Ray Comfort: ‘Noah’ Movie Disrespectful, Not Biblically Accurate

i’m joined once again by Ray Comfort he
cohost have the TV program the way of
the master it’s been a little while
since he was last on the program
it’s always a pleasure to have you read
you know you and I have had
disagreements over the years about
different topics we’ve talked about
abortion we’ve talked about
the Bible and gay marriage et cetera but
today we’re talking actually about
movies and about hollywood and there is
of course the big Hollywood story of
but there’s also another know a movie
that is being released
you don’t particularly like the
Hollywood no I let’s start there what
don’t you like about it
well that got a president in hollywood
they can make a lot of money if they
just say to read the Bible
when Cecil B DeMille in 1956 produced
the Ten Commandments
introduce the twelve commandments and
drop the adultery one because it made
him feel uncomfortable
was ten commandments they stayed true to
Scripture and America loved it was the
highest grazing
grossing film of nineteen fifty-six as a
must be in her they had poetic license
when all over the place been her kissing
ladies whatever
when they want to do that’s fine but
when it came to biblical material
they stayed true according to Scripture
Jesus wasn’t
crucified between two rapists because
its ambit was between two thieves
America loved it 11 Academy Awards
highest grossing film of nineteen
that’s the president they can do honey
we can just a truant but the Bible says
don’t make it up as you go along what
happen with us
latest Russell Crowe version as they
made it up when they went along
was originally listed as fiction that
since changed to adventure
and that all sorts of things now being a
psychopathic drunken
guy wanna killers grandson Aachen still
landing on a power
amounts are our rep landed on a beach
somewhere so
it’s just said they don’t see that they
can make a lot of money by just
respecting what we believe so you’ve
created or you’re involved with an
alternative movie which i’ve seen the
preview foreign people can check that
out you know what the movie dot com
what’s the what’s the concept behind the
alternative know a movie
well they’ve got the fight now we’ve got
the real one we’ve just gone according
to Scripture and Jesus says in the days
of Noah social be with the coming of the
Son of Man other words
and the days of Noah certain things were
happening that what happened just before
the coming a crisis with the Bible
and an hour’s day there was much
violence on the earth means
hearts were corrupt the evil for love I
we can imagine asians
and it was great corruption we see that
in today’s society so we talk
10 biblical signs that the into the age
and put them into one movie
you know only God knows the future I
psychics don’t know the future they did
that all move to
are Las Vegas predict the roll the dice
in the billions living in mentions but
they don’t know the future
no we we agree on that but you and I
both agreed that psychic sir
apparently not a real thing I don’t that
I don’t believe in psychics but I guess
my question would be in this is where we
we often get bogged down I’m curious
where why you’re so concerned
with what you describe is creative
liberties being taken in the sense that
the Bible makes assertions and you make
the assertion
the bible tells a literal story but
that’s all it is
it is merely an assertion and I know
from talking to you that you had
you describe when you found Jesus and
started a relationship with Jesus if I
recall correctly
you grew up jewish originally correct me
if I’m wrong on that
that’s right now but but so really
you’re just making an assertion
that you think the Bible story is true
do you find it offensive that this know
the Hollywood Noah is not telling the
that you assert to be true no I find it
I don’t find offensive I find a very
ok I don’t they don’t get it they there
the bottom line is to make money if they
want to make money
please Christians by not twisting what
they believe I look i’ve got a sequel
for you
the slow Honigman other we can do next
they can do a movie called Mohammed
and they can paint Muhammad as a drunken
psychopath and see how many
moslems line up to buy to come and
support the movie
they wouldn’t do that because they
respect moslems I know the big serious
repercussions and they did that they do
it with Jesus Christ they dealt with the
Bible a twist things and change things
no big deal
it is a big deal to us know if they want
us to support them we will support them
in the millions if they just a a true
true according to Scripture
that’s all we’re asking butts do you
think raid that then I’m
I’m maybe a interpreting what you just
said about the respect for Muhammad
do you think that in the United States
the the Muslim faith
is more respected than Christianity it’s
more feared
it’s certainly more feared in that we
have so much corporate media propaganda
making a scared
Muslims as terrorists but I don’t know
if that’s what you mean
and is what I mean muslims I’ll cut your
head off if you do a cartoon
I love Mohammed so so you’re sitting
there rightly feared
all I think so we’ve got we’ve got a
just have to watch the news tonight
looking to meet media today they’re very
angry that this movies even be made
I’m not angry I’m disappointed I thing
here is an opportunity to
respect christians and and even jews
because Jews believe the Old Testament
and just put just say what happened in
the Bible in to make a move make edible
poetic license seven are run around
doing money one
but I guess my question is you using
that you said you’re not offended which
is good I’m glad that you’re not
offended but you said that it’s
disrespectful to the story but again
this story itself is only an assertion
and it is not a historical text
thats your assertion I believe business
startle text
it happen I believe in a literal
worldwide catastrophic flood
I believe there was a man named Noah who
built in up we have a genealogy it’s
very clear
you don’t believe I believe and this is
America we can agree to disagree
no question about that with with regard
to your movie let’s talk about your
movie a little bit K
your movie in the preview I’ve not seen
the movie but based on the preview that
your publicist sent me the movie says it
will give you 10 prophecies that
revealed the future of the world
as well as ten indisputable signs that
we are living in the last days
maintained yeah absolutely now sixty
percent of Americans according to the
Pew Research Center
think that so-called end times the
reserve the the return of the Messiah
apocalypse rapture et cetera are totally
so do you think that that’s really
palatable right now to the
average American absolutely now been fed
lies by the liberal media
lies about the Bible by are atheists
across the country who
don’t understand Scripture and don’t
know the lawn and you may come your way
a year saying that the reason sixty
percent of Americans find the entire
concept event times the res to be bogus
is because they’ve been tricked into
thinking that by the liberal media and
perhaps but I i’m not i’m not impressed
by personages
I what impresses you tell me what
impresses you truth impresses me blood
punches pilot had a vote charlie Crist
if I’m on law and the majority said
crucify christ
and it was a wrong thing to do just
because sixty percent say something’s
true or not true doesn’t change truth
vitaly the Sun comes out at night its
clearance made a vice
don’t know what I believe I got the
whole world agreed me doesn’t change
realities well but the immigrants there
a we have two
UNII know that this is usually the point
in the interview were you talk about
no explanation for the creation of a
blade of grass
or a bird yet that’s usually where you
go to but I would be home by now hold on
a second right to know that as I get
YouTube said that many times I know that
line almost by heart and always play
nation for a blade of grass
hold on a second though it well your
explanation would be God created it but
the question I’m trying to get to rate
there is a difference between an
assertion about
be about God for example or maybe I’m
asking you all phrase it this way
is there a difference between an
assertion about the creation of the
universe by God
and an assertion that the Sun is square
and made a bias because
one we can observe now and the other is
based on assertions made by men
who wrote the Bible now absolutely wrong
incorrect no so with the same they’re
the same types of assertion absolutely
is there still a chance the assertion
that as I’m out the Sun being hot and
sexy O Matic
you don’t make an assertion about coming
out in the day time it comes on as hot
as the same in existence a goddess Excel
Matic a scientifically there’s a creator
New Delhi affiliation with well yeah but
that’s only if you accept
that there was a creation and and that
is actually an
your implicit in your statement ray and
I don’t lie I know we’re not going
I know we’re not going to agree on this
but implicit in your language is the
idea that there was a creation
let me know let me change my language in
making eighty a stick nature’s
absolute proof their as a maker
nature couldn’t create itself a nature
to create itself but had to be
pre-existing to make and sell
before made itself which is
scientifically ludicrous so now you know
that this is this is a logic game that
is often played and
it already assumes so many things and it
is kinda wordplay because then we say
what is nature was we could argue that
nature was even before we had the
colloquial nature on earth
that matter and energy our nature the
the entire
idea of what you’re presenting ray
assumes that there was what you would
describe as
a creation and we don’t know that you
don’t know what
you well how do you know it because I
got common sense now it’s because
you believe god it’s because you assert
that God is right and it is only an
assertion ray
okay so we just have to agree to define
we will we will hit last thing I want to
talk about
do you think that maybe we need to not
worry so much
about whether the movies like no I stray
from what you consider to be the
biblical truth because
more and more we have fewer and fewer
people identifying as religious so for
example if you look at August 2012
the sociology of religion study
from the early seventies 2 2012
consistently we see people
secular rising and reducing church
is it may be possible are you open to
the idea
that we’re at a time in society were
people there just moving away from
and are just more interested in being
by Noah the movie then seeing what you
might call
the biblical accurate version the more
people move away from religion
religion the better religion never
helped a soul
the world has fallen different religions
are people striving to get right with
God by their own efforts
and Christianity got grounds in a
lasting life to all those who repent and
trust in Jesus
nothing religious about you don’t have
to go to work to do religious works
just rip and trust in christ and I’m not
worried about know as I said
I’m disappointed and disrespect the and
disrespected by
yeah while they need to respect
the same way that respect muslims okay
but so you think you’re unconcerned with
people moving away from religion you
think will now move quickly move away
from religion the better come to Christ
rip and trust in him but that lets you
like so you say that
christianity is not a religion is that
we have to say that didn’t say that
christianity is one the great religions
I’m saying being religious
cannot save a soul and his faith in
Jesus can
ice your say I seriously okay good well
I think we’ve cleared up a lot of things
we didn’t agree as we often don’t ray
I would encourage my audience to if they
care about these movies at all which at
not everybody does
go see the Hollywood version go see
the one that you can see it no the movie
dot com and I think people can judge for
right all right very good ray comfort a
pleasure as always having on
thanks for talking me thank you


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