Pyeongyang and Washington exchange war of words ahead of December deadline

we began with re escalating tensions
between North Korea and the u.s. pyongyang has issued another statement
warning the u.s. of consequences after president Trump’s claim that the u.s.
may use force if necessary the latest war of words came less than a
month before the North’s self-imposed deadline for Washington’s new approach
sparking concerns of a possible breakdown in nuclear negotiations Kim
bo-gyung looks into the prospects of the nuclear talks after US President Donald
Trump called North Korean leader kim jong-in a rocket man on tuesday and
claimed that washington could use military force against Pyongyang
if it must North Korean first vice foreign minister chess on he said that
such comments would be a very dangerous challenge if they were not made in error
try added that Pyongyang could resume the tit-for-tat name-calling against the
US if similar expressions are used again Park Jeong Chun the chief of general
staff of the Korean People’s Army also lashed out a trump saying that the
regime will also take prompt corresponding action at any level if the
US does indeed use military force against the north where the latest war
of words North Korea experts shim bomb chart says the possibility of progress
in denuclearization talks before Kim jong-un’s end of your deadline seems low
I think the chances are low the two clearly want different things
come young practically wants to keep its nuclear weapons and Washington wants
them to neutralize by looking at their latest exchange of words the possibility
of working-level negotiations also seems to be Sheehan also said that if this
atmosphere continues in the coming weeks the North could proceed with what kim
giman previously warned of a quote new way next year if washington fails to
offer an acceptable proposal by the deadline if this continues a new
strategic plan could be revealed during the North’s full session of the Workers
Party Central Committee later this month which could lead to the regime
announcing a hard-line approach next year the expert however said that with
US Special Representative Stephen beacons set to visit South Korea in the
coming days and especially if he meets his North Korean counterpart on the
border there’s still a chance for breakthrough in the stall
denuclearization talks Kim Morgan Arirang news

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