so even when markets are manipulated it’s gonna go up and down, so there’s no point of selling right here if This is where the markets at when you can eventually sell right up there right so this would be the ideal Position to sell right here rather than right here in red So that’s what I would say in terms of Tron if you’re still holding tron continue to hold you know obviously sellers Have pretty much been weakened out based on this histogram here and in my opinion now when we see this horizontal Level because we’re on the downside the next step is gonna see some upside so Hopefully we can see more buyers to come in I think we’re gonna have to see some sort of fundamental aspect of Tron that allows it to see some sort of upside so Somebody says is there a mastermind. Yes. We are going to be heading over to our mastermind. I know it’s a little bit late Summer says uh look at that. He refuses to zoom out past the daily Somebody says there’s a bigger picture If you were a crypto witch crypto, would you be um? That’s a good question. I think if I was a crypto. I would probably choose Stellar I like stellar, it’s fast It has a lot of capabilities. It’s led by an awesome leader, and I think that Potential for stellar is high, and I think it can have some sort of intrinsic value in five to ten years And we see more adoption more icos on their platform So he’s it’s steam under 30 RSI. Yes, we actually had a successful steam alert – We had a C trade alert 2 went on by Nance where it popped And you can see on the for our where that happened right here We saw the initial pop and that was called out. I think was right around we had the buy zone at 2600 and then that’s when that pop so I had the wrong chart on the trader there posted so that was the actual finance prices Somebody says I have fully manipulated your bot Good job packs So he says could we head to the night owl yes? Let’s head over to the mastermind tonight We’re gonna be doing a Reuben above mastermind do we have any final questions before we give away this book? We have the Internet of money to give away, so we’re gonna be giving that away Somebody says you were gonna check out 88 for me, bro Nice strike, let’s blow up 88 real quick brother. We’ll get that out of the way Let’s see what’s happening with 88 will do a quick Analysis here Mac these crossing up are a size upward trend. This is good look at that our site up That’s actually how we called out this trade look at that our site was up And that’s where you saw the breakout so same thing here our size up Let’s look at the volume here on the one day. It looks like volume is very low. That’s not good We broke some key support. Let’s actually redraw this right here. See how low we’re gonna go bottom the Bollinger Band That’s also good. Where’s the next support? It looks like we’re heading towards new support doesn’t look like we’re gonna see further upside Yeah, we’re probably gonna swing back on this, so yep Look at that MACD pointing up buyers starting to come in Very good overall histogram here in terms of sellers weakening. You can see I like when I see a histogram That’s very prolonged like that to me. That’s really good. You don’t want to see too many spikes right you want to see something that’s overall I would call it a Gradual decrease because what that means is the sellers are gradually going away, and it’s staying at the level That’s supposed to so you’re seeing normal Cell volume and in my opinion if you see something that spiked you don’t know where there’s other sellers involved whereas in this chart, you can see there’s obvious histogram Decreases as it moves on in the time frame which is showing that we’re further Soon gonna see some sort of upside with the history. I’m starting to cross back over Especially if we look at the overall chart here You can see what the Bollinger Bands are heading towards those bottom levels and in my opinion based on this 4-hour chart as well like We just saw you can see here with this by volume you had this huge pop right here and Then you see the RSI curving up if you pulled out this one-day chart as well RSI under 30 very oversold so all that good signs for 88 Cardno RSI about to pop back into that 30 Typically once you get past 30 from coming under it will see some sort of a sharp increase not necessarily something small then you can See this is one failed test But that right there created that double bottom so I think that’s perfect great trade here or now no yo s so far We’re really good, and I think tron we said give it a little bit of time macking said naive hello Let’s do a book giveaway, so here’s the question I Want to talk about something that we talked about on the stream already and the question was? Named one aspect of Bitcoin that’s present now that wasn’t present one year ago, so that will be the book giveaway Somebody says I love I would love the book right now I’m working six hours away from home for three weeks and would love a good read would appreciate an item Thanks for everything you do for sure Gabriel they broke Gabriel you can get a book too, man Thank you for posting that brother. Send me a message on Twitter I get you a book, but whoever wins this book has to answer this end the question so what are some aspects of? Bitcoin that are present now that weren’t present a year ago that we talked about on the stream, so who was paying attention so other than seg with enlightening Let’s see here. Somebody says lightning seg with something I talked about cheap transactions That’s not present now is present back then they actually used to have These there was like companies built on tippy creators on like YouTube and other platforms Through microtransactions that aren’t around anymore because of how expensive it is to make transactions with Bitcoin somebody says store of value So I said I bought my wife with Bitcoin at 20,000 a Bitcoin I got lucky Market cap something that I talked about men does nobody know I’m not seeing anything. Let’s see here. Let’s scroll down a little bit. Oh there you go now. I’m seeing it intrinsic value ah Obviously that changed Alex. Ge said hedge funds Alex GE U1 brother we talked about hedge funds And how hedge funds are now forced sellers in the market that wasn’t present years ago when there weren’t hedge funds right so That’s a big factor here because that’s where you’re gonna see large market manipulation So thank you all for watching, and we’re gonna be heading over to the night owl snipers out

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