RavenCoin Tutorial -X16R Minable Coin

there’s low cryptocurrency news and
investing crypto slow with more crypto
gains tonight we got a special coin for
everyone and if you haven’t heard about
it it’s kind of a mystery it’s cold
Raven coin never heard of it
I guess this coin launched in January
with a real grassroots campaign no pre
mind no talk of exchanges no talk of
price and there’s also some news on the
street that it is the overstock.com CEO
secret project but what’s kind of cool
about Raven coin is the fact that it’s
not on bit screener or coin market cap
and it’s not on any exchanges so this is
kind of an interesting coin because this
is your chance to mine a coin that is
not for sale it’s kind of unknown now
you say that’s risky yes but it’s also
the potential for some really good
profits there’s a total underground
circuit of people that specifically try
to mind coins that do not have listings
on any exchanges on they’re just not for
sale now the exciting part about the
Raven coin the block reward is 5,000 and
there’s a new block every minute so it’s
pretty pretty pretty big I think there’s
about 22,000 miners from what I’ve heard
on this there’s been no marketing this
coin really is a mystery but tonight I’m
going to show you how easy this is to
get going on a new coin so we’re gonna
use the GIMP pull and the Raven coin he
uses that this new X 16 R script well CC
miner 2 to 4 does not support this but
you can always figure out what people
are using by clicking on it
and then you can kind of look at the
miners and click on the script so we’ve
got CC minor 2 to 5 cc minor enemy never
heard of that before so I’m actually
gonna go with CC minor 2 to 5 so that’s
the new release so I’m going to type CC
minor two point two point five okay
release and let’s see C minor
alright alright so still looking on
Google for cc minor two-five go ahead
and follow this because this was just
posted and it says github 2 2 to 5 looks
good okay so we’re here so let’s go
ahead and Mark that and okay and let’s
go ahead and download this puppy 2 to 5
so we’re gonna download it to our
desktop 15 okay looks good and we’re
gonna create a new folder called CC
minor 2 2 2 5 go ahead and pop that in
there it’s a 7-zip so we’ll extract it
looks good
delete that
all right so now I’ve got CC 1 or 2 2 to
5 now to stay organized I typically put
all my CC minors in a specific location
on my drive so let’s go to see Program
Files mining CC minor this is the new 2
2 to 5 okay and then of course supernova
3 I’d read me lalala so this is pretty
standard now we need a wallet address
don’t want to forget about that so let’s
go ahead and go back to the Raven coin
site and let’s see what we got
ok download binary release okay so that
is let’s go ahead and copy that link I’m
trying to keep all these links here so I
can put them for you in the video I’m
gonna download the wallets and let’s see
looking for the primary release Mac
Windows right
so Raven QT alright and go ahead and
Mark that that’s the Raven QT I’m
downloading the full node version of
this okay so let’s go ahead and download
back to the desktop again now this looks
to be just an executable QT so probably
what I’m gonna do is I’ll place this in
my Program Files folder so I’ve got the
Raven wallet QT and let’s go ahead and
place that somewhere where you can be
organized I keep a mining folder so I’m
gonna create a new folder called Raven
let’s see if I spell that correctly
Raven : all right Eitan raven point all
right so now then I create a folder
called wallets and I’m gonna paste him
so I’m pasting the Raven QT here now
what I usually do is I’ll just send a
shortcut to my desktop to actually
launch that so that it’s easy send to
desktop alright so now I’ve got a
shortcut to the Raven wallet
Raven coin wallet okay alright I’m gonna
go ahead and put that in my wallets and
I am gonna run the wallet see what
alright the app roaming data folder
that’s usually where coin cuties always
install so and if you ever need to get
to the app data folder just go get the
windows key type % app data
shoot % AppData % so you’re there you
can see I got some other wallets in
there so that’s the default location
which is completely fine by me
and then it starts to load and now it
says 9 weeks behind so what happens is
when you download a core wallet you
always have to let it sink
so we’ll go ahead oh we’re gonna allow
this through the firewall okay and we
should start syncing up want to look for
activity always in the corner of your
and the headers will sync first and then
the blockchain will come in now this
coins been around for about a month so
you know it’s hopefully should sync up
pretty fast but anyways while that’s
sinking we’re gonna go ahead and go back
to our CC 1 or 2 to 5 and so you see
minor 2 to 5 and actually let’s go back
to the 2 to 5 because I do like to get
the exact oops I do like to put the
exact so yeah I like to name it exact
so I’m gonna rename that
– 2 – 5 X 24 – 2 5 I don’t like to have
dots in my pass or dashes or special
characters so ok now what we need to do
is we need to configure the run me dot
bat so this is pretty simple we’re gonna
use yeah so back to getting back to the
GIMP wallet
the pools so basically – Oh stratum tcp
imp port how do you find the port well
you look at the alga that you’re using
in this case we’re doing the x16 our so
36 36 is our port they also give an
optional port just in case and then you
got your options and you’ve got to put
your wallet address in well I already it
started kind of a run adopt bat here and
I’ll save this as links so I’ll have all
these links in the description down
below for you guys so desktop so I’m
going to close that out and I’m gonna
build my run me dot bat file so CC minor
now I typically will use a little trick
I go dot dot well I won’t do it this
cause I don’t want to confuse people so
CC minor 64 so what this does is this is
the executable part of the file so if we
go back we see cc1 or 64 okay and let’s
go ahead and get that over there and
this over here so – a well let’s try
we don’t want try this I want x16 our so
we’re going to replace the – a switch
with x16 our and
user name is your wallet address – P is
blank stats intensity is 25 I’m just
gonna get rid of that this so I’ve got
the coin specified I’ve got the
intensity specified I need to get my
wallet address the port is 36 36 so 36
36 Stratham you know okay everything
looks good x16 RCC minor 64 so basically
I need to wait for my Raven wallet to
sync so that I can get an address
so that I can start mining these coins
so I’m gonna stop the video right here
I’m gonna allow the wallet to sync and
then it’ll continue okay so I let this
thing run for a while and it just wasn’t
syncing the key is to look down in the
corner to see if you have active
connections see how it says I have six
active connections well it wasn’t
picking up right away so I had to add
some IP addresses they’re called add
notes the noser would allow you to
download the blockchain of people
running full node wallets so what does
that mean you go to debug and then you
click on console and then what you do is
you want to head and highlight this
entire line copy and you want to add
these and hit enter let’s see how it
added it to it so basically you’re
adding these nodes to the wallet and
then you want to see then if you can get
some connections so sometimes it just
won’t sync other times it syncs really
fast so if not you have to look up nodes
and that’s always been inherit with QT
wallets to do that so just give it a
little time mine took about a half an
hour to sync so we now have a wallet a
couple things to keep in mind
you want to encrypt your wallet with a
strong passphrase you know and you want
to make sure you write that down or
you’ll lose your coins forever so now
I’m gonna click on receive and I’m gonna
say slow bot Raven rvn okay then I’m
gonna hit request payment that should
generate an address so boom I have an
address so I’m gonna hit copy address
alright so now that I have the address I
can go ahead and finish the Remini dot
bat file now typically you’re gonna edit
this as a text file and then you will
save it as a dot bat file so back to our
dot bat file so we had everything in
here – you wallet address so I’m going
to paste my wallet address in here no
password D DNR whoops that’s Denarius
our VN is the Raven point and we’re
gonna start with I’m gonna actually
change my intensity to Auto which is
zero so I’m gonna hit save save as bat
file Romi dot run I’m gonna call this
Raven coin and then we’re gonna say imp
and then we’re gonna say all workers
because I’m not gonna specify a device
so and then dot bat it could be whatever
you want to call it but ultimately this
is the file that activates the CC miner
main file to run so hit save so CC minor
64 x16 our stratum the correct port
number 36 36 which let’s make sure our
even coin yeah
yeah pull Ravin coin let’s try that
I’ll tell you what these sites sometimes
driving me bonkers how they don’t show
up in Google anyways I’ve got the IMP
address so silly
alright let’s go back to you so we
should be all set up to start mining I
wanted to verify the x16 are 36 36 and
it looks good so I’m gonna go ahead and
hit save now what you need to do is move
this into the folder where you saved
your CC miner two to five so let’s go
back here C Drive my mining folder 2 2 2
5 and I’m gonna paste this continue
perfect I’m gonna go ahead and create a
desktop shortcut and let’s see what
happens and we should be good to run I
don’t like the word shortcut my
shortcuts so there we go
and if it works properly it should start
hashing if not it’s gonna flash and dump
3gp is I got three cards x16 are and
let’s see what we do so for this
demonstration I got to 1080 is and 110
880 and we’re gonna see what happens
PTC donation address yeah here there is
six three six so it’s stalled it’s okay
gotta give it a little time GPU
intensity set to 20 now the reason why I
use intensity auto a lot of times is I
just kind of like to get a baseline if
your intensity is too high it will
actually run out of memory because it
tries to address too many cuda threads
at one time
so a lot of people don’t understand
intensity intensity is actually how
often your computer is talking to the
pool so if you have a really really fast
computer like an ASIC it doesn’t you
don’t need to talk to it as long because
your solutions to the problems are being
presented to your computer are going to
be very fast so and then difficulty is
lower that means that your your computer
is going to communicate you know more
frequently now the next question is how
can you see what’s happening well with
him since there is no sign up you
actually just put your wallet address in
and you can see the status of what’s
going on so you go back to the int pool
click on wallet you put your wallet in
hit enter and as you can see I have a
spike which means i’m passioned so we’re
gonna let this run and we’ll see what
kind of coins we collect now so cool
things about Raven coin
the reward is pretty massive it’s 5000
per block and that’s every minute I have
no idea what the price is gonna be like
I said watch some of the videos there’s
a meet-up and a couple other things but
overall it’s an interesting coin and
probably wouldn’t hurt to have a couple
thousand in your portfolio so hope you
enjoyed this video like subscribe
comment if you have any problems I’ll
try to answer questions and that is
tonight’s video this is crypto slow if
you’re not talking gains then we’re not


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