Ravish Kumar Interviews Dhruv Rathee on NDTV Prime Time | Full Interview

2nd tallest statue got built at $18 million dollar and $180 million dollar for the worlds biggest statue.which is ten times more.
CBI vs CBI, on going crisis between CBI Director Alok Verma & CBI SP. Director Rakesh Asthana
Now there’s a huge difference in the news channel during congress government present government BJP and during Vajpayee government.
Finally the truth is being revealed in the world.The walls of lie is getting bigger day by day.
On the discrimination of Religion.country,caste,planning,history etc. many fake messages are been circulated through whatsapp which make everyone believe them,
Now whenever there is a election in the country the reporters gets active to expose the lies of politicians
Many political parties have mastered their technique of faking news.which is supposed to be exposed by main media
But In country like India, without verifying the statements they are approved by media.
During demonetization many hindi newspaper printed the statements given by Jaitley & Rahul Gandhi next to each other & was left for the people of India to decide.
But it’s the media responsibility to find the truth and to question the government.
The empire of lies has changed the views of the readers & viewers.
Many powerful politicians who are surrounded by their untrue words have come up.To expose them is like sacrificing yourself.
Now we will introduce you to a young youtuber Dhruv Rathee with a followers of 9lakhs and counting known by many others.
Dhruv Rathee exposes the fake news by working from some corner of Europe in the same manner as Pratik Sinha & his team do it from Ahmedabad.
The main media has outsourced their duties & responsibility to other persons which was supposed to be carried by them.
Now you have to personally risk yourself to expose the truth.In America Washington post keep a track of promises made by President Trump.
On 2nd november washington post published a article about Trump in 649 days of his tenure he made 6420 false promises on an average of he lied 5 times in a day
Even India could have kept a track record for the same.As many of the main media are associated with this parties.
We will now introduce you to a person fighting alone & exposing scams who is in India this days Dhruv Rathee before that we will have a small video about him.
one of the most visited & tourist monument in India is Taj Mahal with 8 million visitors every year which help in generating revenue of Rs.25 crore every year
Even if Statue of unity get famous as Taj Mahal is it will take 120 years to recover 3000 crores.
I remembered in 2013 supreme court described CBI as a ” Caged parrot”with a emerging situation made parrot legs to be tied down & tongue chooped off.so he can’t say anything.Meet you in next video.Thank you
Dhruv I welcome you to the show.You have your own youtube channel.I want to know you went abroad for study,job or any other purpose,
But why are you so interested in Indian media space.First of all thanks for inviting me on the show.The reason behind my start up was frustation and was tired of seeing what was going on in my nation.
I uploaded my first video in the year 2016 at that time many fake news, photo shopped images were circulated in the media.
At that time i felt i will only have to step in. Social media was very popular platform & I was anyways fond of making videos on youtube.After that as people started liking my videos I made many more.
When in 2016 you were frustrated and disappointed you took Indian newspapers and media’s help to get answer to your problem. So since then have you not got answer to your problems?
No, answers were there but they were not highlighted. Infact the facts are still there but important is how Indian media is highlighting things and how do they discuss about it.
Now on one side there is a news that Finance bill has legalised the corruption and on the other side there is a vague news that Rahul Gandhi has given a statement. So our main stream media will highlight Rahul Gandhi’s statement more and will ignore the news of finance bill legalising the corruption.
In which the name of the person giving donation will not be revealed and it will be shown as an example of transperancy, that not revealing name is also a sign of a transperancy.
You must be srcutinizing the channels of the foreign countries, so do you find any difference or you feel that the Indian media and the media of the country where you are staying are the same?
No, there is a huge difference in media of the country I stay and Indian media.India’s world press freedom is 138 out of 180 countries. The developed country’s ratings are in top 20-30s. If you see their media channel and our’s there is a lot of difference.
I showed some of the Indian famous journalists’ video to the people of the foreign countries and they rolled on the floor laughing and asking me that, what is this going on, is this some comedy entertainment show or journalist’s show.
So there is lot of difference, there people talk in a calm manner, they talk about facts and they don’t debate on unnecessary issues where people argue with eachother. They generally don’t debate on religious issues, they show facts.
Before starting this work and moving out of India, you must be reading news papers and watching news channels, so at that time did u praised Indian media.
I did had a respect for Indian media which went down slowly.In India around 2007 Indian media and the media person use to be respected a lot as you were on tv. But now things are changed.
But there are few persons like you in media to whom i am thankful and ndtv channel for inviting me on this show. If this would have been with other channel Iam not sure that i would have been grateful to them.
That means if you categorize the channel on the awareness of the public. If you just buy a remote and change the channel you will find the same content.
Now even the remote has become usless. The viewers have changed even our job has changed as we have to speak about various topics from our secondary sources.But then too what is the worst things you find out about Indian Television shows.
According to the viewers point things have changed before you only use to watch the news what they use to show but now the news are shown in different perspective.
Now its the viewers job to look at both the side and see what facts are been presented from both side.This was not supposed to be done earlier but now they have too.
The debate which are done on religious topics we have read that in America they have come up with White Supremacy which was believed that the hate was for Muslim or for Immigrants but in a recent scenario one yahudi family was killed.
But I am just curious to know if not on the television than there must be these topic in there politics.You can say this things are like bubble which can be seen in the whole world.
You start with some argument on social media and if you are in favor of that and you like it. so next time social media displays you the same thing its like a bubble formed and you keep seeing and follow the same person to whose opinion you agree.
This situation was not same before.you can see in the whole world number of small bubbles has been formed an peoples are getting polarized.In India Indian media is dividing the same and abroad its the social media.
In accordance with your work and Pratik Sinha i would like to ask you about there was a great enthusiasm in media about Alt news and its till there but when you show mirror to Indian Media do you get equally support by them.
Media will never support me if i talk against them. In fact they try to supress me.Now there is a channel name peeing human they exposes the hypocrisy of media.They compare the clips of before and after what have they said .
His channel was claimed for copyrights terms and tried forcefully to shut down. so they try to censorship the channel.so these is something new they are trying with you so by copyright claims so that you cant use the video publicly on social media.
Now i have personally avoided sharing news channel clips as they discontinue the video by copyright claims.So now what is the other way if 1000 stage of main frame media get together and they spread communalism.
What if any citizen like you question them from your platform without the help of video evidence are you planning to end your fight.no officially it’s not gonna happen, personally i would say there are many way to spread the videos.
I would share the video with everyone and will tell them to share further how many voices will they suppress.Are there many persons who get influenced by you.yes there are many persons who took inspirations from me and i am trting to help them.
We need their help we want them to raise their voice and to criticize the work which media are suppose to do.so where do you see yourself as a Reporter or a media organisation. I would say i see my self as a you tuber first.
I look my self as an artist who love to make videos related to journalism. I cant say my self as a journalist as I have no qualification in journalism.so why exactly you need a qualification if you are following your answer.
If you are associated with media house than its different.In America if you see an Acosta from CNN questioned the president and they get support from different organisation as well, I am not sure if you will get the same type of support from different media organisation.
If you see many people have supported the cobra post even many media have supported them you get support if you do a good job
I was going through the tweet of Mr.umashankar Singh that if it would have been in India many less people would have supported it. but then i think you would do this job as many a times even we are questioned are you not scared of your job.
But then i say why would i be scared of anyone they think its a risk to raise your voice so do you sense that fear in you.No its just a environment created by the troll army where they abuse you in comments this is there way to censorship.
But sometimes even they are right when unfortunately somethings goes wrong but most of the time they just blabber, so have you prepared yourself to get yourself into this as many times for us it took whole day.
I have never prepared my self for this if you see my first video and compare it to the present one you will see a huge difference its just i have learned day by day how to present yourself at that time i didn’t even know how to speak i just learned from my experience.
I asked you this question because i want our youngster who don’t get the opportunity in journalism they get inspire by you and groom them self.
So does it take long time for you research on topic and to video edit it. So do you have a team.No i do all the work by myself it takes me around 22 – 24 hrs for a single video to release.so i divide my work within 2 or 3 days.
So many of them wanna know where do you stay but you want to keep it confidential.Yes I can Relate to You very well as many times even you are threatened for questioning government.they send there are army behind you so i want to keep it a secret.
There was a law passed that you can’t criticize the Prime minister & the government. So as you can see in abroad they have a very strict and powerful media but in India we dont have a very big news organisation but even though sometimes news get printed here
But comparatively in other countries how does the media fights with the empire of fake news.I think media is very much aware in other countries and they do know there work. And one more reason is the people understand the responsibility of the government,media and theirs.
In India after 2014 everyone has gained interest in history they are not concerned about present they question me why dont i make videos of past as well as i was very young during congress rule and they want me to speak about scams which happened 10 years back .
The people in abroad they understand on what topics they need to discuss.so to many extent we want our people and media to understand what exactly we need.so as you can see its been 2 years of demonetization and there was a rumor of GPS in 2000Rs currency.
The prime minister has said that when bhagat singh was in jail no congress person met him and he has never given any statement after that and none of the hindi newspaper has questioned him.
Basically no one has the guts to question him even i have got tired of prime minister fake promises.so can we a keep a record of his lies. I can’t do it alone as it will take my whole day. you your self watch media and do you think your impact is been reached to public.
To some extent i think impact has been reached to the people after watching my videos many of them said you changed our views so slowly day by day i think it will reach to everyone.
So is there any support system built with you as friends,family,followers emotionally supports you.Or they try to stop you as you might get fall into a false case.since my first video everyone supported me as there are many persons who know what is happening wrong here
But they cant raise there voice so I can say I am the medium for them so I get lot of supports from them and i take my funding from crowd donations.So there are around 500 people associated with me its a US website.
So are most of them Indian or you are not sure. Most of them are Indian & some NRI’s.So they support you as a person for right accountability.We can say that this a part of democracy where you get supported by them
Many a times they think they are alone and don’t get appreciated for there work. Even though Dhruv Rathee I would like to know that have this job changed you like you feel restless and anxiety to know whats going on tv.
when ever I stay out I can separate my self and disconnect from everyone.I have seen you in many of the videos giving ideas & etiquette of interview.Basically i want many of them to educate about the body language and about mutual fund, stock market and how to start a business and about the critical thinking so I make videos on these topics too.
I want to ask that when you started moving in this direction, so were you interested in knowing how technology is helping in changing the democracy and what people around the world are talking about democracy.
Definetly because social media is a very good platform to pass on the message to the people. It can be used to educate people, like you were telling that what is the value of an individual in a democracy.
So I will use this platform to tell people that what they should see before voting, like where can they go and search about what criminal cases are going on a particular MLA or MP, so that an individual is confident about the person he is voting for.
Thank you so much Dhruv, now you were watching Dhruv Rathee’s interview whose videos you must have seen on youtube as well. Like we are called anchor, Dhruv Rathee calls himself a youtuber.He is doing Media’s work of spreading message.


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