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so let’s jump right to this though not
to waste too much time where are the
cryptocurrency market today where is the
cryptocurrency market today so at 320
billion dollar market cap 38.7% Bitcoin
dominance Bitcoin is going up because as
you guys can tell everything is in the
red and AOS taking a big hit even though
the main that has launched which we’re
gonna talk about in just a second but no
surprise everything is taking a massive
hey iota following 13% Tron down 8%
whether the Monaro down 8% by Nance coin
down 10% by its close actually doing
well ontology down 13% you guys get it
looks going through the list do you see
any green there is no green so what are
we gonna call today for those of you
guys who have been around the channel
for some time today is crypto a black
friday is what i like to call it
everything is on sale so go on your
favorite exchanges if there’s a coin
that you’ve been waiting to pick up
you’ve been waiting for it to buy the
dip guys ontology is down 13% for
example yo s is down 10% this is a dip
so make sure you are taking advantage of
this opportunity and you are picking up
some of your favorite awkward’s no
matter what it is just pick up some of
your favorite always doesn’t have to be
my favorite whatever one’s you guys are
bullish on you guys are interested in if
we look at the 24 hour change look at
that guy’s I try to sort it by agree
there is nothing in the green in the top
100 absolutely nothing lunette we’re
continuing to fall taking a huge hit I
believe it’s been the biggest negative
mover in the last who knows how many
days in a row that we’ve been checking
this out but look at this take a look at
this you see some very good token some
like iOS t ontology iota
wand chain
so polymath these are all 0 X sub
straight-up are all very good
cryptocurrencies in my opinion very good
all coins and so I would take this
opportunity to definitely pick some up
at these at this big dip at these prices
one chain under $4 a huge steal for
where I think we’re gonna see at the end
of the year and moving forward after
that two guys I’m not a financial
advisor this is not financial advice but
my god are these prices absolutely
fantastic let’s move in and talk about
specific crypto currencies right now
first one I have for you is pun D X so
pun D X let’s take a look where it’s at
it’s actually only down 3.6% pontiac’s
is a great cryptocurrency to hold
because of the air jump so no matter if
the cryptocurrency market is falling you
are given an air job every single month
with a certain amount of Pondy X I think
that is absolutely phenomenal I’m trying
to continue to grow my bag of Pontiacs I
don’t have nearly enough as I probably
should or want to so I’m going to keep
working on growing that in that way
every single month I get that air job
and so my the amount of Pontiacs I have
goes up the value overall then of my pun
DX holdings goes up and even though the
market is taking a hit I don’t see as
big of not suffering as much as some of
the other all coins so definitely want
to take a look at where you guys can
pick it up right now I would personally
use bank or but there are other offices
you can use hop it you can use IX you
can use tide X whichever one you guys
want there and make sure you do have a
good amount of volume on there that
would be the only thing I would look at
so tight X know I’m not allowed to
follow you I would kind of stay away but
bank property has a good amount of hot
but as a good amount whichever one you
guys are more comfortable with however
bad news on the side of plan DX is that
coin rail the exchange was hacked
there’s been a cyber intrusion in our
systems is what they tweeted we are
confirming it and some coins hon DX are
confirmed so apparently pun DX was some
pun DX was stolen with this hack that’s
not anything negative about plan D X in
particular from what I’m understanding
coin a coin rail got hacked and Pontiacs
was taken that’s about it there’s
nothing else there’s nothing else to
that it’s just fun DX was the
unfortunate one that got so it’s all got
to the nano situation before when an
exchange got hacked and nano got stolen
now one thing to keep in mind is that if
the Pontiacs that was stolen this then
sold Bundy might take a little bit of a
hit and that would be a perfect
opportunity to pick up a lot of Pontiacs
we’ve seen this happen with nano like I
said again I called it when I went down
a ton because of the hack I said this is
not an issue with nano this an issue
with the exchange
nanos just dropping because the base
states store Nano and now they are
selling it what happened then we got an
easy three and a half X on nano
following the next month I think we did
three and a half X on our vet on our
investment of nano me and whoever else
joined in on that on that trade but
great stuff there so a very big
opportunity for Pontiacs I loved upon DX
I don’t talk about it nearly as enough
but I’m going to do my best to keep a to
keep talking about it more and more when
they do have news come out and stuff
like that this is unfortunately bad news
but on the other hand it is possibly
going to provide a very positive
opportunity a very good opportunity for
us moving forward
next up is nucleus vision a lot of you
guys have been asking about this because
it’s been taking a huge huge hit if you
look at it going down to some all-time
lows continuing to take a massive hit at
putting down 14% this just in the last
24 hours down to 1.7 cents you’ll all
you guys are asking me like Patrick you
haven’t talked about nucleus vision a
lot either
are you still bullish on it now honestly
yes I am now nucleus vision you guys can
find on pretty much anywhere by Nantz
will probably be the easiest place for
you guys to go ahead and get it that’s
where I got it but I get it nucleus
vision has been taking a massive hit it
sucks the whole market is down low so
that’s kind of what I’m holding to right
now also they are they have been making
a good amount of progress the only issue
is and what they’re trying to accomplish
is something that I think could
definitely work out and is definitely
important in the world can definitely
help out and there’s an actual use for
it in my opinion that is I think there’s
an actual use for it but everything
they’re doing is putting the pieces
together to be able to successfully
achieve everything they’re trying to
it is a
a big project is an its it is an
ambitious project and as much as I think
they’re going to be able to get it done
this is a long-term whole for me so
these kind of fluctuations are not
something that I am honestly too
concerned about but that’s also why I
haven’t been talking about as much is
simply because there hasn’t been as much
day-to-day news with it as there is for
example Tron and ripple so speaking of
ripple but yes I am still bullish on
nucleus vision at least for now
everything to me is still okay I haven’t
had a reason to not be anymore the price
is not going to be what decides if I’m
bullish or not on a project it’s going
to be the project it’s itself the
roadmap is going to be the team is gonna
be what they’ve been able to do if
they’ve been keeping up with a roadmap
if they be keeping people up to date was
up with what’s going on they’ve been
making progress that is what defines if
I am bullish or not in a project not
just the price falling to it all-time
low that to me doesn’t matter if the
project’s good then this is an
opportunity only to dollar cost average
and then buy and then wait for
everything to go back oh wait speaking
of ripple down 7% today everything’s
down though not a worries not a worry
sixty two point five cents twenty four
billion dollar market at twenty four and
a half billion dollar market cap still
ranked number third doesn’t look like
it’s gonna be changing anytime soon
now the ripple not just it does have
some pretty good news day so one is that
American Express XP is officially using
ripples XRP X current so that’s pretty
good so by the end of the year major
banks will use X rapid as a liquidity
tool by the end of next year I would
certainly hope that we see in order of
magnitude of dozens but we also need to
continue to grow that ecosystem and grow
the liquidity this was actually said by
the CEO of ripple but apparently in like
SS in the top title of the article
American Express exp is officially using
ripples XRP experience so now the Ruscio
said that he wants dozens to join and
that brings me to the next article he
believes that there will be dozens of
banks expected to use x RP in 2019
hopefully what we mean is the actual x
RP token we’re not just saying ripple
we’re singing in XR people we’re hoping
they actually used the xrp
cryptocurrency because that is what is
going to drive the price up for ripple
now you guys know I’m not invested in
ripple I as much as I think it’s going
to do well as much as it seems more and
more it seems a lot more interesting
recently to get into it with these
current prices and everything that’s
going on I’m still not a hundred percent
convinced so I haven’t bought in yet who
knows I will keep you guys updated if it
does happen that’d be pretty interesting
because I would have never thought in a
million years that I would buy ripple
for a trade but at the end of the day if
it’s a good trade it’s a good trade so
I’m going to keep my eye on that but
yeah they’re hoping dozens next year are
going to be using the XRP token and if
that is happening if that is going to
happen that would be huge for ripple we
see an actual use case for the extra
free token being used more and more
there isn’t a use case for it they’re
just not quite there in the development
yet they’re in the beginning they’re at
the first stage we talked about this in
a previous video they’re at the first
stage still have to move on to the part
where they use the actual XRP token so
ripple at this price still looks really
really good given what they’ve
accomplished so far and everything they
still have to do now to talk about iOS
is down 10% today down a ton
I believe it hit um $15 just the other
day but I’m not a hundred percent sure
don’t quote me on that I don’t remember
if i remember that correctly at eleven
point seven billion dollar market cap it
is ranked number 5 cos being one of the
better performance no of the last few
months given that the project is kind of
exploded from our from the market
dropping out of nowhere he OS decided
I’m here to take over this thing and
they did and we’ve been waiting for the
maintenance or sometime because we
haven’t actually had a confirmation of
when it was going to release we’re
waiting for everyone to vote go now
apparently that has happened so it’s
been a few days delayed not anything
crazy but apparently everyone has voted
go and the eos main net is therefore
going live so that’s really cool to hear
for iOS more to keep you guys updated on
that situation i know a lot of people
have mixed feelings on iOS some really
liked it some really do not like it but
guys yeah okay actually we’re gonna have
to log into this again alright so i
don’t know
why it does this every time it makes me
log back in but here we are looking at
the crypto currency chart let’s take a
look we have that big red candle
honestly red candles the last three days
as much as I expected us to have a break
out upwards it’s looking like that it’s
not happening just yet am I still
bullish on it happening though 100% guys
I still think this is going to have I
still think cryptocurrency is a great
opportunity don’t worry I’m not thinking
about selling at this moment cashing out
and just quitting cryptocurrency
whatsoever that’s not the game plan
right now just an unfortunate fact that
we are down in the last few days but
hopefully we will pick that up like I
said and start reversing that over but I
want to jump right into the giveaway
though before this video gets too long
today I picked the Tron and ripple video
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