Price Predictions: NEM ($XEM), Litecoin ($LTC), EOS ($EOS), Tron ($TRX), Bitcoin ($BTC) PART 1

On snipers now email a baby here. I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful date today You’re tuning into our livestream, so this is gonna be about an hour long I do apologize if it’s a long video feel free to use the 1.25 x in the settings below But we’re gonna be taking price predictions from our guests and our viewers today as well as looking at specific coins the half the potential To see a breakout kind of how like xcm saw a breakout today if you guys watched any em We’re gonna be looking at this right now You see this huge parabolic run up with this falling wedge starting to form so this is our trading you chart The link is in the description below if you’re new to our sniper supes channel and let’s go ahead and dive right into it so Looking at this current chart here We’re gonna be inserting several different indicators And if you guys are watching this after it’s published feel free to use one of our newer Videos that come in the daytime if you guys want a more condensed version of this video however we’re gonna be looking at the volume the three moving averages the RSI the MACD as well as utilizing the auto fit the Bollinger Bands today Sporadically depending on what graph were looking at but these are gonna be their primary indicators if you guys are new here to sniper tube so we have the RSI right here in purple the MACD down here as well as The three moving averages of the red being the 50 the green being the 100 And then the blue being the 200-day moving average here, so looking at this chart here We’re seeing this very clear falling wedge you pretty much see a falling wedge when you have these descending resistance levels that are actually starting to converge with the Stable support levels that are descending as well So you can see exactly how this looks where there’s that little bit of that curve here where it’s not an exact rectangle Which would form a flag, but rather that that? converging Resistance level coming into that support level if you guys are on our disk or this is a free resource Open and available to all of you guys the link is in the description below It’s probably the most important resource that we have here for you guys You can see the difference between a falling wedge And a fly the flag has that Rectangular look wow that following wedge has that converging line coming into that support level So this is a breakout pattern just like the flag is the symmetrical triangle pattern is easy to spot Thanks to the distinctive shape which is developed by the two trend lines which Converge this patterns created by drawing trend lines which connect a series of peaks and troughs The trend lines create a barrier and once the price breaks through these a very Sharp movement and price usually follows it so that’s exactly what we’re seeing here the falling wedge By the way for those of you watching this live we have a ton of viewers right now We’re gonna be doing a night owl tonight under voice 2 so that’s gonna be right here under voice to chat you see most of the people are here in voice 1 if you’re watching This after its published already voiced 1 & 2 are always popping so come in there you guys come and listen in see what’s going On you can see people are always in there talking and chatting about crypto So let’s go ahead and look at this Chart once again and pull up the autofit So we can actually get a little bit of a better technical and I want to strive and make this live stream a little bit more detail in terms of my technical analysis instead of just kind of scrubbing the surface I want to do it kind of like how I do my videos where we’re a little bit more engaged in it, so Looking at this you can see we’re finding for the support right here in this blue Autofit here this this blue Fibonacci line here, and you see that we’re starting to bounce off of that. We saw some high Price levels pop up here, so there was some very very big support here, but in my opinion We’re still gonna see a little bit of a trend down because if you look at the MACD and the RSI you can see RSI Is still pretty high over 44 and then we have this MACD right here starting to still curve down? While the slow line if you guys don’t know how to MACD works you get the fast line in blue the slow Lian orange you Want to look at where these things converge because you see anytime they converge is really when you start to see these huge price swings And if you’re looking at the RSI as well RSI hit bottom here check this out guys just so that maybe some of you guys can benefit off of this The RSI is such a good way To predict prices or at least entry and exit points um and the reason I say that is you can see we were under this RSI level for quite a bit we were oversold if it’s under this 30 RSI It’s oversold and that means that it’s a good time to buy if it’s over 70. It’s overbought It’s a good time to sell but if you look here And you would have just traded upon this RSI right here if you were watching this chart You’re like alright as soon as this hits under 30 I’m gonna buy, and then BAM you would have bought right here guess what you could have reaped all of these gains


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