Prince Charles calls for green taxes to fight climate emergency: ‘The time to act is now’

We must rapidly realign our
own economy to mimic nature’s economy and work in harmony
with it. I will be convening a broad range
of industry and issue roundtables, including but not limited to aviation,
water, carbon capture and storage, shipping, forestry, plastics, financing,
digital technology, the bio economy, nature based solutions, renewable energy,
battery storage, electric vehicles, fisheries, integrated healthcare,
cement, steel, traceability and labelling and agriculture. At the end of which, I shall probably be dead. It is time to level the playing field
and to think about how we properly deploy taxes, policies
and regulation in a way that catalyses sustainable markets. Everything I’ve tried to do and urge
over the past 50 years has been done with our children
and grandchildren in mind because I did not want to be accused
by them of doing nothing except prevaricate and deny the problem. Now, of course, they are accusing us
of exactly that. So put yourselves in their position,
ladies and gentlemen. We simply cannot waste any more time. The only limit the only limit is our
willingness to act and the time to act is now Thank you.

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