Properly hold Bitcoin or GAMBLE with: The ECB, France, Libra, NIRP,, Altcoins, Ballet

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
September the 12th 2019 what sesor say
strong hand buy and hold long term
thinking be unique beast now your wealth
and bitcoin one Bitcoin goes one Bitcoin
I’m confiscating all offended by selling
well I almost lost my voice tonight I
was at a bar earlier tonight here in Tel
Aviv calling desk sponsored event where
all the people in town for blockchain we
could hang out link to below is a photo
from the event I think all of you will
enjoy it some great people were there
and I still have my bar bracelet on and
then no I didn’t drink of course I
didn’t drink I don’t drink anything I’ve
only had water to drink since 2014 pound
that like button alright so let’s start
with this first of all check me out at
Twitter te CHP alt there are a lot of a
theory of people in town also they’re
having an event it’s Tel Aviv is filled
with crypto this week this is fun stand
it’s lasting till next week and will
again linked to below is a photo from
some that you’ll enjoy it all right what
do we have here one a 480 shenanigans in
the comment section left this very good
comment hey Adam is Bitcoin leveraged
trading putting the kibosh on all coins
I mean why try to track down a bunch of
all coins and worry about a portfolio
when you can just leverage Bitcoin and I
thought about it yeah man
this could be part of the gamblers may
have just moved to a simplified form of
gambling they don’t want to gamble with
all the all stone to choose which one’s
next it it’s hard to choose they’re all
losing why not just do leverage uh
Bitcoin trading which is it anything
that’s also gambling ridiculous it’s
ridiculous you know you should hold you
should have a strong hand and hold your
frickin Bitcoin but I can see how many
of the gamblers out there have just
decided well I’m not going to mess with
these all coins too many of them to
think of let’s simplify it
Bitcoin leverage trading very good point
480 shenanigans thank you much hey this
week in Bitcoin is at Friday about 24
hours or so the guests will be jeet and
vortex and no doubt we’re going to bring
up what is linked to below France will
halt the development of the best guest
in the space by the way vortex freaking
Jeet yeah hopefully vortex will have
Jean on his show
when these days Frank France will halt
the development of Facebook’s plan Libre
cryptocurrency in Europe because it
threatens the monetary sovereignty of
governments well it does threaten the
monetary sovereignty of governments I
don’t know if they’re gonna do it to ban
it exactly we’ll see I think Facebook
will be able to bribed their way out of
it they’ll don’t work in the system belt
they’ll massage France and the great
part about this is that Bitcoin doesn’t
have to ask Frances permission Bitcoin
doesn’t need Frances permission
apparently fake Libre may need Facebook
permission France did you guys
trying to control every aspect they’re
control freaks come on just let let
Zakhar burg have his you’re that
defensive about the euro you don’t think
the euro can compete with Libra you’ve
got to shut you you’ve got to shut Libra
down before it starts
but again bit bitcoin is permissionless
looks like Libra in order to work in
France needs a permission okay
Sports Meister calm all of my podcaster
their Tech ball calm Tec HB e LT all of
this weekend bitcoin of course disrupt
meister calm everyone of the over
fourteen hundred shows I’ve been on now
obviously big news this morning the
Europe speaking of France the European
Central Bank on Thursday cut its
interest rate ten basis points to a
record low of negative point five
percent and will in November kick off a
fresh round of stimulus quantitative
easing Europeans Europeans do you see
the writing on the wall here it’s your
this is going to trickle down and become
a no savings policy for traditional for
euros in in in Europe eventually if you
take a traditional raft of savings in
Europe with euros whether it be a
savings account whether it be something
else there will be negative rates or
there will be fees to you because again
be the banks now have to pay negative
rates to keep their money act the
European Central Bank and this this will
trickle down into the consumer lending
market into the consumer savings market
and they will keep lowering the rates
until the European banks are forced to
just straight-up charge a negative
interest rate now someone told me in
some country they already are I don’t
know but the writing is on the wall why
why wait for it all to trickle down and
just for it to become be stuck in Euros
when there is no way to get a
non-negative return on your euro with
traditional savings mechanisms they want
you to put it in the stock markets they
want you to spend spend spend spend
spend that’s what they want you to do
they do not want you to say they want
you to borrow because they will pay you
to borrow eventually eventually don’t
don’t get fooled get into Bitcoin now
the writing is on the wall that is
protecting your wealth this situation
that is show up obvious now is gonna
erode your wealth and you’re not even
going to notice it at first okay you’re
not even gonna notice that at first many
people will never notice it but if if
you’re awake enough getting the Bitcoin
now you Europeans so this I just can’t
see how a logical European can really
not start to consider Bitcoin at this
point so I hope the European Central
Bank continues to cut rates
I hope Donald Trump goes the the Federal
Reserve they listen to him they go to
negative rates because they’re going to
be some people smart enough better that
aren’t just gonna borrow and get paid to
borrow but and going the debt that way
and you’re still gonna go into debt that
way if you’re getting paid to borrow
you’re still borrowing you’re still
you’re getting paid to take on debt okay
well once once it trickles down into the
consumer economy into the into the
consumers to the consumer banks and it
will in the United States and in Europe
you’ll still be in debt this this is the
wake-up call Hey
they want you to go into debt so much
that the central planners that they’re
willing to pay you to go in today but it
hadn’t even and again when you don’t pay
off your debt when you miss a payment
they take your house they take the
collateral just Bitcoin people not
Bitcoin over bonds clearly Bitcoin over
savings account clearly moogly I’m
partially well the reason I’m saying
this is so what you can look back in
this video in 2025 and just say yeah he
was right found that like button and the
funny thing is I well we’ll talk about
other atoms right videos I’ve tweeted
something out if you’ve already seen it
if you follow me on on tech ball but I’d
link to articles about the hole the
interest rate cut the negative it’s good
for Bitcoin it’s good for Bitcoin that’s
about that’s all you have to know some
more people will wake up they’re not
gonna wanna but what a world where you
cannot you’re not going to be able to
store your wealth in banks without them
charging oh god story with a Bitcoin
tonight yeah oh yeah so a photo from
tonight is linked to below as I said
thank you coin artist yes she’s the
female in the picture so I know some of
you dudes well since all of you are guys
that are watching this right now except
like five of you you’ll want to see that
photo because you’d like to look it up
pretty woman all right now uh oh this is
this is something I forgot I even was
gonna talk about Warford Football Club
and I think someone have told me about
this before we are we are pleased to
announce the bitcoin logo will appear on
our shirt sleeve this season as part of
an educational Drive led by sports
betting brand Sports video well sports
Betty oh yeah we know what you’re doing
that’s great you want people to gamble
you know people can gamble their Bitcoin
there Oh what what
that would be terrible people to gamble
your Bitcoin to spend yeah I’m offended
by spending Bitcoin I’m offended by
selling a big coin now I’m offended by
something Bitcoin okay but I’m either
offended by spending Bitcoin that’s I
guess that’s a little harsh
I don’t spend Bitcoin I know I shouldn’t
say I’m offended by spending but I’m
offended by gambling I’m offended by
selling offended by gambling your
Bitcoin but sports video they can do
what they want to do it’s a free world
they are they’re paying this Wharf
Warford watford excuse me I and I’m
linked to the Watford’s got a site
dedicated a Bitcoin obviously put on but
by sports video so they’re gonna have
the B logo Bitcoin doesn’t have an
office so it’s gonna rely on companies
like uh sports video to spread the word
so sports video yes we know you’re doing
this as a marketing tool for to get
people to gamble their precious Bitcoin
which is unfortunate for the people who
will be giving over their Bitcoin to you
I guess it’s good for you guys you guys
are getting more Bitcoin but thanks for
spreading the word about Bitcoin you
that’s a nice thing to do it does help
your business but go ahead it helps us
all it helps us all so I I think it is a
positive that the B will be on their
sleeves people will ask about it it’s
personal responsibility Philly is a new
counterculture I’m not gambling you guys
shouldn’t gamble either but I can’t stop
you and I know many of you are going to
so yeah Bitcoin flash back tweet is from
November 21st 2016 when I was in
Mozambique and I was skinny as anything
was I was eating not very much when I
was in Africa and I was still running
and working out basically the same it’s
kind of grotesque the way on my face
looks but looks but hey that’s not what
it’s about it’s not about looks it’s
about content and the content I provided
I’ve got the hiccups right now
I say that twenty eight year olds just
stash away some Bitcoin for when they’re
38 and that you just buy it all that’s
all I was talking about in that clip
it’s a two-minute clip it is linked to
below check it out retweet it
alright coin desk article here this is
about ballet crypto ballet it’s called
$29 for beginners it’s a private key
scratch-off hard wallet what the heck
hardware wallet what the heck is this
and I think you need a phone to access
it Bobby Lee is behind it to
differentiate its product and spur
adoption outside crypto circle circles
ballet will generate public addresses
and private keys for users in advance
Lee believes this design will make it
easier for people who have no exposure
to crypto to get hands-on experience
with the asset without having to go
through the setup process most hardware
while it’s require hey I can help you
set up your trade or by the way that’s a
good hardware wallet a Dementor Azure
help calm if you need a consultation or
wanna want me to help you set up your
Tresor alright well these guys though
they want to make it easier easier than
a treasurer easier than a ledger I
definitely wouldn’t use this a ballet
thing okay because it’s it’s it’s got it
set up with a private key already you
mean what I’m trying to read something
here oh he says the company does the pre
setup for each wallet being sold to
generate blockchain addresses and the
associated private keys but Lee says
the firm deletes the data after
production we generated the keys for you
in two locations thousands of miles a
party said after that we managed
manufacture ourselves out of the process
all right you’re gonna have to trust
Bobby Leon that to me yeah it makes you
it makes it easier this pride this
hardware wallet but it’s not of it – I
wouldn’t do that i way it’s a scratch
off you scratch it off and here’s your
private key that’s supposedly they’ve
never seen or your recovery seed that’s
supposing they never see seen no it’s no
thanks for me but some people and
they’ll say oh it’s 29 bucks that’s
worth it yeah but I think Bobby Lee’s a
good guys Charlie Lee’s brother
I just mean but that’s um that’s pretty
risky for your precious Bitcoin there
but I give him credit for trying to
bring something to the masses how about
that there’s a positive reframing of the
entire thing he’s trying to do it a
positive thing he’s trying to bring it
to the masses maybe some people will
learn about and understand and then when
they fully comprehend what they’ve done
they’ll be like wait a second
I need to upgrade to a better storage
device so yeah and and if it what you
would never buy one of those things from
a third party by the way never buy
that’s something like that on Amazon for
ten bucks or something okay
but yeah maybe it’s like it’s your first
piggy bank and then you move to a real
bank account type of stuff and if it was
if the if the private keys had been
compromised if that ever happened once
people would find out and the whole
company would go out of business so
there is some but I wouldn’t want to be
that once person link to below all sorts
of shows with trace and turned Meester
Bitcoin focus and yeah best guest in the
space so tune in Friday around the same
time vortex ng will be on this week
in Bitcoin i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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